Aliens and Crop Circles

by jptanabe

Crop Circles - Are they really made by aliens or are they all hoaxes?

Crop circles are another of these mysterious phenomena that intrigue scientists, mystics, and the general public alike because their appearance is unexplained.

Crop circles have been around for a while, but became most popular when a number appeared in England in the 1970s and 1980s. New crop circles have appeared every spring and summer. A crop circle is an area of a field, usually planted with wheat, corn or other such crops, which has been flattened in sections that form patterns when viewed from the air. These patterns are large, complex, precisely made, and generally appear overnight without anyone seeing them being made. This has, quite naturally, led to speculation about their origin being paranormal at least if not alien, made by extraterrestrials visiting us in their UFOs.

Image of Crop Circle near Chartley Manor Farm from Wikimedia Commons.


There are numerous pictures of crop circles from all over the world. True to their name they all involve circles. Some are simple, as in this early examples from England.

The Mowing Devil

A very early picture of a possible crop circle is from a seventeenth century woodcut. The story goes that a farmer was upset with the high price being charged for mowing his field and apparently said he would rather have the devil himself do the job. The next morning he awoke to find his field perfected mowed and there were reports of his field being "all aflame" during the night.

The woodcut shows how the perfect circle was attributed to a supernatural force, represented by the devil with a scythe.

The Mowing-Devil
The Mowing-Devil

Others are more complex, developing from the simple circular form into more complex geometric patterns, but always with astounding precision.

Crop Circles are Huge!

As can be seen from these photos, crop circle designs can be not only complex but also enormous (see those little people!). How, then, could they have been made by human beings, and for what purpose? (Well, a number of people have shown that crop circles can be made by human beings with a few props like some wire, rope, and planks of wood, creating many hoaxes.) But still, were all these amazing circles created as hoaxes?

Crop circle in Switzerland
Crop circle in Switzerland

On Video

Images of crop circles. Gives you a clear idea of just how complex and huge these crop circles can be!

Other mysteries

There are other aspects to crop circles that were not claimed as hoaxes that cannot be explained by this method of production. Scientists claim to have measured electromagnetic energy in or around newly formed crop circles, and the nature of the damage done to the grain also suggests electromagnetic forces at work.

For many, then, some kind of "alien" involvement is indicated, at least in the sense that there is no clear reason for their appearance (apart from hoaxes), and their nature is such that their production involves some form of technology not apparently available to the public.


There are numerous books on crop circles, many of which attempt to connect them to aliens, to government conspiracy, or just debunk them as hoaxes. For some authors, though, the mere existence of crop circles regardless of their origin is sufficient to justify our interest. Some authors present the phenomenon of crop circles as one that can broaden our perspective and appreciation for our world and what it means to be human in the way that any creative art form can inspire us to go beyond boundaries and stimulate our minds to higher and deeper understanding.

Author Freddy Silva lives in Wessex, the four-county area of southern England that has been host to 90 percent of the world's crop circles. In Secrets in the Fields he takes the reader on a firsthand field trip to the scene of the enigma, before, after, and during the appearance of fresh circles. Silva introduces farmers, researchers, scientists, mystics, hoaxers and debunkers in his investigations. He delves into the evidence for crop circles' authenticity. He discusses the role of electromagnetism and its effects, UFO phenomena and their relation to crop circles, the relationship between crop circles and healing, evidence supporting psychic ability, and language's ability to affect information consciously and subconsciously.

More than eight years in the writing, Crop Circles: The Bones of God is unique among books on this modern enigma in that it combines author Michael Glickman's firsthand field encounters with some of the most famous crop-circle formations (such as Alton Barnes 1990 and Silbury Hill 1997, as well as more recent circles) with analyses of the structure and content of those formations. This book is a mix of personal narrative, detailed study, and beautiful illustrations. It also discusses of the role of crop circles in the modern world and their impact on the development of human consciousnes

Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries, by Steve Alexander and Karen Alexander, features over 200 color photographs of crop circles. The authors do not try to determine how they were made or by whom. Rather, they see the mysteries associated with how they came to be as part of their fascination.

Great New Movie

"What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery"

"What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery" is an 81-minute documentary produced and directed by Suzanne Taylor. She visited England, where so many crop circles have appeared, and became acquainted with people who have had deep experiences in relationship to crop circles. These include artists, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, farmers and others - a broad spectrum of people who are united in a common goal of learning about and from this amazing phenomenon of crop circles.

"What on Earth?"
"What on Earth?"

This movie follows Suzanne Taylor's interactions with these people, their visits to crop circles, and their discussions about how their lives have changed as a result of this phenomenon. In particular, she focuses on the need to go beyond the limitations of a materialistic worldview, based on scientific understandings that are clearly incomplete, and open ourselves to new horizons that may allow us to come together as humankind and solve our common problems.

In Art

Despite numerous investigations by a variety of scientists, some of whom have found unexplained electromagnetic and other phenomena in the vicinity of recently appeared crop circles, and equally great efforts by those seeking to debunk them as hoaxes, there is no consensus on their origin. Still, for many, their existence is enough to stimulate our awareness of dimensions of life beyond the mere physical. Crop circles may indeed be made by alien beings from other worlds, or simply by forces that as of today are "alien" to us but will one day be understood. Either way, they are great examples of creativity using, but not confined by, the laws of geometry. So, let's enjoy them!

More about Crop Circles

There are many many websites that discuss the phenomenon of crop circles. Here are some of the better ones.

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jptanabe on 04/19/2016

Frank says it all perfectly as usual! Yes, the hoaxers make it difficult to get a grasp on the reality, and there seem to be aspects of the phenomenon still requiring explanation.

frankbeswick on 04/19/2016

Hoaxers obstruct genuine science. But pretence copies reality, so while there are hoaxes there are genuine cases that require explanation. Here is the debunkers' error, their mindset prevent them from recognizing unknown truths when they encounter them. My own belief is that crop circles are a natural phenomenon with no supernatural, paranormal or religious components. To me the best explanation is that they are produced by vortices of swirling wind, but this explanation is at best partial, as we still need to explain the ways in which some ears of corn in crop circles show signs of being heated. No hoaxer has come up with a way to replicate this unexplained phenomenon.

jptanabe on 04/19/2016

Indeed, who knows! That's part of the fascination.

blackspanielgallery on 04/18/2016

I have heard of crop circles, and things like this are fascinating. I suspect most are intentional, others may be attributed to wind patterns but who knows?

Mira on 11/10/2015

Nice article! Given the capabilities that some humans have, I can totally imagine that they were done by some individuals among us rather than aliens. And not with mechanical tools. :D

CarleyClagg on 11/10/2015

Very intriguing. Things like this make you wonder how much we actually know.

jptanabe on 11/10/2015

Yes, I've seen an article about the farmer in the 17th century who thought the devil cut the oats in his field, in a perfect circle. I have to find that image and add it to the article. Thanks for the reminder!

frankbeswick on 11/10/2015

Crop circles were known in the seventeenth century.

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