Rustic Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitations

by Digby_Adams

Country wedding invitations perfect for a rustic wedding or barn wedding. Easily customized wedding invitations for every budget.

Lace embellishments look wonderful on the rough texture of burlap. Together they create beautiful rustic wedding invitations. When artists use satin ribbon to embellish them, they look less rustic. When the artist uses twine, it becomes more rustic. While lace is the most common color, it isn't the only one. I found a beautiful design that incorporates seafoam green. Burlap can be coarse or fine. It can create a frame or dominate the design.

When you buy your burlap and lace wedding invitation on Zazzle, you'll have hundreds to choose from. Plus, you can customize them and even change the background and paper. Start with the work of talented artists, then refine it and make it your own style. While the designs are very realistic, there are no actual embellishments. Everything is printed.

Burlap with Antique White Lace

Country Wedding Invitation

Burlap with lace is a trending design element in wedding invitations. The rustic wedding invitation to the right contains a very pretty lace pattern across the top and at the lower left-hand corner. A beautiful white satin bow flows across the upper right-hand corner. It looks beautiful with the lace and balances the lace embellishment in the lower left-hand corner.

A large white ampersand the the time of the wedding keep the wedding invitation from being too dark. All of the elements can be customized. The Zazzle artist has offered to help, if it's needed. When you look at these invites remember that all of the realistic details are printed. 

Romantic Lace Wedding Invitations

Burlap with lace is very popular
Unique wedding invitation templates that you can easily customize. They feature lace, bows, burlap, sunflowers and more.

Lace doesn't have to be white. This exquisite burlap and lace wedding invitation proves that. Seafoam green lace makes a beautiful statement against the coarse burlap fabric. Brides have to decide how much texture they want their burlap to have. Some burlap designs are so fine, they look like linen. This is much coarser. You can really see the texture. 

This Zazzle artist used cut-out lace at the upper-left and lower right corners. The luxurious floral lace has a floral design. It combines with the burlap edge to frame the wedding information.

As with all Zazzle designs, the lace and burlap are printed. You can customize these burlap lace wedding invitations.

Rustic Burlap Lace Invitation with Twine

The burlap in this invitation has a coarse texture. It is the perfect frame for the distressed paper with torn edges. The rounded-corner shape gives it a primitive art vibe. So do the dark print and the twine bow. When an artist uses twine instead of ribbon, it is more rustic than country. A simple border of lace frames the top edge. The artist was careful to let the burlap and distressed paper peek though the lace. 

The vintage font adds to the simplicity of the design. You can personalize all of the wedding details. If you need help contact the Zazzle artist. 

Burlap and Lace Bridal Shower Invitations

Indie artists designed these unique rustic bridal shower invitations. Brides-to-be will love their romantic flair and country roots. Easily customized and budget-friendly.

Rustic Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitation

Buck and Doe Meet at a Love Tree

People who love to spend time with nature will appreciate the complexity of this burlap with lace design. An ornate tree with a heart in the truck takes center stage. A doe stands on the left of the tree and a buck on the right. A twine bow is placed so perfectly that it mimics tree roots. Coarse burlap frames the tree, while beautiful lace provides support. Soft organic shapes are perfect for this rustic wedding invitation.

The overall effective this design reminds me of those wonderful antique encyclopedias with the intricate designs. The practical wedding details are on the back. 

Very Feminine Burlap with Lace Invitation

Beautiful Cut-Out Lace Frame

This wedding invitation really reminds me of a bride's veil. I love the lace that lace pattern that the Zazzle artist chose and the way she arranged it. A lighter square of burlap is framed by a darker square. The floral cut-out lace contains flowers and swirls of leaves. This is a bit less rustic than the other designs shown here. It just goes to show how elegant burlap and lace wedding invitations can be. 

You can quickly customize this wedding invitation. Not only can you choose new words, you can opt for different paper types and shapes.

Burlap and Lace Twine Heart Wedding Invitation

Burlap wedding invitations are very romantic

There is 

I can see a man taking a grapevine from a backyard garden and making a simple heart for his wife. This is what people did long before they could run to the local drugstore and plunk down $5 for a card. I could then see a wife affixing it to a scrap of burlap to keep it safe. This is how primitive art developed. 

It seems that part of us want to return to those days when people had the time - or took - the time to make each other small tokens of love. 

This wedding invitation will always be treasured for the memories and love it represents. 

Updated: 08/26/2015, Digby_Adams
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