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by katiem2

The beauty of contemporary art is the lack of boundaries, categories or definition. Buy great affordable art and make your home trendy edgy and artistic with contemporary paintings

Within the historical records of art many have attempted to define it. While mainstream or modern art seems to have faded merging in and out it is contemporary art which grows and prospers. Why is it you may ask, because art knows no real boundaries its an extension of our freedoms which we adore and embrace even during the most difficult of times. As we grow and evolve in the freedom of speech art grows. Artist express themselves in a free spirited carefree manner of original source, that which is genius. Genius lives within us all, it is only when we listen to the world description of art we lose this genius. Art is a fantastic way to make any home come to life, inspire great things from those who live within and impress visitors.

How Art Inspires Everyone

Art inspires us all to push ourselves to achieve our own goals.

A true contemporary artist understands they are not in control of their art yet a mere vessel communicating it to the world.

I feel contemporary artists come in many forms. I also feel a contemporary artist is connected to a source so pure in creation they often do not understand their own work.

They do however understand the infinite source to which they are connected.  The great artists realize as long as they are true to their art and do so without question the fruitful process will be unending.

Like contemporary artist, we too can learn to trust the guidance of our inner desires.  

These desires fuel our purpose, our gifts, the things we do innately and better than anything else we will ever hope to do. Doing this is how we too can find success beyond our wildest dreams.

Substratum 2 l, c.2002 by Thomas Ruff

This piece frees my thought as if drifting in a sea of creative notions. It inspires me to be creative.
Substratum 2 l, c.2002
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Isabella Muerta by Daniel Esparza

Daniel Esparza Contemporary Art
Isabella Muerta
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Why Successful People Have Art

Successful People Surround Themselves with Art to Motivate

Art motivates none artists to do extraordinary things. Anytime we see something that seems amazing and or difficult to achieve it makes us think we should be doing more. Things of such nature make us question ourselves. It is human nature to be competitive. When successful people surround themselves with amazing art they are challenging themselves to be amazing themselves and to do bigger and better things which they often do.

Surrounding yourself with unique contemporary art is even better. Contemporary art that is unique and different inspires the person exposed to it everyday to do so themselves.  If you want to think outside the box or create something new and different surrounding yourself with contemporary art is a good strategy. 

The Types of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art comes in all shapes, sizes and fashions.

The best thing about contemporary art is it knows no limitations.  A contemporary piece of art is the boldness of the artist who shares their work as if giving birth.  Art that came from an unknown place and without need of explanation.  The ability to just let it happen without question is the true mark of a great contemporary artist, it happens without effort. The ability to disconnect from the endless chatter of the world around and to create something without thought, which is ego, to em-print on it is pure art.  Allowing one to focus on what they do not understand being the vehicle by which it brings itself to the surface is the journey of contemporary art.

A piece of contemporary art may come in the form of a painting, sketch, metal, wood, jewelry, expression of any kind what so ever.  Art is art, contemporary art has made this determination and opened the door for many an artist to blossom.  Many artist have long since thought they were odd, different, and in fact maybe abnormal.  This caused many a artist to hide their work, keeping it secret and never admitting to their talent. Now the degree to which art is different is not judged as such, it is embraced and adored.  The increase in demand for contemporary art is proof of that.  It's never been a better time to be a contemporary artist. 

Strassenkreuzung by Friedensreich Hundertwasser


When Contemporary Art Began

It's difficult to determine when the actual art began, it is more about our awareness of art.

I feel contemporary art has been around sense the dawn of time, the first account of a human expressing a artistic creation may have gone unnoticed.  It may have been in the creation of furnishing for the ancient dwellings of the stone ages.

It may have been during the caveman days when they drew on the walls of the very caves in which they dwelled.  It could have been the huts created by Indians or the pottery they so commonly made.  

Who's to say when contemporary art began if in fact it ever did as it has always been?

Amazing Art Reminds us of Human Ability

Difficult Art Inspires Us to do Something Difficult

The key to this birth being the fertile soul it finds capable of playing host to the seed. Many great artist see their works as more of a need, tick or natural response within. The art being that of a habitual nature as if merely exercising the need to crack ones knuckles, tap their feet or mumble under their breath.  There are those who understand their position to be that of the surrogate to the creation of great contemporary art one of which they neither have nor want control of.

I  love this piece by Daniel Esparza, the color the stitching in the facial features.  This piece speaks to me, I look at it and see and feel so many things. In my opinion good contemporary art stirs something in you, if you feel it you want to feel it more. This is often the instigator leading so many to collect contemporary art. To feel motivated and inspired by something stirring things you've never experienced before is quite a feeling. 

Victoria by Daniel Esparza

What a magnificent piece!
Jeff Koons may well be the best and the brightest of the contemporary art world. Follow along as we take a mere peak into the world that is Jeff Koons.

Bath by Susana Alonso

This is another of my favorite pieces, I enjoy this in my bathroom as I love the mermaid inspired whimsy.

Bath by Susana Alonso

This contemporary art by Alonso is a beautiful exhibit of color and fantasy, one many of us enjoy.

Aw the illusive mermaid, many people marvel at the thought there could actually be mer-people.  This fun and whimsical piece entertains the thoughts and fantasies of an under world life in the depths of the sea.  My words and thoughts on this piece are unique and yours no doubt different all together. This is the beauty of contemporary art. There is something unique and real in every piece for every individual. 

I especially like the color of bath by Susana Alonso.  The brilliant blues and the reddish browns make for a perfect contrast.  The tub is eclectic and reminiscent of times gone by all the while a host to the conception of the beautiful mermaid enjoying a bath as we mere mortals do.  Everyone knows a mermaid needs no bath, or does she?

Cindy Sherman is one of the most widely sought after contemporary artist in the art world. Learn the interesting manner in which she creates wildly popular art.

Ge Feng - Barcode Girl

This piece of contemporary art makes me smile.

It's fine art like this that brings the term modern art to mind.  I imagine all the fun shopping experiences I've shared with my gal pals, daughters, mother and sister.  

This is such a delightful thought.  The black and white reflecting my memories of shopping days gone by as if in black in white for perfect detail.  The aged appearance of the print adds to the nostalgia for me with that one vibrant red line of awakening reminding me I can experience such times again with the collection of friends of choice and the plastic in hand, swiping away creating bar code melodies as we head of to lunch for a break between purchases.  Then again who needs to shop when I can take a trip down memory lane as I gaze at this wonderful piece.

Ge Feng - Barcode Girl

Ge Feng - Barcode Girl

Antipode King by Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I find myself attracted to the bold color in such pieces. It reminds me to never quit give up or stop as you never know when something goes to a place unexpected it may become something amazing.
Antipode King

Framed by Angelina Wrona

This piece reminds me that no matter how difficult my day may become someone somewhere suffers. There is a reality to my ability to remove myself from the sadness or stress.
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George Grie is Russian-Canadian surrealist artist who adopted more controversal style in surrealism, and became the most influential neo-surrealist artist.
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katiem2 on 06/24/2012

Scott, Once people are exposed to art they typically find much to fall in love with. I love contemporary art and many other forms of art. :) K

Scott on 06/24/2012

Hey katiem2, Well well I think you've gotten me hooked on contemporary art. I like your taste in art.

katiem2 on 04/16/2012

DavidPaulWagner, I must say you have good taste, I've included many of my favorites. I'm a big fan of contemporary art. More to come...

Aphrodite, I too love his work the way he detais the facial features with such percision, is awe inspiring. I plan on writing more on Daniel Esparza, its in the works. Thanks for stopping by.

DavidPaulWagner on 04/16/2012

Hi Katie, thanks for introducing us to these contemporary artists! All are great but I especially like the works by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

katiem2 on 04/11/2012

Blithe, Welcome and thanks for commenting on the art.

Robin, Great to have you here at the contemporary art discussion, I will certainly have more pages on the topic coming out soon. thanks

Blithe on 04/11/2012

Great Art, Love this collection of contemporary art.

Robin on 04/11/2012

Robin, Now this is the art I love, I want each of the prints on this page, I'll have to drop a hint for my family. Great choices I look forward to more of your contemporary art pages. I'll check back from time to time.

katiem2 on 04/10/2012

WiseFool, So glad you found something you enjoy in Alonso, I love that peice.

katiem2 on 04/10/2012

teddletonmr, thank you that's a lovely complement. I enjoy contemporary art very much.

WiseFool on 04/10/2012

I must say, I wouldn't consider myself a fan of contemporary art, and I suppose that's because, usually, I feel there's something that I'm just not 'getting'; that I simply don't understand it and, therefore, it's not for me. However, I really like your choices, Katie. I especially like the Susana Alonso piece.

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