An Antique Barbers Chair will Add Vintage Charm to Your Game Room

by Digby_Adams

Antique barber chairs and used barber stations bring us back to a friendlier time when men spent time talking and laughing while they waited for a haircut and shave.

Of course if you're a modern day hair stylist or barber, you'll easily find a place to incorporate an antique barber's chair into your salon. But what about the rest of us? Well, you'll be able to place an antique barbers chair into your home decor with just a bit of thought and creativity. All you have to do is think about where the men congregate in your home. Granted this space will have to be a pretty good size room to accommodate more than one or two vintage barber chairs. But the worn leather and metal is made for your pool room or home bar. I guarantee that men will spend hours hanging out in this space. Include whiskey and cigars and they might never leave!

You can choose to group several antique barbers chairs together or you can hunt down some vintage waiting chairs where guys used to sit and wait for their haircuts. From the game room or a unique library corner to read the Sunday newspaper, these magnificent antique chairs will create a warm and masculine space.

Find the Perfect Single Antique Barbers Chair

Late 1890s Koken Barber Chair
Late 1890s Koken Barber Chair

I've seen Koken barber chairs on sale that date back as far as the 1890s. When you look at the price of a restored antique Koken barber chair, you might be taken by surprise. But I ask you to shop for high quality barroom chairs and tables and then the price might not seem too great.

Please look closely at the metal details of a Koken barber chair. I just love the metal work on the footstool. Often earlier Kokens will have magnificent clawed feet. The metal joints where the chair reclines are often beautifully tooled as well. Don't be surprised if the antique barbers chair that you're considering also has beautiful wood sides. The upholstery will probably be leather.

You'll have to decide for yourself whether you want a fully restored vintage barber chair or one that is showing a little age.

Koken Barber Chairs

The most popular vintage barber chairs

Find a Vintage Barber Chair and Companion Chairs for a Wonderful Seating Arrangement

Barber Shop Chair With Matching Waiting Room Chairs
Barber Shop Chair With Matching Waiting Room Chairs
1910 Kochs Barber Chair
1910 Kochs Barber Chair

20th Century barber chairs became simpler in design. You can see this by comparing the 1890 Koken barber chair to the 1920 Theodore Kochs barber chair shown to the right. Yes the metal grill work on the footrest is still there. But you'll not that the barber chair design is more streamlined and is missing the wood detail. But it still has the same rich leather in the seat and the back.

When you're looking at buying an antique barber chair first pay attention to the overall look of the chair and determine if it will complement your home decor. Be sure to check the upholstery for its overall condition. Looking for scratches, tears, and punctures.

Antique barber chairs should move though and you'll want to know how smoothly the one you're considering flows through its motions. Does it turn from side to side, move up and down. Does the head rest and back rest slide backwards gracefully.

While Koken and Kochs are definitely the two major used barber shop chair manufacturers, you'll find that others are available as well - Hercules, Belmont, Paidar, or Hudson.

Kochs Vintage Barber Chair

Barber Chair and Shop Accessories

In additional to the barber chair itself, you'll also be surprised at the number of accessories that will help fill out your barber shop decor. One of my favorites is the barber shop child seat. While you might not want to put it in the chair if you're intending to sit in it, It'll be a great place for a child to sit.

Updated: 07/11/2014, Digby_Adams
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