Hunger Games Party Ideas

by Janet21

Hunger Games party supplies and ideas for your next celebration. Happy Hunger Games!

My daughter had a Hunger Games party for her birthday. You will find all of our party planning details as well as many photos from her party on this page.

Some of the Hunger Games party supplies featured on this page include Hunger Games cupcakes, personalized Hershey chocolate party favors, silver parachute decorations, DIY mockingjay dinner plates, Hunger Games inspired candy and more.

We also reenated the Hunger Games for a fun party activity including the Reaping, Ceremony, Training and Arena Games. The kids had a blast!

Welcome to Alysa's 74th Annual Hunger Games!

May The Odds Forever be in Your Favor
Hunger Games Party
Hunger Games Party

Hunger Games Party Invitations

Personalized, Print At Home Invites

hunger games invitationsI purchased the Hunger Games invitations pictured here for my daughter's birthday party.

There were many different invitation designs to choose from and my daughter liked the invites pictured here the best.

These are print at home invitations and since we were a bit late in getting them out, these were the perfect option.

Hunger Games Invitations


Hunger Games Cupcakes

Embellished with Hunger Games toppers and wrappers

I made cupcakes for my daughter's birthday party.  The cupcakes were vanilla with chocolate frosting.  I added a small amount of black icing paste to the frosting to darken it. 

The paper cupcake toppers were made using Hunger Games bottle cap images (there is a link below where you can purchase Hunger Games images) matted on orange and black cardstock.  Toothpicks were attached to the finished toppers.  If you have never made paper cupcake toppers before, please visit my Cupcake Topper  page for instructions and supplies. 

The cupcakes were then embellished with Hunger Games cupcake wrappers.   The cupcake wrappers featured the Hunger Games logo plus all of the main characters including Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Rue, Cato, Effie, Haymitch and Cinna.

I placed the cupcakes on a 9" x 13" cake board covered with flames duct tape.


Hunger Games Cupcakes

Hunger Games Cupcakes
Hunger Games Cupcakes

Flames Duct Tape

Duck Brand 1407669 1.88-Inch by 10-Yard Duck Tape, Flames

I used this flames duct tape to cover the cake board.

Only $19.99

Hunger Games Parachutes

Parachutes embellished with medicine, chicken broth and bread!

hunger games party suppliesI made silver parachutes to hang over the cake table. 

I purchased a light weight silver fabric at my local craft supply store.  Other supplies used included silver balloons and white string. 

  • Cut a hexagon shape out of the silver fabric
  • Punch holes on the outer edge of the fabric trying to make the holes the same distance apart
  • Tie string in each hole
  • Place a sliver balloon inside the parachute
  • Snip a hole in the top center of the parachute and pull the balloon end through (you will use the balloon top to hang the parachute)
  • Tie all of the strings together at the bottom
  • Click here for more information on how to make a parachute

We added a bagel, bread, medicine and chicken broth to our parachutes to go with the Hunger Games theme.   The parachutes were hung on the ceiling using fishing line.  Since fishing line is practically invisible, the parachutes appeared to be suspended in the air.

Other party decorations included Hunger Games movie posters and orange, red, yellow and black balloons.

Silver Fabric for the Parachutes and Fire Balloons

$8.09  $5.0
Mayflower Balloons 10511 11 Inch Red ...
Only $11.99

Hunger Games Cake and Party Favor Table

Hunger Games Cake and Favor Table
Hunger Games Cake and Favor Table

Hunger Games Poster Decorations

The Hunger Games Movie Poster 24"x36"

Decorate your home or office with high quality posters. (24x36) The Hunger Games Teaser Official Movie Poster is that perfect piece that matches your style, interests, and budget.

Only $6.99

Hunger Games Party Favors

Hershey chocolate bars and cupcakes

hunger games party favorsOur Hunger Games party favors included Hershey chocolate bars and cupcakes.

The Hershey chocolate bars were wrapped with a personalized Hunger Games candy wrapper.    The candy wrapper matched the design of our party invitations.

I then purchased a box of Hostess cupcakes and attached a Mellark Bakery label to each cupcake using black curling ribbon.

Hunger Games Party Table

Flames fabric table cover ~ Orange & Black flowers ~ Leaves ~ Hunger Games Inspired Treats
Hunger Games Party Table
Hunger Games Party Table

Hunger Games Party Table Decorations

Hunger Games Inspired Treats ~ DIY Mockingjay Plates ~ Flames Tablecover ~ Flowers/Leaves

The party table was covered in a solid black tablecover.  I then added flames fabric as a fun party accent.   The fabric I used for my daughter's party is no longer available.  I have included a similar flames fabric below that would also work nicely with the party theme. 

The table centerpiece was black roses and orange/red flowers that resembled flames.  The flowers were placed in a simple black vase and surrounded by leaves to give the feel of the arena woods.  Other table decorations included Hunger Games inspired candy and treats and Mockingjay dinner plates. 

Hunger Games Flames Fabric

This fabric would make a great addition to your party table.
Flames orange red black Timeless Treasures fabric

100% cotton fabric

Only $10.99

DIY Hunger Games Party Plates

Create your own Mockingjay party plates.

hunger games party suppliesI created Hunger Games mockingjay plates for the party.

These plates were so simple to assemble and they looked fabulous on the party table!

I purchased a pack of square plastic plates and embellished them with an image of the mockingjay.

I found a mockingjay image on the Internet and played around with the size until it fit the bottom of the plate nicely.  Then I added a dab of hot glue to each corner of the image and attached it to the bottom of the plate.  Another option would be to use Mod Podge to apply the image.

Square Plates and Mod Podge for your DIY Hunger Games Party Plates

Square Plastic Dinner Plates, Clear 9...
Only $7.99
Mod Podge CS11302 Original 16-Ounce G...
Only $6.98

Hunger Games Party Treats

Nightlock Berries ~ Girl on Fire ~ Coal Mining

hunger games partyI decorated the party table with Hunger Games inspired candy and cookies.

The treats included Red Hots candy for The Girl on Fire, Oreo cookie pieces for Coal and Blackberry Gumdrops for Nightlock Berries.

* I removed the cream from the Oreo cookies and then broke the cookies into pieces to resemble coal.

I created cards for each treat which were embellished with an image of the mockingjay.

Candy and Cookies for your Hunger Games Treats

Raspberry Gummi Candy (just use the blue candies), Red Hots & Oreo Cookies
Haribo Gummi Candy, Raspberries, 5-Pound Bag

Haribo Raspberries look and taste like real raspberries. These red and black treats are a favorite of adults and children alike. The chewy gummy centers are covered in sweet non...

Only $40.0
Ferrara Pan Red Hots 25 Cent (Pack of 24)

These delicious Red Hots from Ferrara Pan are a classic! Display box has 24 - 1oz. pre-priced boxes at .25¢ each.

$11.75  $11.63
Nabisco Oreo Cookies-America Favorite Cookie, 3 lb 4.5 oz. Box

Chocolate sandwich cookies in eight stay fresh packs.

$27.95  $3.99

Hunger Games Party Activity

hunger games partyFor my daughter's birthday party, we reenacted the Hunger Games including the Reaping, Ceremony, Tribute Training, Interviews with Caesar and the Arena Games.

My Hunger Games Party  page features all of the details and photos from our Hunger Games.  Some of the ideas you will find on this page include:

  • Reaping Ceremony
  • Opening Games Ceremony
  • Tribute Training Activities
  • Interview Questions for the Tributes
  • Hunger Games Tribute Backpack Ideas
  • How To Play the Arena Games

My Daughter's Birthday Party Attire and Party Music

District 12 Shirt and Knee Socks ~ Songs from District 12
The Hunger Games - Tribute Spray Juni...The Hunger Games: Songs From District...
$19.92  $14.99
Hunger Games District 12 Socks Capita...

My Katniss ~ The Birthday Girl

Hunger Games party attire
Hunger Games party attire
Hunger Games Party Decoration
Hunger Games Party Decoration

Hunger Games Room Decor and School Supplies

Hunger Games Wall Clock
Hunger Games Wall Clock
Hunger Games Backpack
Hunger Games Backpack
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Janet21 on 09/07/2014

Soph, I don't think the invitations are available on Etsy anymore, but there is a nice selection on Ebay. I have added the links to this page.

Soph on 08/21/2014

Hi! Just wondering what you typed in on Etsy to find the print out invitations.. I can't seem to find them on there!

Janet21 on 06/05/2014

@Daniel, The cupcake wrappers are no longer available on Etsy, but I found this link.
Hope this helps!

Daniel Williams on 06/05/2014

Hey having a hunger games Birthday party really need cupcake wrapers some one please help!

angelique on 03/15/2014

i am going to have a hunger games party in april do u have any ideas on the party.

Janet21 on 12/04/2012

Have a great party, Lily!

Lily DeCosta on 12/04/2012

I love the hunger games its the best, I,m so glad you got these ideas for me to be able to use it for my party because in amonth and its going to be easyu for me now because you have fast easy ways to make its afun easy thing and I also added things of my own . My friends are excited and its my turn to be Katniss. Im actually like her,I hunt and have agold pure gold pin.

Janet21 on 11/13/2012

@Nadia; It looks like the Hunger Games cupcake wrappers are available again. You can find them here:". The Mockingjay cupcake rings are featured on this page. Hope this helps. Have a great party! :)

Zoe on 11/06/2012

I simply love hungry games, the movie is to die for

JoHarrington on 09/24/2012

I love what you did with the parachutes there!

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