Redgage - paid social bookmarking

by tirial

Redgage is a social bookmarking site that pays for your content. Links, photos, articles, videos and blogs can all earn as visitors view them.


Commercial Social Bookmarking

Redgage makes money by allowing users to upload content and bookmarks. It then shares a proportion of the advertising revenue with users. There are good and bad sides to this e.g. it is simple to use, but automatic uploading does not work. However depending on what you want in a site, it can be useful for backlinks and traffic as well as earnings.

What can you upload?

Content you can add to Redgage

Redgage takes:

  • Blogs
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Links

It also has a "document" option, but that is currently being worked on. You can upload your content directly, just by clicking the "Upload" button on any page and filling in the form that appears.

Tools and auto-uploading

Blogs, Videos and Twitter integration

One of Redgage's promoted features in auto-uploading, where you can link a blog or your youtube account and automatically pull content across. This doesn't work, and has only worked briefly since I started using the site. However, you can upload your videos and blog posts manually, which does allow you to tweak them to better fit Redgage's format. It also lets you add a link back to the source, which the site did not create on the automatic versions.


Sharing links

The most useful part for social networking and backlinks is Redgage's ability to store "bookmarks". Bookmarks are simply links, with a title, tags and a short description added by the user. Redgage will give you a choice of images to use as thumbnails.

They have a good page rank, which means that a link from redgage can boost other content you link to, as well as directing viewers to it. Providing free traffic and a boost for search engines, you can understand why this option is popular among affiliate marketers and article writers.

Redgage - paid social bookmarking
Redgage - paid social bookmarking

A Redgage Profile

Viewing a User's Content

My profile on redgage
If you want to see how it works, here's my profile. As you can see, redgage also lets you link content to your profile, so you can get more links that way.

Payments - Visa Giftcards

Great for the US, not so good elsewhere

This is the downside to Redgage. They only pay out using Visa Giftcards in dollars. While US-based users can use these, they are of limited use outside the states.

Activation online is not possible for some UK addresses, requiring an expensive (more than the card was worth!) phone call to make the card useable. As they do not work in chip-and-pin devices they are useless in most UK shops, and very few sites online will take them.

More Wizzley articles on Redgage

an introduction to me

In Conclusion

Is this site for you?

Redgage, like any site, has a balance of good and bad. The ease of making funds is offset by the difficulties with getting paid if you are outside the US. The ease of uploading links is offset by the broken automatic upload.

However, in my opinion, what it does offer are backlinks, an easy place to catalogue all your content, and a way to upload oddments - leftover images etc. - that will promote your other content.

Using redgage for making money outside the US is difficult. Using it to promote your other content, or aggregate it, on the other hand works very well. So, in conclusion, while I can't endorse Redgage for making money, it is definitely a useful method of promotion.  

Updated: 11/14/2011, tirial
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cmoneyspinner on 09/05/2014

@tirial - Oh! They pay in gift cards. I didn't know that. I never tried to claim the "alleged" money that appears on my profile page. I kind of don't want to give them identifying information about me. They haven't gained my trust. I use it for backlinks.

tirial on 09/04/2014

I have the opposite problem. I've got over $100 in the redgage account and absolutely no way to get it out. (After they displayed user's names and home addresses publicly I don't trust them with mine.) It's still good for backlinks though.

cmoneyspinner on 07/09/2013

Good article about RedGage. I signed up a while back and stopped. I did not like it because it was difficult to pull in images and I didn't like the default RedGage logo showing with my uploads and content. I read in a forum here at Wizzley where RedGage has fixed their system, so I revisited. "We" are not impressed with the so-called improvements. So I will use RG since I already have a profile. But I won't spend a lot of my time up loading. Because even if you're in America, at least for me, there's not a lot of money in it. Good for backlinks though.

Swetank Raj on 02/18/2012

Yes it is definitely a great website to share and earn and i recommend it personally for great success and online income. >>>>>>>my profile link if any help need or for friend request.

bhthanks on 11/13/2011

I use Redgage as well, and I agree with what you wrote. Thank you for this informative and useful information.

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