The Contemporary Art of Jeff Koons

by katiem2

Jeff Koons may well be the best and the brightest of the contemporary art world. Follow along as we take a mere peak into the world that is Jeff Koons.

One of the most beloved and well-known artist-provocateurs of the 20th century is Jeff Koons. Koons artistic expression is that of an aesthetic nature as if he notes an obscure difference from that of the rest of the world. It is only Jeff Koons the interrupter of such hidden realities who gives birth to contemporary art as we've never experienced before.

Who is Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons is the contemporary favorite of most any art lover.

Koons takes the ordinary transforming it into a seemingly flawless and provocative artistic execution that of such an intriguing state any one which we cannot take our eyes off. One of the most beloved and well-known artist-provocateur of the 20th century is Jeff Koons. Koons artistic expression is that of an aesthetic nature as if he sees things with an obscure difference from that of the rest of the world. He then takes his art to the condition we are sure to marvel over creating a wonderment we come near embracing and yet leaving us to consider further waking the art starved mind in us all. Koons has been quoted as saying, “Whatever you respond to is absolutely fine.” He feels no need to explain his art as it is up for each set of eyes to make that determination.


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Koons Porcelain Art

The Michael Jackson Bust

One of Koons more widely known works would be a bust of Michael Jackson and his chimp of gold and white porcelain. Koons brings to life porcelain as if never conceived before the precious material touched his hands. Koons work is pristine and clean with his artistic work space being that of a surgical room prepped and scrubbed germ free before the creation of his famous porcelain creations. I imagine it so as each and every piece is a delicate expression of something precious in need of much care and nurturing. While his studio rest in Manhattan one might image it to generate from a science lab of spotless condition. There is a sense of complete and total newness in his art as if each piece was born just for that one person, whom ever comes to have it in their possession. There is no less than genius residing in the creative mind of Jeff Koons.

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Koons Vibrant Art

Popples by Koons

Koons more vibrant colorful art is a stark contrast to that of his porcelain work. One of the things I personally love about Koons is his artistic reach if you will.  

Koons one day creates a beautifully spotless porcelain artwork and perhaps the next shifting to a fun child like creation.The porcelain making you feel as though you've experienced purity and then a blast of whimsical abrupt color is born in a new piece.  

Koons creates the most fun and amusing works of art making any child smile with delight. Its as if Koons is both in touch with a very old soul residing in him and his inner child, who just happens to be happy and carefree.  The diversity of his work thrills me as it does most any contemporary art lover.  

Enjoy Something Beautiful, Enjoy Art, Katie

Popples by Koons

Jeff Koons
$18.64  $40.0
Jeff Koons Handbook
$13.14  $450.0
Jeff Koons: Versailles
Only $299.5
Jeff Koons: Popeye Series
$12.37  $48.0
Jeff Koons
$1975.0  $1867.35
George Grie is Russian-Canadian surrealist artist who adopted more controversal style in surrealism, and became the most influential neo-surrealist artist.
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katiem2 on 04/11/2012

Robin, That is a bit off the edge but great numbers of followers love the whisical side of Jeff Koons.

Robin on 04/11/2012

Oh yes I've heard so much about Jeff Koons, I love the wildy colored race car he did. I don't get the balloons or that popples charater, but he is a great artist I enjoy his work.

katiem2 on 04/09/2012

PeggyHazelwood, Great to have you here taking in the contemporary art vibe.

PeggyHazelwood on 04/09/2012

Very interesting. I hadn't heard of Koons.

katiem2 on 04/08/2012

Miaden, Koons does take the balloon animal to a entirely new level, he is amazing and knows no bounds going where ever the art takes him. I feel Koons no doubt sees a creation of artistic per-portions in most anything he lays eyes on. Thanks for contributing.

Mladen on 04/08/2012

Koons' porcelain work is magnificent! I am more familiar with contemporary painters, and I am glad I had opportunity to read and learn about Koons' usage of porcelain and steel in making art.
He is really moving limits with transformation of simple, banal objects into something completely different. With him, even the balloon dogs are becoming the art.

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