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by cazort

Alex Zorach is a co-founder of Why This Way, and the founder and editor of RateTea. He publishes on Wizzley on a variety of topics.

This page is a mini-bio and also a summary of my work on Wizzley.

In my life, I wear many hats: I am the co-founder of Why This Way, a consensus-based belief system and organization. I also am the founder and editor of RateTea, an interactive tea rating and review website, where anyone can review teas. I also am a birdwatcher and dancer.

This page highlights some of my work on Wizzley as well as on other sites.

A Little About Me - A Mini Bio

Some of my projects and interests, both professional and personal

I'm Alex Zorach.  I like to think of myself as someone who questions things and puts a lot of thought into how I live my life.

I'm very interested in promoting respectful dialogue between people with diverse viewpoints.  I believe that diversity of ideas is important both in reaching truth, and in solving problems.  This philosophy is evident in Why This Way, a group I co-founded in January of 2012, which brings together people with different belief systems to build a consensus-based system of beliefs and practices and an organization to support it.

I'm very interested in food and drink across the board, but particularly in tea.  I am the founder and editor of RateTea, an online community where anyone can rate and review teas, but I'm also very interested in cooking and I love eating out in cheap ethnic restaurants.

Another hobby of mine is birdwatching.  I am an active bird surveyor for eBird, a joint project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society.  I also am an active swing dancer; I dance regularly at Lindy and Blues in Philadelphia, as well as at the University of Delaware's swing club.

Are you interested in tea?

Tea is one of the most common topics I write about online.

Why Wizzley?

With hundreds of self-publishing sites to publish on, why did I choose Wizzley as one?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of self-publishing websites, and I have experimented with quite a few of them.  Wizzley is not the biggest or most extensive of them, so why did I pick this particular one?  I have three compelling reasons:

  • Higher editorial standards - The #1 reason I avoid publishing online on self-publishing sites like article directories is a lack of editorial oversight.  When a site becomes overrun with spam or low-quality pages, the site's reputation and domain authority plummet.  It makes the site look bad.  I was drawn to Wizzley by their higher standards.  These standards are also reflected in a more active, supportive community relative to the site's small size.
  • Well-designed, responsive site - Wizzley is exceptionally well-designed.  The layout is clean and professional looking, the site is easy to use and edit, and the site's features are highly responsive.  Compared to Squidoo, I find it takes me considerably less time to work with articles on Wizzley, and I spend more time writing and less time waiting for modules to save and fidgeting with things.
  • Responsive site admin - Wizzley is much more responsive than most other sites in terms of the site administrator responding to comments, bug reports, and the like.  The site is clearly under oversight, and it shows: I have encountered very few bugs using this site, even though it is quite young, relative to other sites that I have seen have a more persistent problem with bugs.

I still like publishing on other sites too, like Squidoo, but I have become a big fan of Wizzley.

Some Of My Many Blogs

I maintain many blogs, some about tea, some about other topics, some more active than others.

I have a number of blogs, some of which are more active than others.  These include:

Tea Blogs:

  • Teacology - Teacology is a newer blog that, as its name suggests, focuses on the intersection of tea and ecology, which I sometimes present as "Tea, with an ecological flavor."  This blog updates infrequently, but I put great care into posts.
  • Spontaneitea - My newest tea blog, Spontaneitea is a place for casual musings about tea.
  • Alex Zorach's Tea Blog - My old tea blog, quite active for several years, but no longer being actively updated, this blog has hundreds of posts, some of which are quite detailed.  I am leaving it up in the hope that people will continue to find the older posts useful and interesting.

Other Blogs:

  • Cazort on Tumblr - I created this blog mainly to have a presence on Tumblr, a site that I see as having growing importance, especially for a younger demographic.  I occasionally post more casual and spontaneous posts here, on a wide variety of topics, as I feel inspired.
  • Alex Zorach's Blog of World Changing Ideas - This blog focuses on a sort of unorthodox activism.  Each blog post is inspired by a problem or problems I see in the world around me, and I write each post with an eye towards giving constructive courses of action that people reading the post can take with them to help contribute to a solution.  The blog is often political but the political perspective is decisively non-partisan, and I make a great effort to integrate both stereotypically liberal and conservative perspectives, as well as including quite a few ideas that do not fit into either of these boxes.
  • Cazort's Livejournal of Sorcery - My oldest blog, from before the days in which people widely used the word "blog", this journal started out as a personal journal, but nowadays it has become more of a dream journal, which I infrequently update with some of my more amusing dreams, and analyses thereof.

Did you know of any of my blogs already?

Have you ever encountered any of my blogs before reading this page?

Tea Articles, Focusing on High-Quality Loose Tea

Tea is the single topic which I publish most about on Wizzley and other similar sites.
RateTea is a social and community website where anyone can rate and review teas.
All about tea: types of tea, tea companies and places to buy tea, how to select the best tea, etc.
A comparison of Teavana vs. Adagio Teas, comparing price, value, quality, company ethics, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of both companies.
Teas that are naturally low in caffeine, including green tea, black tea, oolong, white tea, and naturally caffeine-free herbal teas.

My YouTube Channel

I have recently started a YouTube channel, which I use to share my ideas about politics, religion, and communication, among other topics.

Plant Articles

I love plants, gardening, nature, and ecology. Here you can read pages on specific plants, with a focus on native plants and ecology.
Plants of the acalypha genus, with a focus on Eastern North America, and a mention of other species.
Erigeron annuus, annual fleabane or Eastern daisy fleabane, a beautiful annual daisly-like flower: growing requirements and cultivation tips.
The blue wood aster, Symphyotrichum cordifolium, a wildflower native to eastern North America: growing info and uses for this plant in gardening and landscaping.
Clasping Venus' looking glass, or Triodanis perfoliata is an annual flower native to Eastern North America with small, distinctive leaves, and a cute purple blossom.

Articles on Other Topics

Other passions of mine include religion, respect, nature, ecology, and systems thinking.
Why This Way is a consensus-based organization and belief system which may or may not be a religion, depending on your definition of religion.
Benefits of rainforests to humans, moderation of climate, temperature, rainfall, and wind, economic value of forests, etc.
Pros and cons of Tumblr as a blogging platform; comparisons to Wordpress, Blogspot, and Other blogging platforms.
How to converse respectfully about religion, how to share your religious beliefs in a respectful way that will help others to feel comfortable.

Other Sites I Publish On

Some of the other sites where you can find my writings include:

  • ratetea on Squidoo - On Squidoo I publish primarily about tea, but occasionally about other topics, under the screenname "ratetea".  It is through Squidoo that I learned of Wizzley.
  • Alex Zorach on EzineArticles - I used to publish more actively on EzineArticles, the leading article directory, but I have not been actively publishing there as much lately.  I have over a hundred articles published there, again primarily about tea.
  • Alex Zorach on Galoor - Galoor is a new article directory based on higher editorial standards; I've only recently begun to publish on the site, but I find it very promising and encourage other people interested in publishing on sites to promote external websites to check it out.  It's a place for people who want tougher standards to keep out spam, and in this respect, it's a lot like Wizzley.

I've experimented with numerous other article directories and self-publishing sites, but these are the only ones that I have continued to have a good experience with, and the only ones I would currently recommend.  I'm always open to new suggestions though if you have any!

Updated: 08/05/2014, cazort
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cazort on 08/14/2013

Thank you! It's funny, I didn't originally see myself as a tea expert but I think through my work on RateTea I have come to learn quite a bit about both tea culture and the tea industry.

jptanabe on 08/14/2013

I didn't realize you were such a tea expert on Squidoo! Nice to know more about you.

cazort on 03/19/2013

Thank you!

katiem2 on 03/19/2013

Great info on just who is Alex Zorach. I recently had to throw my things together and travel the first thing I threw in my bag was two tins of fine organic tea, one oolong and the other green tea. I can't imagine a day without great tea! I'm a fan of both tea and you a very interesting person. :)K

cazort on 02/23/2013

No worries, I always appreciate thoughtful comments! And it's not stalking unless it becomes unwanted! =) I agree about not liking the competitive element on Squidoo...and I don't like how as the site has grown they've kept the cutoffs the same for the WIP limbo, the 100,00 cutoff for lenses disappearing from the primary tag listing, and the tier system for payouts. I will say, I initially switched to Squidoo from HubPages because I thought HubPages was FAR more competitive and even draconian in their system of incentives. But I like how Wizzley does things even better, and I think it shows through in the quality of the site.

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