Amethyst February Birthstone Jewelry

by fitzcharming

If you were born in February you may feel like royalty. Rightly so because your birthstone is the amethyst, favorite gemstone of Royalty and Clergy since ancient times.

Deep purple amethyst jewelry is found in the thrones and crowns of kings, queens, and crowned heads everywhere. The amethyst gemstone was a favorite of Russia's Catherine The Great. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were entombed with amethyst stones. Since the times of the Old Testament religious figures have adorned themselves with amethysts. Moses called the stones a "symbol of the spirit of God". Cardinals and Bishops wear amethyst religious jewelry. So if you feel a little majestic at times go ahead and flaunt it with a beautiful piece of amethyst jewelry for your birth month.

Amethyst Legend And Lore

Intaille en améthysteThe ancient Greek legend of how Dionysus, god of wine and intoxication, explains why the amethyst was believed to guard against drunkenness. According to the legend there was a young maiden named Amethyst who was en route to visit a goddess named Diana. On the way Dionysus captured her and called for two tigers to eat her while he watched and drank wine. Hearing this Diana used her magic to turn Amethyst into a crystal quartz statue so she couldn't be eaten. Dionysus wept tears of wine upon her, staining her purple.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Physical Properties of Amethyst

  • Amethyst is a form of quartz crystal that obtains the purple color from manganese and iron.
  • Amethyst measures a hardness of 7 on the Moh's scale, making it suitable for any type of jewelry.
  • Stones are found in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep purple, with the darker stones being more valuable.
  • Extreme heat will cause an amethyst to turn lighter therefore it is recommended to guard against very hot temperatures.

"The February born shall find
Sincerity and peace of mind,
Freedom from passion and from care,
If they, the amethyst will wear."
~ Author Unknown - Published by Tiffany Jewelry Company 1870

Amethyst Gemstone Mystical Properties

  • Amethysts are believed to guard against nightmares when placed under a pillow.
  • The gems are thought to be a remedy for addiction or alcoholism.
  • They are symbolic of a strong friendship bond.

Where On Earth Do You Find An Amethyst?

Mining Opportunities

Most amethyst mines are in South America. The amethysts found there are typically the largest, however there are also many mines in Africa and the African amethysts are a deeper purple. These gemstones are also found in Canada, Mexico, and Madagascar, among other places.

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What Is Your Birthstone Jewel?

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fitzcharming on 12/04/2014

Oh thanks for commenting about that. Improving intelligence....I should be in the market for amethyst jewelry.

Always-Writing on 11/29/2014

By trade, I am a jeweler, and one other thing that amethyst is supposed to do - is improve intelligence, and quicken memory. Despite the fact that I have handled thousands of amethysts, and set quite a few in some of the jewelry we have sold - I have not noticed those benefits "kicking in". I do wonder where that supposition came from, as we see no evidence of its veracity!

fitzcharming on 08/19/2014

My birthstone is Topaz and there are so many varieties. Most I don't care for. Amethyst stones are beautiful. Thanks Telesto.

Telesto on 08/19/2014

I'm opal, but I almost always wear amethyst - in Feng Shui, t's one of the stones that's supposed to be good for people with my Kua number

fitzcharming on 07/10/2013

Thanks MaggiePowell. I've done research on pearls before but I think I'll have to do something on moonstones since you mentioned it.

MaggiePowell on 07/10/2013

I'm june, so it's moonstones (which I adore) and pearls (which I like), but I love stones with color, especially garnets or rubies (but amethysts are in the top 5)

fitzcharming on 07/09/2013

I knew that kimbesa :-) Thanks for stopping by.

fitzcharming on 07/09/2013

Ruby is beautiful too. I am a topaz girl (nowadays its citrine). And my favorite color is yellow. Thanks for visiting Digby_Adams.

kimbesa on 07/09/2013

My favorite stone, amethyst!

Digby_Adams on 07/09/2013

I'm a July baby, so I love the reddest ruby possible. I don't care if it clashes with my hair or not! These are beautiful pieces of jewelry. The color is stunning.

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