Aggregate Your Free Classified Ads for the Widest Advertising Coverage

by JoyLynskey

Learning to aggregate your free classified ads can save you time and money in the long term when it comes to improving your brand's awareness.

Where Do I Start?

And what does aggregate mean?

When referencing online material, aggregation refers to the act of sharing a newly created, blog, article, and in some cases, classified ads. Aggregating your free classified ad is a sure-fire way of gaining more coverage for your ads.

The only easy way that won't take up hours of your time is to utilize a free classified ad site that supplies users with social bookmarking tools or even social bookmarklets.

Bookmarking Tools
Bookmarking Tools

Why Social Bookmarking Tools are a MUST

Don't waste your time on classified ad sites that cannot provide the added value of social bookmarking options to your ads!

If you are using a classified advertising site that does not supply its users with social bookmarking tools, I suggest you look around for another. Not just for one simple reason.

Social bookmarking tools are proven to help spread the word on products or services and sites that are not utilizing them are also showing a painful disdain for their customers ads. Without these tools it is always possible to aggregate, but with them, the time spent doing so is cut in half at least.

Classified Ad Sites

Social Networking Supports Your Free Classified Ads

So Use Those Bookmarks!

Make sure that for each ad you post you take the time to send them off via the social bookmarking tools provided by the best classified ad sites. Always take the time to acknowledge the Big Four of Social networking sites as well.

Once your ad has been created following this simple set of steps will gain you greater coverage than you may have imagined for your product, services, or opportunities.

  1. Use all available bookmarks on the classified ad site
  2. Create a link for short URL's and statistical monitoring
  3. Tweet your ad's link
  4. Post Your Ad URL on Your Facebook Fan Page
  5. Share the link on your LinkedIn account
  6. Like or Favorite any associated Videos or Slide Content
  7. Take the time to respond to ANY comments to ANY of your aggregated links!!

One of the main keys to positive results with social aggregation is to interact with anyone who shows interest in what you have to offer. Consumers are fed up with elusive customer service and contact and increasing your brand is just a few interactions away from going digital word-of-mouth advertising, which in essence, is exactly what social aggregation achieves!

Stay on Top of Social Networking Trends

Keeping up with sites like Alexa and their Top 500 can help you to be sure you are posting to the highest viewed and shared sites.

Use Google News, Trends, or Reader to help you aggregate current content under certain keywords. Some of the best keywords to use to keep up with top news in classified ads and marketing are:

  • Marketing Your Classified Ads
  • Learn to Market Classified Ads
  • Free Classified Ads Marketing
  • Social Networking Classified Ads
  • Online Classified Advertising News

Keeping up with the most trending topics will help you to receive alerts and updates that could give you quick insider tips to get ahead while others are still trying to learn the rules!


Good Luck in Free Classified Advertising!!

Updated: 01/10/2012, JoyLynskey
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Thanks! Already use it

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