Best Sewing Machines for Kids

by Tehreem

These are uniquely designed sewing machines which will definitely appeal to your kids and help restore an ancient but very useful art!

Tradition is no longer something that we uphold these days; that’ certainly a fact that’s been proven by how we willingly prefer to eat pre-made meals simply by heating them in the microwave instead of taking the trouble and love to prepare a fresh and hearty meal for our families. In the same way, our kids also don’t really seem to be interested in many of the crafts that our grandmothers for instance taught us; take embroidery or cooking or the proper preparation of a lovely, swirly gown. Recently however, with a surge in the trend for a modern uptake to help revive tradition, we’ve thought of ways to interest your little ones in the art of sewing. Sure it may not be something many kids would like to do unless if they planned on going in the fashion industry, however our retro take on these elegant and yet tech savvy sewing machines will be sure to melt the hearts of all your little ones!

Be it a red and white Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine that allows your little one to easily sit and whir away, via the use of the handy foot pedal that gives little ones added height to the more funky Brother XL sew advance machine that allows you to put in up to 25 stitches as well as the luxury of a free arm for when you’re tired and need to continue working, we got something here for every little girl who is interested in arts and crafts.

Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

The first fantastic looking sewing machine that we’ve got for your little kiddie would be this Janome Sewing Machine. Bearing a reasonably shaped and very pleasing Hello Kitty on one side, as well as HELLO KITTY written on the front in blue and red, this is a very classic and elegantly crafted Hello Kitty sewing machine. Little girls will be lured in by the enticing and helpful red and white buttons that will help put in 22 stitches! As well as the extra high presser foot lift that is perfect for little ones to be able to get closer and see as they stitch their own consummately designed first dress!

Brother XL2600I Sew Machine

Another sewing machine that we’ve got just for your little one, is convenient to use. It is accompanied by an accessory storage that is built into a free arm, that allows your maximum rest and minimal work when you’ve been working too long at the machine! Furthermore, the machine allows you to stitch in upto 25 stitches and is a good way for beginners to give their designing skills a go in a safe and practical manner! It also serves as a plus point to have a handy light bulb for when the light goes out and you need to continue working with this added in little light bulb! And with the bonus features of thread cutters and a needle threader sewing has surely never been this easy or time saving!

Hello Kitty Stitching Machine

An incredibly beautiful and stylish sewing machine is this Janome 11706 sewing machine; it comes in a cool turquoise shade that looks just perfect for sewing activities on a balmy summer’s day; furthermore it also presents multiple artistic and domestic possibilities with it’s heavy duty sewing capability that allows you to be able to stitch and work for hours on end, to the fact that it is indeed portable and can simply be put away in your bag for when you would like it to accompany you to different places!

Thunder Portable Sewing Machine

This is yet another sewing beauty that we’ve got for you- it comes in a lovely, dark and sophisticated shade of purple with tiny light blue buttons on both ends. What makes this machine stand out and will prove to be a relieving joy to small arms when they begin to ache from working too long is that this machine has two positions; both left and right and can easily be switched over anytime either the right or left side stops working!. The free arm capacity ensures that you can freely and comfortably work with this machine without getting over tired- even if there’s a last minute event for which you have to get your dress ready!

Janome Sewing Machine

Next in line would be this marvelous red Hello Kitty Sewing Machine! It appears in the shape of a vibrantly hued sewing machine in a bright shade of red with black and white buttons on the side, and a pert little Hello Kitty hiding on the side of the machine!. Although this machine looks tiny, it is still infinitely capable of some serious heavy duty sewing work due to it’s internal aluminium frame that allows it to work for longer hours as well. Added to this is the fact that it comes with an adjustable stitch length as well as left and center needle positions which allow you to work with ease on the clock, and voila! You have one of our perfect examples of a sewing machine yet.

Hello Kitty Computerized Sewing Machine

Even as Hello Kitty sewing machines seem to be the order of the day, we’ d still like you to note how unique and amazing all our offers are as yet! This particular Hello kitty sewing machine for instance, comes in a lovely red and white design that is prettily embossed with an image of Miss Hello Kitty holding three red apples. There’s more than just style to this sewing machine!

Note the computerized time slot on the front of the sewing machine as well as the start/ stop button and the speed control slider that allows you to set the speed limit as to how fast or slow you’d like your sewing machine to whirr! Compounding this would be yet another interesting little fact; this sewing machine allows over 50 stitches and possesses a free arm that makes sewing when you’re worn out and in need of a break much easier!

Stitch Sewing Machine

Last but not least, we have this super elegantly designed Janome Sewing Machine that comes in the form of a dainty little sewing machine in white with a blood red side to complement it; this machine is wonderful for tiny beginners and allows them to work them tirelessly and effortlessly with their hands and enables sewing to become one of the most enjoyable moments of their day with it’s easy to put in stitches!

Updated: 08/01/2015, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/12/2014

I love the fact that they created smaller sewing machines for kids. I see the purple one is $70. Not cheap, but fine if you're a parent and buy it for a talented kid at Christmas. Pinning the more colorful ones onto my gifts for kids boards.

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