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by lakeerieartists

If you are someone that would like to make your wardrobe greener, but do not want to spend more money, then this article is for you.

One way that all of us can do our part to save the earth is by changing our wardrobe over to an eco-friendly green wardrobe or by filling our closet with green fashion. The problem with this is that many people are working with a tight budget when they shop for clothes and so the higher prices of eco-friendly green fashion become an issue. If you are someone that would like to make your wardrobe greener, but do not want to spend more money, then this article is for you.

Going Green Fashion on a Tight Budget

One of the assumptions that people make when they think of green fashion is that they have to buy an entire wardrobe of green eco clothing. However, for true earth friendly folks, that is totally out of character, because buying of any kind is consumption, and uses up resources that the earth cannot spare.

There are many ways to green up your wardrobe without spending any money at all, and other ways to spend just a small amount of money. Then when you are ready to replace clothes, you can make an investment in the higher priced, longer lasting sustainable green clothing available.

Solution #1: Recycling Your Clothes

A truly recycled dress--totally green.While you do not have to recycle your clothes in the manner that my friend Xan did in this picture to the right, you can do many things to your existing clothes to extend their life, and change them into newer styles. The new term for this is to repurpose your clothing.

You can restyle clothing by cutting it apart and combining two items together, or by adding some small changes to a piece of clothing. You can also get together with friends, and recycle your clothes by trading them with friends. For your friends, your old clothes will be new, and their old clothes will be new for you.

Or you can often go to a second hand or thrift shop and trade in your clothes to get new used clothes from the thrift shop.

Solution #2: Buy Vintage Clothing

Whether you shop on Ebay, or buy locally from a vintage shop, buying vintage is a very green eco-friendly thing to do. You can be completely in style, and have totally new clothes for a fraction of the price you would spend on new clothing.

And because you are not creating any new consumption of resources, and actually recycling old vintage clothing, you are being totally green.

Not only that but vintage styles are hot right now, and you can find some unique clothing of all types on Ebay or maybe even in your mother's closet.

Solution #3: Replace Your Clothing with Sustainable Organic Clothing

Although it is true that in general sustainable organic clothing is more expensive than standard clothing, that is not always true. And if you are comparing to what you would buy at Walmart or Target, the sustainable clothing is usually much better made and will last much, much longer.

Organic cotton is a good choice, but an even better choice is bamboo or bamboo/cotton blends. Bamboo is naturally sustainable, and has anti-bacterial wicking properties. This means that bamboo clothing is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, so you do not need to have a winter and summer wardrobe. Bamboo is also extremely comfortable on bare skin.

You can replace your totally worn out clothing one piece at a time or look for sales and deals online on bamboo clothing. Often you can find better prices than on equivalent synthetic or cotton clothes. One great place to find sales on organic and bamboo clothing is They are similar to a green eco-friendly shopping mall, and get their products from several companies. Definitely go there to check it out.

Solution #4: Make Your Own Clothes

If you want to save money and are good with a sewing machine, making your own clothes is a good choice. You can use up old fabric in your house, or even recycle your husband's old ties, and other material that you never use any more.

Old sweaters, old blankets, even old sheets--the sources of fabrics are really unending. You can even go to your local thrift store to buy clothes just to remake them. Another idea is to buy up old t-shirts or take the t-shirts that everyone has cast off because of one little spot, and find a new way to make them into something great to wear.

We throw so much away, even now with our earth in crisis and our economy shaky, that finding cloth to make clothing is not very difficult.

Finding Unique Solutions to Make Your Wardrobe Eco-Friendly

Being green is all about using our existing resources carefully, and recycling as much as possible in purposeful ways. The four solutions that I have mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. In the old days, it was considered shameful or a sign of being poor to wear hand me down clothing. But in today's world, it is a matter of pride to be a good recycler, so those same hand me downs are now vintage clothing and the hottest style around.

It is really great that we can be chic, and be eco-chic at the same time.

Updated: 02/06/2015, lakeerieartists
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