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It’s time you fully explore the Fire phone technology and experience its wonders first hand.

Amazon has launched its new product, precisely Amazon Fire Phone. This phone is a point of departure in the smart phone technology with its various credible features. Along with its 32 GB storage capacity, it has brought 3D features on board. This will enable the users to have a drastically different and amazing smartphone experience. Its interface is quite different from your usual smart phones. Although it somehow resembles that of the kindle fire tablets, yet it has employed a few completely unique tactics, in its combination of hardware and software, which makes it stand out among its contemporaries. This smart phone is made all the more special by its deployment of various remarkable features out which the most notable one is its dynamic perspective. Owing to this fact calling it a point of departure in the smart phone technology wouldn’t be that much of an overstatement as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rightly called it as analogous to moving from flat work to artwork with a geometric perspective; which initiated in the 14th century. Following are some of the features of this Fire Phone which single it out among the rest of the smart phones.

Dynamic Perspective

Its dynamic feature enables you to enter into an entirely new world, one that you haven’t traversed before. You can tilt auto-scroll, swivel or peek to navigate in ways you haven’t ever done before with any other smart phone. Navigation of menus and accession of shortcuts with one hand is now not a novelty owing to Amazon fire phone. It exposes you to immersive apps and games. You can look around in all dimensions, as if you were actually there, looking all around, while playing the game. Moreover you can get into the shoes of any character and move your head to look around corners or other obstacles. Furthermore you just have to tilt, swivel and peek and doors of useful information will be opened for you. Tilting will enable you to explore panels. Left panel is for the navigation of menus while right is for the accession of useful information.

Swiveling will equip you with the power to access important notifications while peeking will help you unclutter your display. Another remarkable feature covered by its dynamic perspective is auto scrolling which helps you read books or scan web pages without having to touch the screen.

FireFly Technology

Firefly comes with a multitude of amazing functions. It has the ability of identifying printed text and thus can make calls, send emails, save contacts and visit websites without you taking the trouble of typing long and tiresome addresses. The most remarkable feature which would especially send all the youngsters reeling is its dynamic capacity to recognize almost 240,000 movies and TV episodes and 160 live TV channels. What else can you want but hey, it does offer more as well. It employs X-ray powered by IMDb to illustrate the information pertaining to actors, plot details and related content. It comes with good news for all the music lovers out there as well. It recognizes songs as well so that the artist’s information gets within your reach.

Moreover it not only plays related songs and downloads albums directly to your very smart smartphone, rather you can even come up with radio stations on your own based on any identified artist, aided by Fire-fly enabled apps such as iHeartradio and StubHub. Interestingly it brings almost 70 million products at your doorstep. It not only makes the accession of their details an easy task but also enables you to either add them on your wish list or order from Amazon.

Fire Camera Technology

For all the photography lovers out there, Amazon’s Fire phone is your perfect calling as it features a 13 MP camera with optical image stabilization. Its aperture is five-element wide with an f/2.0 lens promising a beautiful resolution of any image that you capture. Its optical image stabilization results in captivating shots even when the light is dim. The next best thing about it is its entrancing 1080p video. The Camera is always in action even when the screen is off, fire phone’s dedicated camera button will launch it in an instant. No matter how many pictures you take, you will never run out of storage capacity as its offers you unlimited cloud storage. Not only can you save a multitude of pictures but Fire phone also backs them up. The three amazing features offered by its camera are the panorama shots, lenticular and burst captures. Its smart technology automatically figures out when to bring High Dynamic Range (HDR) into use.

Amazon Fire Camera Technology
Amazon Fire Camera Technology

MayDay Feature

The next amazing feature that would sweep its users off their feet is Mayday. Are you wondering what Mayday is. Mayday is Amazon’s award –winning, heart-warming customer service and Fire phone is the only smart phone which can place a claim on it. All you have to do is simply hit the Mayday button on your phone and then sit back and avail the opportunity of seeking solutions for any problems which you have encountered as Amazon’s tech experts appear on the screen and guide you through. You will be able to see them although this won’t be reciprocated, i.e. they wouldn’t be able to see you. Mayday is now not merely confined to Wi-Fi; rather you can make use of it over the AT&T cellular network as well.

Android Apps & Games

The Fire phone comes with a tumult of Android apps and tools. A multitude of Android apps can be downloaded from the Amazon app store. Furthermore immersive apps and games super added by their dynamic perspective are there to captivate your interest. Its much more enhanced Home carousel makes its use all the more appealing. Its performance is powerful and uncompromising, strengthened by its dynamic perspective sensor, uncompromised battery life, fluid graphics and much more. Dolby Digital plus and Tangle-free premium headset make the audio experience an exceptional and amazing one. Moreover it offers the best way to access all Amazon products and features with the inclusion of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Fire OS 3.5.0

Amazon’s Fire phone comes with its customized OS which offers a multitude of features to make the Fire phone experience an exceptional one. These features include Android, cloud services, built-in media libraries, a customized user interface, productivity apps and much more. It enables you to work from where ever you are, as it offers a potent Outlook experience. Just tilt or tap and you can work on the go owing to the amazing Fire OS of Amazon’s Fire phone. It further enables you to switch between various apps and arrange all your apps and media into organized folders. However its accessibility features stand out the most. Screen Reader, Explore by touch and Screen Magnifier aid blind or people suffering from some visual disorders to benefit from this technology too.

Personalize Your Fire Phone

The Accessories provided with the Fire phone help you to personalize your phone as per your wish. Slim protective cases especially designed by Amazon not only add style but also protect your phones. These cases are available in a wide array of colors ranging from dull to bold, so that each customer can personalize his/her phone exactly as they like.

Updated: 06/20/2014, Tehreem
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