AC DC Songs - An Alternative Collection

by nickupton

Listen to these fun alternative versions of some of AC DC's biggest hits played in a variety of surprising ways - Rock music performed by orchestras, brass bands and folk groups.

Songs such as Hell's Bells, You Shook Me All Night Long and Thunderstruck are instantly recognizable as the sound of the rock group AC DC with many of their rock anthems used in adverts, movies and television shows.

However, here I present some of AC DC's most famous tunes with a twist and with a different sound. If you are an AC DC fan these alternative versions are a must to listen to, and if you are not a fan, you may just find something you like here that you never thought you would. Certainly music lovers will appreciate this unusual, alternative collection of AC DC songs.

For those visitors who were expecting to see performances by AC DC themselves, I am sorry, but please take a look at some of these amazing alternative versions. They are fun!

1. You Shook Me All Night Long by Hayseed Dixie

Hayseed Dixie are the originators of "Rockgrass" music, beginning as a sort of AC/DC tribute band, as their name suggests. They play rock music in a sort of bluegrass style which gives a fun twist to this and many other well-known AC DC songs; in fact it is pretty catchy played this way and I found myself singing the Hayseed Dixie version to myself.

Hayseed Dixie Website

Hayseed Dixie
Hayseed Dixie's official website featuring lots of news, information and videos featuring the band. Anything you want to know about them is here.

A Hillbilly Tribute To Acdc

If you enjoyed this performance by Hayseed Dixie they have a whole album loaded with their cover versions of AC DC songs. Great fun.

View on Amazon

Above are two more cool versions of You shook me all night long. The first is by 2 Cellos and is an absolutely mesmerizing performance which took place in Dubrovnik old city in Croatia; a beautiful setting for a great show.

The second is performed by a Swiss brass band, called Gugenmusik Pampers, and is also great fun to listen to.

Get You Shook Me All Night Long
Back in Black

The sixth-biggest-selling album in U.S. history! The Brian Johnson era started with a bang: includes You Shook Me All Night Long - absolutely required rock!

View on Amazon

2. Hell's Bells by Gregorian Masters Of Chant

Some years ago I had an album "Gregorian Masters of Chant 2" which featured popular music sung in the style of Gregorian monks chanting. Consequently, I was very pleased to see that the same group have done a version of Hell's Bells.

Although this video clip is not of the best quality, you can see what an epic production this is and the style of singing fits quite nicely with this classic rock tune.

Gregorian Masters Of Chant Website

Gregorian Masters Of Chant
If you want to see the Masters of Chant live you can check out their tour dates on their official website. Biographies, photos, news and anything else you want to know about this group.

Masters of Chant Chapter II

The second best selling volume of songs by a group that adapt and record popular songs in Gregorian chant style. This edition includes songs like "The First Time Ever I Saw Your...

View on Amazon

The first of the two further versions of Hell's Bells that I have featured above is by the Dandy Warhols. I am not sure what the style of this performance is but it is much slower, much more dour in its style, but interesting to hear. 

The second of these two versions is an acoustic version which is unusual because it is with a female vocalist rather than the more familiar scream of Brian Johnson.

Download Hell's Bells
Hells Bells

Download this live version of Hell's Bells by AC DC, performed by the band at a concert in Moscow.

View on Amazon

3. Highway To Hell by 2 Cellos

This performance of Highway to Hell by 2 Cellos is amazing. Their energy and the sound they create with these electric cellos is something else and should be something that fans of various styles of music can enjoy.

I like the way that one cello plays the bass whilst the other plays the melody that is sung in the original version by AC DC. It is worth watching out for the point when the two musicians switch the parts that they are playing, and then switch back again. This is one of my favorite alternative versions of an AC DC song.

2 Cellos Website

2 Cellos
The official website of 2 Cellos; Luka Sulic & Stjepan Hauser. Download their music, watch videos, view photos and tour news.


If you like this performance by 2Cellos you can enjoy more of their music on this, their debut album.

View on Amazon

These four video clips all show other interesting versions of AC DC's Highway to Hell. In particular the Ukrainian folk version is quite bizarre; some of the band members look like they escaped from an institution - take a look, it made me laugh.

The other three versions I have displayed here include twins on electric harps, something I have never seen before, and which is a little creepy, another offering from Hayseed Dixie and a group of energetic pensioners who can't sing - but they are having a great time doing it!

Download Highway to Hell
Highway to Hell

Instant download of AC DC's version of their classic song, Highway to Hell. Whilst the alternative versions are fun, the original is hard to beat.

View on Amazon

4. Thunderstruck by The Badpiper

This performance by The Badpiper is absolutely surreal; Thunderstruck played on the bagpipes with flames coming out of them! This might not be to many people's tastes but there is no denying that this is quite an amazing and original performance; most certainly not what most fans of AC DC expect to hear.

The Badpiper Website

The Badpiper
The official website of the Badpiper with photo galleries, blog, details on appearances and shop. Find out more about this unusual performer.


This is a whole album packed with the Badpiper's unusual style of music. Check it out if you enjoyed his performance.

View on Amazon

Two more versions of Thunderstruck are shown above. The first one is an impressive a capella performance by a group of young people. Whilst it may not be to everybody's taste, it is unusual, the arrangement is excellent and their enthusiasm is great. 

The second video is of violinist David Garrett playing Thunderstruck with a backing band. Quite interesting but it would be better if it was done completely acoustically with the orchestra, in my opinion.

Download Thunderstruck

Download Thunderstruck by AC DC straight from and listen to the song played by the band who wrote it.

View on Amazon

5. Back In Black by The Dueling Fiddlers

The Dueling Fiddlers show, once again, how well AC DC's rock music translates very well into a more classic style. This is quite a performance by these two extremely accomplished violinists - amazing! Listen out for the snippet from "Thunderstruck" too part way through the music.

The Dueling Fiddlers Website

The Dueling Fiddlers
Check out the website of the Dueling Fiddlers where you can watch more video clips, view photos and find out all about the duo.

Rock Violin

All products are BRAND NEW and factory sealed. Fast shipping and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Download Back In Black
Back In Black

This is the place for an instant download of AC DC's version of one of their most famous songs - Back in Black.

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6. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by Guggenmusik Pampers

This is a lot of fun; Gugenmusik Pampers playing Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap using a brass band supported by drummers. Another example of how rock music transfers well to an alternative style of music.

Guggenmusik Pampers's Website

Guggenmusik Pampers
For those of you who speak German, Guggenmusik Pampers's website provides all the information you could need about them.

I enjoyed this unusual performance, I hope others do too. It gave me the idea that I might be listening to this at some sort of beer festival!

Presented on the left is another offering from Hayseed Dixie; Dirty Deeds played in a "Rockgrass" style.

Download Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

AC DC's version of this song can be downloaded now from

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Updated: 10/05/2017, nickupton
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