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by RobertKeith

The Land Down Under has some amazing destinations to go and see.

The Land Down Under has some amazing destinations to go and see, but unfortunately, a lot of people have seen Australia as a more expensive option than some of the other choices like Thailand and the Philippines. It doesn't have to be expensive, however. You have plenty of places here where you can head out to for affordable travel. In fact, plenty of hotels, airlines and tour operators have all begun to offer discounts.

#1: Adelaide

The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is also the country's fifth biggest city with 1.2 million people inhabiting the city. In fact, over three-quarters of South Australians live within the metropolitan area of Adelaide. This area borders some of the most famous wine regions in all of Australia, and the location has historically become known as the City of Churches. Walking around the city, you will fall in love because much of the city style retains the colonial era style from its first founding. Another thing that has grown in popularity in recent years has been to book free walking tours with local tour guides who give you a taste of the history and culture. It gives you the chance to learn about the city without spending a dime. 

Sydney Australia
Sydney Australia

#2: Darwin

Famous for being the most international city in Australia, you're guaranteed to have a great time in Darwin. Because of its close proximity to some of the other international hubs, Darwin became a popular place from the early days, but they were devastated in WWII. Nevertheless, Darwin has a resilient spirit that you can feel alive and well in the locals. Nowadays, the city has grown to 75,000 individuals, and it has become a popular holiday destination because of the beaches, Litchfield National Park and sunset cruises. It all adds up to you having one of the best times possible while here. You might even take a crocodile cruise down the Adelaide River. 

#3: Alice Springs

Characterized by boundless deserts, cavernous gorges and remote Aboriginal communities, Alice Springs has a charming pioneer history that is worth learning about. If you want to know the hardy spirit of the people in the outback, this city is located in the heart of the Outback, and you have plenty of room for hiking and sightseeing here. This area has often become a popular location because of Uluru Rock, Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta. Ever since the beginning of the Australian tourist boom back in the 80s, the city has grown to 28,000 people. 

#4: The Great Barrier Reef

How could you pass up this destination built for underwater explorers? Scuba divers have been fascinated by the Great Barrier Reef for decades, and in fact, it's the largest barrier reef system in the world. No trip to Australia will be complete without an adventure here. You will find this natural masterpiece off the coast of Queensland, and it encompasses a gigantic area with 2,900 coral reefs  around and hundreds of cays and islands to boot. This coral reef was first formed millions of years ago, and it began with hundreds of millions of organisms. The reef sports one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the entire world. and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Australia. 

#5: Magnetic Island

One of Aussie's most treasured islands, Magnetic Island nestles itself off the coast of the city of Townsville. This can be found in Queensland, and the island has turned into a colorful haven for some of Australia's most sought-after wildlife. Some examples of what lies on this paradise island include koalas, wallabies and much more. This has also become a hotspot for snorkelers with the 20 beaches that dot this coastline. Even some of the locals have come here just to soak in the sunshine and relax. 

If you'd like affordable touring destinations in Australia, be sure to check out Charter North. They can take you to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, and they are wild about making it as affordable as possible. It can be extremely helpful to have a tour guide who can explain the different things to you. Whether you're exploring the traditional lifestyle of the Aboriginal people or partying the night away in a city hotspot, Australia inarguably has a lot to offer.

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