Beach Wedding Save the Date Magnets

by Digby_Adams

Unique save the date magnets for couple planning a beach wedding. Easy to customize. Many have matching wedding invitations. Affordable prices for every wedding budget.

Beach weddings are often destination weddings in far flung and exotic locales. Friends and families have to have more than a few days off and they need to get the best prices on tickets. Unique save the date magnets are a great way to ensure that people know when the wedding is and that they don't forget it. We all know the people who put the save the date magnets for a wedding in their desk drawer and then just forget about it.

You'll love the unique designs show below. They are all jut perfect for a beach-themed wedding. There are hearts drawn in the sand, flip flops, starfish designs and even a goldfish blowing hearts. I couldn't resist showing you some save the date videos as well.

Heart in the Sand Save the Date Magnets

Romantic Heart and Ocean Waves
Wedding Couple with a Sand Heart
Wedding Couple with a Sand Heart

Every couple that has every been to the beach has drawn a heart. Perhaps with their initials and arrow. This Heart in the Sand magnet has it all. Even the waves crashing in the background. A custom save the date magnet is also a fabulous wedding favor. I guarantee that grandparents and aunts and uncles will have it on their refrigerator for years to come. They love remembering the wedding and seeing all of the family.

Beach themed weddings have a relaxed and romantic quality. Set the tone with the perfect save the date wedding magnet. Your guests will look forward to a fun party on the beach celebration


Beach Wedding Save the Date Video

Two Hearts in the Sand Save the Date Magnets

Unique Save the Date Ideas

Imagine two hearts drawn in the sand with your name on them. Romantics of all ages and both sides of the family will smile when they see these. I love the way that the waves almost touch the hearts as if to erase them, but don't. This signifies the power of love and its ability to withstand anything. 

It's every easy to create these custom save the date magnet. Just click on the link and add your own name and wedding date. Don't waste time creating your own designs, when these artists have already worked out all of the details. You've got enough on your mind!

Champagne and Starfish Save the Date Magnet

Romance on the Beach

Drinking champagne on the beach is an iconic moment in any couple's relationship. It could be the day they became engaged or the day of their wedding. This save the date magnet has two beautiful glasses filled with champagne, a vibrant red starfish, a red origami sailboat, and seashells. The beach is seen in the distance. 

Your guests will truly look forward to your beach wedding after seeing this stunning vignette. Just click on the link and follow the instructions to customize this save the date magnet.

Tuxedo Flip Flop Save the Date Magnet

Beach Wedding Ideas
Flip Flops for Wedding Guests
Flip Flops for Wedding Guests

Flip flops are almost required footwear at beach weddings. Heck I see them at every kind of wedding. it's a considerate couple that provides them for their beach wedding guests. You'll definitely get them in the mood, with these formal Mr and Mrs save the date magnet. One flip flop represents the bride and one the groom. The flip flops are riding the waves and looking great. It's the stuff that great weddings are made of. Start your wedding off right with a unique, funny and light-hearted save the date magnet.

Easy-to-customize safe the date magnet will let you add the bride and groom names as well as the date and venue. 

More Flip Flop Save the Date Magnets

More than a fashion statement

Hipster Save the Date Wedding Video

Shot in Super 8

Starfish Save the Dates Magnet

Say Yes in the Waves

Two starfish will remind your wedding guests that they better bling out their flip flops and get ready for a romantic day at the beach. Bride and groom names are in script will the wedding date is big and bold. There is a lot of competition for certain summer weekends, so you want your guests to want to come to your wedding. It doesn't hurt you smoke your competition when they decide to get there a few days early for some fun in the sun. 

Easy to customize and easy to send. Let the designers figure out the details. Just add your name and date and a hint at the venue  and your done!

More Starfish Save the Dates Magnets

Kissing Fish Save the Dates Magnet

Pucker Up Unique Save the Date Magnet

So you two are adventurous. Scuba diving, shark cage enthusiasts or you just love to stare at your aquarium at home. It doesn't matter. Let friends and family know that your getting married and that they should save the date. You don't want to lose out to that creative couple on your Aunt Miriam's side, who sent out an email, video and magnet. That might be overkill. However, those two cute fishes more than get the message across. 

The artist has made the entire save the date magnet customizable. So you can easily put your own stamp on this. Just click the link and see how easy it is. 

Goldfish Blowing Hearts Save the Date Magnet

Red Hearts Say, "We're Getting Married!"

You don't have to own a koi pond to love this cute little goldfish that blows bright red hearts. Just inscribe your name and wedding date and let the folks know where you're going to be married and your done. Check. one more thing off your long to to list.

It's really important to let folks know you're getting married as soon as possible, if you want them at your wedding. This is especially true if you're thinking about a holiday weekend or popular wedding weekend in June. You might find that other couples in your family have the same date planned. 

Updated: 02/27/2015, Digby_Adams
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Digby_Adams on 06/28/2015

Isn't it amazing all the things couples are doing to get ready for the wedding!

CruiseReady on 06/28/2015

I knew about the popularity of save the date wedding magnets, and you have shown some really nice ones here. However, I didn't know that couples are now producing videos for reminding guests of the big day. How creative!

VioletteRose on 01/31/2015

All these are lovely, the star fish designs look really cute!

sandyspider on 01/15/2015

Love the sate the date magnets. Cute idea.

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