Catholic Wedding Invitations

by Digby_Adams

Celebrate your faith and marriage with these beautiful and affordable Catholic wedding invitations designed by indie artists.

These gorgeous religious wedding invitation templates give your Catholic faith the starring role in your wedding. They acknowledge that you are being married in a church and consider this to be a holy sacrament. However, neither of these factors mean that you have to have boring or cookie-cutter Catholic wedding invitations

Many brides and grooms are now looking online for wedding invitations to save some money. Zazzle is a fabulous place to find gorgeous Catholic wedding invitations that can be customized and sent to you. Indie artists have created beautiful designs that you can use as is or change to meet your own needs.

Glowing Orchid Catholic Wedding Invitation

Ornate and Luxe

Indie artist RiverJude used the word glowing to describe this Catholic wedding invitation - and I have to agree with them. They began with a rich damask pattern and overlaid two colors. The center is creamy beige and the outer portion is a beautiful orchid purple. The bracket shape adds to the luxe feel of this stunning wedding invitation. An ornate cross sits above the wedding invitation details. 

The wording is appropriate for a Catholic wedding, because it includes the phrase "are united in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony." It's very easy to customize this ornate and luxe Catholic wedding invitation.

Elegant Celtic Cross Catholic Wedding Invitation

Traditional and White

If you prefer a rectangular Catholic wedding invitation and a white background, here's good option for you. Although the square does have rounded edges, it's much more traditional than the above bracket shape. There is a Celtic cross at the top, which is surrounded by silver curlicues. 

RiverJude also designed this wedding invite and they included the phrase "The honor of your presence is requested at the Nuptial Mass uniting (the bride and groom) in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony." The bride and groom names are separated by a silvery large ampersand that matches the curlicues. That is the only decoration and the font is simple, so that the focus is on the cross. 

Vintage Cross Small Catholic Wedding Invitation

Affordable and Beautiful Two-Sided Wedding Invitation
Back Side of Wedding Invitation
Back Side of Wedding Invitation

I had to do some finagling to show you the backside of the wedding invitation, because that's where the cross is! What I want you to know right off the top is that this is printed on gold metallic paper, so it looks a lot better in person. The diagonal vintage frame is a unique way to showcase the cross and wedding information. This is a another RiverJude religious wedding invitation on Zazzle. This time they chose a smaller wedding invitation that measures 3 inches by 5 inches. It also contains Catholic wedding languages such as nuptial mass and Holy Sacrament. It is easily customized and affordable.

Vintage Catholic Cross Wedding Invitation

Antique Green Paper Design

If you want to add a rich color and texture, then consider this Catholic wedding invite that uses a luxurious antique green paper. The paper actually has faded-out words in the background that gives it a wonderful Old-World charm. The cut-out shape and faded-gold border designs complete the vintage design. A stylish cross at the top signals that it's a religious wedding invitation. The wedding invitation template is very clear and easy to use.

If you want additional wedding stationery items to match, you can always contact the Zazzle artist. Their contact information is near the product information. Most of them are more than happy to do custom designs. 

Lovebirds and Cross Catholic Wedding Invitation

Affordable and Romantic

Two lovebirds representing the bride and groom (one has a pink ribbon and the other blue in their beak) fly toward an ornate cross in the center of this Catholic wedding invitation. It's created on eco-friendly paper and measures 3 inches by 5 inches. Because it's a Catholic wedding invitation, it invites guests to a nuptial mass to celebrate the Holy Sacrament of marriage. 

Zazzle is filled with easy-to-use and personalize wedding invitation templates designed by talented artists. You can even select different paper, if you want. Need help? The artists will usually be happy to customize the invitation for you. In most cases, it is very affordable. 

Celtic Knot Catholic Wedding Invitation

Irish-Inspired Design

If you and your partner have decided to wear a traditional Claddagh wedding ring, then you might also want to have a Celtic wedding invitation design. Look closely at the Celtic knot and you'll see a heart in the center. The Celtic knot is done in two shades of green and the heat is the darker green. It's details like that that I love. This is a Catholic wedding invitation, so you'll see the text reference in the wedding invitation to a nuptial mass and Holy Sacrament.

Other than the Celtic knot, religious wedding invite is clean and simple. It is standard size at 5 inches by 7 inches. 


Blue Floral Catholic Wedding Invitation

Cheerful and Romantic Flowers

These blue flowers look beautiful on the stunning parchment paper. One of the cool things about buying your wedding invitations on Zazzle is the large amount of paper choices that you get. You can look at different colors, textures and shapes. If you need help, the artist that created the template will often be willing to help. However, Zazzle makes it very easy to do the custom work yourself. 

In this case the blue flowers create a wide border at the top and bottom of the wedding information. Planning a summer wedding? I think this cheerful design is a fabulous choice. 

Catholic Wedding Invitation with Cross, Lilies and Wide Red Border

Dramatic and Colorful

The wide red border with gold-tone design really is the attention grabber on this Catholic wedding invitation. A golden rectangle establishes the border between the plain red portion and the embellished portion. It's shown on traditional linen paper with a formal font. (You can also choose among several other options.) A white cross decorated with lilies is at the top of the wedding information. The bride and groom names are joined with a large ampersand that matches the tones in the cross and lily design. 

Traditional Catholic phrases such as nuptial mass and Holy Sacrament are used. The invitation measures 5 inches by 7 inches. 

Floral Brown Catholic Wedding Invitation

Fall Wedding Colors

Religious wedding invitations can acknowledge a person's faith without having traditional images such as a cross. This chocolate brown floral wedding invitation is a great example. It has whimsical flowers floating across the top and uses a bracket shape. Zazzle artist RiverJude used traditional Catholic wedding terms and that is the only hint that this is a religious wedding invitation. In fact, if you like this invitation and aren't religious, you could simply change the text. 

The brown background showcases the white typeface, large ampersand, and floral design. It's a natural for a fall wedding. It measures 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. 

Updated: 02/18/2016, Digby_Adams
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