Boney M Songs - My Top Ten

by nickupton

Boney M songs are some of the most enduring of the late 1970s disco period. Songs by Boney M are fun, jolly and still popular today.

The cheesy disco sound of Boney M has somehow managed to stay popular long after the group's heyday. The simple, catchy tunes and easy-to-remember lyrics make them evergreen tunes, taking many people back to the late 1970s.

I was a child in when Boney M songs were in the music charts but somehow I like them far more today that I did then.

On this page I have presented ten Boney M songs in the form of video clips. These are my personal favorite Boney M songs; I hope you enjoy listening to them and watching the performances. Please leave your comments at the end.

1. Rasputin

Rasputin is one of Boney M's most famous songs and probably the one with the widest appeal. The song was recorded in 1978 and comes from the album "Nightflight to Venus". As well as containing a catchy chorus and melody the lyrics are a sort of biography of the famous Russian, Grigori Rasputin.

This has always been my favorite Boney M song, it always seems to get people dancing at parties, and in the video clip above there is one of Bobby Farrell's memorable performances.


Download Boney M's Rasputin from Amazon and sing and/or dance along to this classic 70s hit.

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Now, if you love the song "Rasputin" by Boney M then you are going to love this. The video clip on the right shows the Just Dance 2 game on Nintendo Wii. You can see that Rasputin is one of the songs that players can choose and dance along to the song, following the moves on screen to increase their score. This video clip also shows three people playing the game and showing a remarkable level of proficiency doing so.

This clip had me looking for this game and Nintendo Wiis on Amazon and eBay

Just Dance 2

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2. Rivers Of Babylon

I can remember "The Rivers of Babylon" being number 1 in the UK for a total of five weeks and at the time I can remember not liking it at all. Over the intervening years I guess it has grown on me and now I am a fan! Perhaps it is my subconscious trying to take me back to when I was 6 years old.

This song was released by Boney M in 1978 and like Rasputin it came from the "Nightflight to Venus" album. It sold an incredible number of copies in UK, nearly 2 million - artists can only dream of such numbers these days. The video clip above features a Boney M classic video of the song that was a cover version of the song originally written and recorded by The Melodians.

Rivers of Babylon

Listen to Rivers of Babylon whenever you like by downloading the song at

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3. Daddy Cool

This video of Boney M performing "Daddy Cool" features some wild dancing not only by Bobby Farrell but by the three ladies too with their opening Karate chops! Daddy Cool has one of those classic Disco beats that is pretty representative of that style of music at that time.

Daddy Cool was Boney M's second single, released in 1976, coming from their debut album "Take The Heat Off Me"

Daddy Cool

If you are crazy like a fool and wild about Daddy Cool you can download the song from right now.

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4. Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord

This Boney M song from 1978 comes from the time when Christmas songs were a big thing. The "Mary's Boy Child" part of the song is a cover version but, in my opinion, it is the "Oh My Lord" part that makes the song catchy and immediately recognizable as Boney M.

I can remember this being very popular at Christmas 1978 and I can even remember seeing this video at the time - it is classic Boney M, I hope you like it.

Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord (Medley)

Download this track now for a trip back to Christmas 1978 with Boney M.

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5. Ma Baker

Ma Baker is immediately recognizable as a Boney M song with its song structure, disco rhythm and vocals. The song tells the story of a 1930s outlaw called Ma Barker and was released in 1977 from the album "Love for Sale".

This song was released too early for me to remember at the time but it remains one of Boney M's most popular songs - one that gets stuck in my head!

Ma Baker

Download Ma Baker by Boney M now at - sing along as you listen.

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6. Gotta Go Home

Gotta Go Home is a fast and catchy tune with very simple lyrics and listening to it instantly transports you to a 1970s disco. This Boney M song was released in 1979 and comes from the album "Oceans Of Fantasy"; it always enters my head every time I have been away and it is time to go home - I have found myself humming this tune on the plane as I fly back!

Lots of people will recognize the song as being used on a rather bizarre song called "Barbra Streisand" by a group called Duck Sauce.

Gotta Go Home

Download the song from and annoy your friends as you sing along.

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7. Brown Girl In The Ring

Brown Girl In The Ring is another song from the album "Nightflight to Venus" and I can distinctly remember it from 1978 as it is one of those tunes that gets into your head and will not let you forget it. At the time I did not understand what they were singing about and kids at school singing it used to annoy me. However, like many Boney M songs, these days I like it and it is without doubt one of the group's most famous songs.

Brown Girl In The Ring is a traditional Jamaican children's song and game and the Boney M version was at the centre of a long lawsuit.

Brown Girl in the Ring

"Show me your motion" as you dance along to this classic Boney M track. Download it at

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8. Sunny

Sunny is one of the most covered songs of all time but it is the Boney M version which most people remember. The tune has a typically funky 1970s disco sound to it and it is a simple upbeat song that is meant to be happy and easy to dance to. Certainly Bobby Farrell makes the most of the dancing opportunity in this performance.

From the album "Take The Heat Off Me" in 1976 this is too early for me to recall from the time but it is another of the groups most famous hits.


Dance and sing to Boney M's version of Sunny by downloading it from

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9. Hooray Hooray It's A Holi-Holiday

Hooray, Hooray. It's a Holi-Holiday is a song that sticks in my head as all the kids were singing it at school in the run up to the school holidays in 1979. It is a happy and very catchy song that is not easily forgotten!

The video contains yet another classic Boney M performance and trademark dancing from Bobby Farrell.

Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday

Download this classic by Boney M to start your own holidays. Available to download now on

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10. Painter Man

I do not remember this 1979 hit from the time but some years later it became one of my favorites after buying the Boney M Gold album which features all the group's greatest hits. The song is a cover version - the original was written and performed by The Creation.

The video clip above shows another of Boney M's classic performances to this catchy tune.

Painter Man

You wanna be a painter man? If you do download this tune now from

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Boney M Greatest Hits Albums

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varsha on 02/03/2013

BONEY M SONGS are LIFE TIME FAVOURITE SONGS i ever heard i love all singers thy were OUTSTANDING performers no other music compare with thm.all my childhood memories stick with it as my father was so much fond of all these music. love to listen 24 hours.

nickupton on 06/20/2012

Glad that you enjoyed the music.

BrendaReeves on 06/19/2012

I never heard of the group, but I love the music.

katiem2 on 06/19/2012

I've just been schooled in the fine music stylings of Boney M, I'm new to this music but am delighted for the introduction. A great collection of boney m videos. I'm off to a meeting but will def be back to listen later. Thanks for the flash back in musical time, disco style. :) K

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