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Domebo Canyon, Oklahoma is a site of great scientific interest, where a woolly Mammoth hunted by the almost unknown Clovis tribe was discovered with a range of artefacts.

Domebo Canyon, Oklahoma is a site of great scientific interest, where a woolly Mammoth's skeleton was discovered. Unusually, the skeleton showed signs of being hunted by native people, and at Domebo Canyon a range of implements were found, along with the Mammoth they had hunted. The indications were that the Mammoth had been hunted by the Clovis - an almost unknown tribe.

Mammoth kill sites like Domebo are one of the few ways we can investigate this little known tribe.

The Domebo Canyon site

The Mammoth Kill site at Domebo Canyon, Oklahoma

Domebo is a site of great archaeological importance.

It is the location where the remains of a mamoth were found. However, this mammoth had been hunted, killed, and eaten by the native peoples, who had left their spearheads behind.

A people called the Clovis, very little is known about them, making the Domebo site of vital importance to science.

The story of the Domebo site

Domebo Canyon's mammoth

In 1961, an Oklahoma Museum was approached about a set of unusual bones found in a river bed in Domebo Canyon, Caddo County, Oklahoma. Excavations were carried out, and the remains of a mammoth unearthed. This was not that unusual in Oklahoma, except that in this case the remains of the mammoth were found with tools. The remains of hunting weapons belonging to the vanished Clovis people, this was a very important find.

One of the spearheads, found by the vertebrae, was apparently used to kill the animal which confirmed that the Clovis had actively hunted the mammoth. The state of the skeleton suggested it had been butchered, and divided for food which suggests it was not an unknown occurrence.

Carbon dating suggests the mammoth bones were about 11,000 years old, providing a rough period for the Clovis to have been hunting mammoth in the region.

More resources

Books and Resources about Domebo Canyon

More about the Domebo site

Several books and other articles have been written about the Domebo site, which is of interest to anthropologists and naturalists. Unfortunately they are difficult to get hold of, but make worthwhile reading for students of these subjects.

Samples of some of these titles can be found through Google Books:

Others are available on Amazon:

Domebo: A Paleo-Indian Mammoth Kill in the Prairie-Plains.

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