Guardians of Galaxy Party Supplies & Ideas

by Tehreem

We brought you Guardians of the Galaxy party ideas and supplies to give a new twist your child's upcoming birthday

Guardians of the Galaxy has grown in popularity that recently hit our cinemas and was such a blast with most teenagers and young kids; everyone knows about Drak the Destroyer and Goot and how together they combined forces to beat all the supreme evil in the world- what most people don't know however is that we recently decided to incorporate the same glitter and lavish colors and background to a set of luncheon napkins, dinner plates and a whole lot more which will prove your own or your kids' party to be set ablaze with loud colors, a vivid background or even be sure to thrill teenagers who may want to rebel in a safe manner via the use of the original and very cool tattoos that we've got which feature all the major Guardians of the Galaxy characters and which we are sure will delight all fans.

Guardians of Galaxy Party Invitations

For starters we’ve got a great pack of Guardians of the Galaxy invites just for you! They feature all the major Guardians and make them look as dark, intricate and fearsome as always! These invites feature a fun greeting inside that can be customized for birthdays, weddings, parties and all manner of events- the Guardians on all the invites differ and at only $3 a piece these invites are a cheap and yet very retro way of ensuring that everyone turns up at the party!

Guardians of Galaxy Party Supplies

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Pack:

The first epic Guardians of the Galaxy party pack that we’ve got for you, is this Guardians of the Galaxy party pack which includes lunch plate napkins, plates which feature the malicious Drax the Destroyer and the evil Rocker and Goot- alongside the more righteous Spaceship and in one brown and glitter sprinkled dark blue background ensure that your kid can have their favorite Galaxy fighters all on one plate or even a napkin and you can be certain that your kid will certainly have one of the best parties on the planet!

Guardians of the Galaxy 9" Square Plates: 

The second thrilling Guardians of the Galaxy party pack that we’ve got just for you is this Guardians of the Galaxy Dinner Plate 8-Count. This 8-plate count features Drak the Destroyer and a host of other people who from the popular cartoon series who will be sure to light up a darkened room or dinner party with their flashing colored background and razor sharp tasers!


Guardians of Galaxy Cake & Cupcake Supplies

Guardians of The Galaxy DecoSet:

Another fantastic Guardians of the Galaxy decorative piece we offer you would be this Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Decoset. It comes with an intricate Drak the Destroyer and Goot centre piece that will look gorgeous set atop a pretty little cupcake or even a simple cake; now even a simple, elegant cheescake can be made to look more glamorous with this Decoset that looks dark, slightly scary but will still prove to be a marvelous addition to your next day out with friends!

Guardans of the Galaxy Unite Cupcake Rings:

These are some fantabulous looking cupcake rings that come in any size and variety and are perfect for either setting atop a scrumptious cupcake that will be sure to titillate your tastebuds and even look pretty on top of a precious little cupcake! These cupcake rings feature all the major Guardians of the Galaxy characters; be it Drak the Destroyer to Goot, these cupcake rings are dark, intense and will be certain to put an extra charm and twist to absolutely any cupcakes or biscuits even if it is just for an ordinary occasion!

Guardians of the Galaxy Edible Cupcake Topper: 

This is one of the best and most detailed looking Guardians of the Galaxy cupcake or cookie topper which comes in the form of a frosted dark blue or black background with Drak the Destroyer and Goot fighting alongside against the forces of evil! The topper itself is entirely edible as it is made of the most yummy colored sugar and will be sure to be devoured by otherwise dubious little kids who may love the cookie or cake itself but may still be too shy to celebrate unless if something more enticing is added to this mix!

Guardians of Galaxy Party Favors

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Tattoos:

This is one incredible party favor pack that comes with the deal of 90 Guardians of the Galaxy stickers and 75 very awesome Guardians of the Galaxy tattoos which are perfect for pre teens who may want to experiment with tattoos but may not be allowed to do so! These tattoos are based on a very cool and retro Guardians of the Galaxy theme, which will definitely light up your kid’s face with the best smile ever!

Guardians of the Galaxy Favor Stickers:

Lastly, we have these flighty and very spirited Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Stickers; the stickers feature the Guardians raccoons fighting with their guns and other weapons straight into the air and killing all their targeted victims. The Raccons look vicious and fearsome and will prove to be a great addition as a treat that you can add to your child’s party pack; we’re certain that this is one party then that will be sure to thrill and entice even the most doubtful of all party guests!

Updated: 09/02/2014, Tehreem
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