Find the Perfect Zombie Necklace for Coming Apocalypse

by Digby_Adams

From fanciful to frightening here's a Zombie necklace for every occasion - Cameos, Dog Tags, Skeletons - all the latest styles

If you're staying up late worrying about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse or if you've been fantasizing about helping Abraham Lincoln slay vampires, then I bet you'll love wearing a Zombie Necklace. You'll find ladylike Cameo necklaces feature skeleton Zombies. Dog Tags will let the world know that you're a member of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team. You'll even find Zombie Brains Friendship Necklace. Musicians will love the Zombie Guitar Pick Necklace. You can let the whole world know how much you adore Zombies with an "I Love Zombies" necklace.

Dog tags continue to be a hot jewelry trend. Both girls and guys can wear them and they are a perfect unisex statement about Zombies. Stainless steel black dog tags are the perfect canvas for white lettering and a red heart. The black satin cord is 24 inches long.

Let your best Zombie loving friend know how much you care, but giving them a Zombie friendship necklace. In this case the Zombie jewelry is a half a brain for each of you. Put them together and you've got one brain! Perfect if the two of you go Zombie hunting together.

Zombie Necklaces

Zombies love human hearts - and not for romantic reasons. So a true Zombie heart necklace is an anatomically correct human heart that looks like it could beat at any moment. Creepy? Yeah a little. But Zombies could be said to have a pretty high creep factor. I guess if you've been wondering what to get your cardiologist - this might be a fun gift as well.

These dog tags are perfect for a Zombie hunter. Wear it as you go on your quests and let any Zombie lover know that you're not their friend. Better to choose sides early before the apocalypse begins! Kids will love this kind of jewelry. Wonderful as a Halloween gift or even a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Everyone is into the Zombie craze, even Hello Kitty. It's Hello Kitty like you've never seen her before. She's green and scarred, but her bow is still bravely tied! A button charm necklace made even cuter with a ball chain. Young teens and everyone who's into kitsch style will just have to have one. File this under cute Zombie style.

Celebrate the Zombie Mash (okay I took a bit of liberty with the song title) by Walking Like a Zombie (okay I did it again). Anyways, this Zombie Silhouette necklace captures the spirit of a lurching Zombie on their way to wreak mayhem on any nearby human. Put these in a Halloween basket to match your Zombie decor. If you're having contests at your Halloween party, these are great trophies for the winners. I've noticed both boys and girls wearing these at the mall.

It does seem that skull jewelry, gothic jewelry and now Zombie jewelry are all blending into the same category. But whatever you want to call this Zombie locket necklace, it's created in a very Jane Austen manner. It's a perfect counter culture necklace for a little bookworm, whose trying to fit into middle school.

Updated: 06/09/2013, Digby_Adams
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katiem2 on 08/23/2012

Cool Necklace I like it!

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