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I've been a quilter for over 30 years and love making quilts both by hand and by machine. Some of my quilts are for snuggling on a cool night, and some are made for display.

As you're working on your masterpiece quilt, you'll need to decide whether you're going to use it or display it. Or both. Once the final stitches are in place will you use it on the bed you sleep in each night, display it on a guest room bed, hang it on a wall, or drape it over a quilt rack? I've done each and my favorite quilts are the ones that I cover up with at night. But I also have a few quilts that are too special for everyday use. If you're trying to decide where your finished quilt will be displayed, this site features several choices and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Display Your Quilts On A Rack Or On A Wall

Quilt Racks Can Be Purchased in Wood Or Metal And In A Variety Of Styles

If You're Handy With Woodworking You Can Make Your Own

A quilt rack is a beautiful piece of furniture that has that you can drape your treasured bed sized quilts over. It’s a very traditional look and coordinates best with traditional decor. Typically a quilt rack has space to display several quilts, allowing it to function as a storage piece if you have more than one quilt to show off. They can be very decorative or quite plain, depending on your decor. If you want the quilts to be the center of attention, naturally you’ll want to stick with a simple design for your quilt rack. Quilt racks can be an accent for a bedroom or living area, or can be used in a bathroom for towels when not showcasing your quilts.

One disadvantage is that a quilt rack will take up floor space so if you need the area for something else, you’ll want to explore other options. A quilt ladder can be used in a corner space. It’s an easy way to display a quilt in an unused area of your room.

Wallhanging Quilts Can Be Displayed Using A Quilt Shelf

Or se Decorative Shelves With Quilt Display Clamps

One of my favorite ways to display a quilt is on a wall.  For a large quilt you will need a large blank wall space but smaller wall hanging quilts are more versatile. Either way there are a few different ways to attach a quilt to a wall without damage. 

A quilt shelf is a decorative way to display a quilt along a wall. Usually the shelf with either come with a hanging rod or a clamp mechanism to hold the quilt. Both are centered underneath a shelf so your quilt is kept safe and you’ve got some space above it for other decor. Advantages of quilt shelves are that they don’t take up precious floor space in your home, and they accent your home as wall art. Disadvantages are that they are usually for smaller quilts. You can find them custom made for bed sized quilts, however you’ll need a large wall space.

Do You Keep Your Quilts For Display Only Or Use Them Daily?

How do you treat a quilt once you're finished with the stitiching?

Use Quilt Clamps For A Simple Way To Hang Your Quilts

Let The Focus Be On The Quilt Not The Hanger

Quilt clamps are a way to hang a quilt with minimal fuss and show. They are discreet, leaving the quilt as the centerpiece of the display. Available in several sizes, they are simple to hang on nails will gently clamp onto the edge of your quilt or hanging with a rounded curve of wood. They don’t damage the quilt at all. These are great for contemporary decor as they come in laquered colors as well as wooden designs.

Use Cute Quilt Clips For Kids Rooms

Display A Childs Quilt As Artwork

There are some adorable quilt clips available to hang children’s quilts on a wall. Use them for quilts up to 42″ wide. They are simple to use as they clip the quilt like a clothespin and are made of wood or plastic. These are so cute and fun.

Updated: 10/07/2014, fitzcharming
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