An Affiliate Program with some fun attached as well as practicality.

by Ralpapajan

Primarily I want to sell my books. In addition I have also become an affiliate with several product sites. My ambition is to get to Belize to do my experiments to help the locals.

The Utilikilt ~ a Real Man's fashion statement

This is the latest Affiliate Program I have joined with the final goal of setting up my Online Business.

My fascination with the kilt started when I discovered that my family moved to Scotland some several hundred years ago before settling in the English Midland county of Leicestershire. Naturally, I searched for a tartan that we could wear legitimately but there was none. So then I started to look at designing and registering my own tartan but never finished the process.  

A short while ago a Facebook friend from Italy posted the details of this site and a long list of posts, mostly humorous, about the kilt and what men wear under it ensued.  So I investigated them. To my amazement I discovered that the company that makes them has been operating in America for over eleven years, having been founded in April 2000.  That it is based in Seattle in Washington, USA and has cutomers and supporters all over the world. It has several different styles in a myriad of colours. Prices range from US$200.00 to US$750.00. In addition,the company supplies a range of Accessories such as Belts, Mugs and Rest Room signs.

I spent some time in Belize where, during winter the temperature rarely dropped below 30° Celsius.  (86°F) and the humidty was very high.  At that time I had decided that when I returned I would take with me a sarong. Now I have decided that the kilt is the answer.

What then is the history of men wearing kilt like clothing? If you do your research on this you will find quite a few references to "Days of old when Knights were bold," and wuite a few references to many men who wore kilt like apparel, especially when waging war.

Have a look at the photos attached below.  Then have a look at the site I have linked into.  If you decide to join then what you do is click on the "Evangelist" program you will find on the right hand side of the Home page.  I have absolutely no idea how much commission you get.  I do not know if it is a Multi Level Marketing system ~ I suspect it isn't ~ but hey, isn't it another string to any marketing bow? 

I am busy designing a Wix.Com site for all my Affliliate connections and this will be one of them.  

(Oh, by the way, girls.  It is not mandatory for a male kilt wearer to wear nowt under his kilt. Just thought I would let you know this!)

The Utilikilts Web Page

Where you will find all the details about the Utilikilt

The Utilikilts Web Page and Online store
Here you may find out what the Kilts look like. What Kilts and Accessories are available. Make a purchase and join the Evangelist program. Look on the right hand side.

Some Kilts over the Centuries.

Examples of Real Men who wore kilts and other kilt-like apparel.
A Scottish Kilt
A Scottish Kilt
The Greeks wore a kilt like battle dress.
The Greeks wore a kilt like battle dr...
A Roman Toga
A Roman Toga
A Knight Templar
A Knight Templar
Pragmatic Witness
A modern kilt
A modern kilt
Another Utilikilt
Another Utilikilt
The Blackbeard Belt available from Utilikilts
The Blackbeard Belt available from Ut...
A group of Indonesians wearing sarongs
A group of Indonesians wearing sarongs
A Unisex Restroom Sign ~ a sign of the future?
A Unisex Restroom Sign ~ a sign of th...
Men's Restroom Sign.
Men's Restroom Sign.
Updated: 06/07/2011, Ralpapajan
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puzzlemaker on 07/12/2011

I like the idea of men wearing kilts, but I've never seen any out and about town etc. I think I saw a photo once of a wedding party with men in kilts. It's different and memorable.

Ralpapajan on 07/08/2011

No. I like the idea but don't have the courage.

sheilamarie on 07/08/2011

I've noticed more men wearing kilts these days. Is this a sign of global warming?

Guest on 06/17/2011

Kilts or skirts are a lot more practical than

BarbRad on 06/07/2011

i have a bit of Scottish blood, but I've never thought much about the kilt -- just always associated it with those who play bagpipes. Interesting pictures. Is that you in the "modern kilt" picture? I can't tell because the face isn't real clear.

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