An introductory guide to the Beard Brush

by BeardManEmpporium

An introduction to a vital part of male facial hair grooming - The Beard Brush. How to use it and take care of it.

It takes much effort to successfully take care of your beard, as it is the toughest part of the body to manage. Human beard is vulnerable to dust, oils, particles in the atmosphere, and several other toxic contaminants. There are certain tools, which can enhance your look and give your face million dollar charm.


Beard brush gained massive popularity during 18th century in England. Kent was the first company to produce it in enormous scale, and their products is still popular today. Initially, products were developed using wood, oval and boar hair. Wood was the primary material for making handles, while some of the civilians also considered bone, ivory or acrylic. 

Reasons for Brushing Beard

In this busy world, the task may appear complete waste of time. Facial hair has strong chances of breaking or getting completely dried out. Your primary purpose should be to hydrate the facial hair, and protect it from harsh climatic conditions.

Secondly, you will equally distribute oil on your face and beard, thus avoiding pimples and skin infection. Additionally, the hair becomes smooth, and it attracts the attention of visitors. There are very few people across the globe, who take care of their beard, so imagine the attention you will be generating.

Certainly there are women who have strong fascination for facial hair therefore, keeping a smooth and shining beard will help you to attract single’s attention. 

Besides this article you can learn a lot more about beard maintenance here:


Marx Approves of Beard Brushes
Marx Approves of Beard Brushes

Duration for Brushing

There is no golden rule, which specifies the duration of brushing your beard. If you carry it small, and are not affected by harsh climatic conditions, then you can do it every 2-3 days. Alternatively, if you carry long beard; you need to brush it daily. This will make it smooth and attracting. However, if you are overdoing the task; you will find damaging results. 

Brushing like Head Hair

This is purely dependent on the individual. Your primary focus should be to reduce any chances of irritation. Initially, you should try with reduced facial hair and see if you can manage them. This would give you experience and proper tips for caring them. The best time for brushing your beard is when you have completed your shower in the morning. Alternatively, if you do your shower during night time, then you need to apply hot water on your face or dehydrate it using dryer. This will smoothen up your beard and help you to achieve maximum benefits of brushing. 

Caring for Beard Brush

This is very simple comparing to the task I have described above. You just need to make a combination of water and hair shampoo, and wash the brush thoroughly. Additionally, cover the brush bristles with a clean towel and let it dry overnight.

Lastly, if you want to stand different among the crowd; you need to have this tool. The cost is nominal, and you would be generating a lot of charm for you. 

Updated: 11/29/2014, BeardManEmpporium
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