Sophisticated Art Deco Wedding Invitations

by Digby_Adams

Here's a great selection of unique art deco wedding invitations to choose from. Chic wedding invitations that will impress your guests.

Art Deco wedding invitations feature geometric designs and stylized fonts. They bring us back to a sophisticated time. Women had just bobbed their hair and started to show their ankles in public. Here are many unique wedding invitations from that chic period to select from. They are reasonably priced and easily customized online. If you're looking for online wedding invitations to easily craft, you'll love this selection.

If you fell in love with all things Gatsby, when you saw the movie, then you'll love an Art Deco themed wedding. I've included some things that you would see at an Art Deco wedding such as wedding cakes and cupcakes along with a wedding ring.

Black Wedding Invitations

Many of the most popular Art Deco invites start with a black background

An ornate frame decorates this Art Deco wedding invitation. The sophisticated color scheme is black, gray and silver. You can see the stylized Art Deco designs surrounding the "&" sign and at the bottom of the text. The font was carefully selected to mimic the type that was popular during the Roaring Twenties. 

The wedding invitation designer made it easy to customize many different areas of this invitation. In addition to changing the names of the bride and groom and wedding details, you can change the top line that begins "Together with..." and the middle line that starts "Request the..."

Easily create a custom Art Deco wedding invitation in minutes.

Art Deco Wedding Cupcakes

Black is an important color in Art Deco
Note the black decoration on the white cupcakes.
Note the black decoration on the white cupcakes.

An Art Deco wedding invitation can also be very simple. The elegant design to the right uses one of the most popular Art Deco border designs. You'll see it on the side of buildings, furniture and mirrors. The black background is the perfect companion for the cream colored font.

Your guests won't be able to miss the wedding date. It is showcased in a cream square outlined with the same Art Deco border as the invitation. An stylized line is also used to separate the invitation components. 

All areas of this wedding invitation can be customized in minutes. 

Art Deco Wedding Cake

You'll feel like you're at a 1920's Wedding
Black and Gold Art Deco Design
Black and Gold Art Deco Design

You can see how the beautiful Art Deco wedding invitation shown to the right would set the tone for a Gatsby-themed wedding. Many of the elements of the wedding cake are also incorporated into the wedding invitation. The couple's monogram is placed at the top of the wedding invite. A gold double border showcases the top half of the design and blends in perfect with the Art Deco design at the bottom. Black is no longer a wedding faux pas. Many brides opt to have their bridesmaids in black or have black accessories. Sometimes brides reverse the roles and choose black for themselves. 

Art Deco Wedding Ring

Sophisticated vintage ring
The stones create classic Art Deco shapes
The stones create classic Art Deco shapes

If you'd like a brighter color palette, then definitely take a look at this gold Art Deco wedding invitation. A white Art Deco Border frames the body of the wedding invite, while ornate floral pattern gives it background definition. As is the case with all of the wedding invitations shown here, they can be customized. 

These artists have created beautiful online Art Deco invitations, that you can quickly make your own. You don't have to spend time learning how to create just the right Art Deco vibe, it's done for you. 

Peacock Art Deco Wedding Invites

Stylized Peacock Designs make a Dramatic Impact
Peacock feathers on each cake layer
Peacock feathers on each cake layer

Tall peacock feathers were used in many homes during the 1920s. The blue and turquoise colors of their feathers became a popular fashion color. You can opt for an Art Deco wedding invitation in the traditional black and gold that has a peacock design or you can choose one that has a blue color incorporated into the design. 

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WriterArtist on 02/25/2015

I have always admired things that are aesthetic and brilliant in nature. Art deco is one of those ancient art and craftsmanship that is acknowledged even in these modern days, the wedding invitations are lovely.

LindaSmith1 on 02/25/2015

I love Art Deco

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