Mustaches Are Back In Style And This Is How You Keep One

by BeardManEmpporium

This article discusses the best methods for maintaining and growing a great mustache.

Particularly with the help of events like Movember the mustache has made a come back. Its like a long forgotten ghost that has suddenly come back to life. There has been no sign of mustaches for many decades now with other facial hair styles getting entirety of the spotlight. This is a trend particularly prevalent amongst western countries while you may find that mustaches have still maintained a strong foothold in the middle east.

With this in mind its hard to deny that a well groomed and maintained mustache has gotten back much of its appeal and it might be a good time to try on a pair of whiskers for yourself. Its time to bring the mustache back with style.

Mustache Grooming Essentials

Now, if you really want a Mustache that announces your arrival before you even come in the room you are going to need to prepare yourself. There are a number of tools that are absolutely necessary.

  • Trimming Scissors
  • Comb
  • Mustache Wax
  • Beard Oil

Don't make the mistake of using an old pair of dull scissors. If you are really serious about the well being of your mustache you are going to need a pair of trimming scissors. The wrong tool for the job is likely to leave your mustache full of kinks. In the meantime you can pretty much use any comb you have lying around that has fine enough teeth as you do need precision.

Do You Think Mustaches Are Cool Again?

Mustache Wax

Now, provided that you do not want a mustache as exquisite as that belonging to Franz Ferdinand you can avoid using mustache Wax. Especially if you are only in it for Movember. However if you want to stand out from the crowd it is your mustache wax that is going to help you do that.

There are many different types of mustache wax with different scents and viscosity. It may take some browsing for you to find the right one but the selection at Beard Man Emporium is pretty good.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil's are all the rage now day's. Great beards don't just grow themselves, They need to be grown and nurtured. One of the best way's to make sure your facial hair is well looked after is beard oil. Good beard oil will moisturize and condition your face while restoring the natural oils belonging to your facial hair. Regular use improves the look and feel of your beard overall. You can learn more about beard oil here What is Beard Oil?


Nietzsche could do with some mustache trimmingNow its time to get down to business.

  • Trimming the Edges

Whenever you see your mustache growing out of hand bring it back into check by trimming the edges lightly. Also, run your comb slowly through your mustache looking for uneven hairs, and snip them into equal length on the outside of the comb for a fine finish. Make sure to check your mustache for stray hairs and take care of them. (Maybe Nietzsche would have been less lonely with a pair of Trimmers )

  • Maintenance and Styling

As with your beard you want your mustache to smell good and be as soft as possible. beard oil takes care of this. Your mustache will thank you for it. You have to take time as you rub your beard oil into the mustache. Be gentle and massage the oil into your skin to make sure it penetrates and is absorbed by the hair follicles.

Next comes the application of mustache wax. You can apply your mustache wax to achieve a wide variety of different looks. Some people like to heat up their mustache wax prior to application in order to make it more malleable but its not really necessary unless your mustache wax is really thick.

For normal application you need to just scrape some of the wax between you fingers. Rub it between your fingers to warm it up and then work it into your mustache. Take your time with this and make sure you cover every thread.

Once you have worked the wax into your mustache its time to shape your mustache. Now there are many different styles and you can get quite creative with the task. Your imagination is really the limiting factor here.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Updated: 11/15/2014, BeardManEmpporium
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Mira on 11/16/2014

This was a fun read :)

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