Angry Birds Game Online

by girlgames

Did you know you can play Angry Birds on your smartphone as well as your computer online? Angry Birds is the latest and craziest online game to aim and destroy the evil green pigs.

The Gameplay

Angry Birds Game OnlineAngry birds is a game written initially for iphone, where players use a slingshot to launch some aggressive birds towords pigs positioned on or inside physics structures, with the objective of with wrecking many of the pigs around the playfield. While players progress in the game, fresh birds show up, along with unique capabilities that may be triggered by the player. Rovio Mobile has published several versions of Angry Birds including a few free revisions which are making the Angry Birds one of the most popular games.

The Birds

Angry Birds CatalogThere are various kinds of birds included in the game. From the very first levels, the essential red bird is the only accessible. While the player progress in the online game, additional types of birds are available; some of these birds are definitely more efficient in specific conditions: they have exclusive skills which are triggered by the player during the game.  

As mentioned, each type of bird has different skill that should be used in different scenarios: Yellow birds can be accelerated an they can penetrate several wooden blocks; blue birds can be splited to produce more damage in 3 separate areas. White birds are dropping eggs to hit targets protected by deep depressions; exploding black birds and boomerang green birds to reach back cavities.

The Story

Angry Birds is backed by funny story ...

Angry Birds Levels


Each level in angry bird game online begins using a number of birds that can be launched in a predefined order. When all of the pigs are beaten, the level will be finished and also the subsequent level will be revealed. Points usually are obtained per pig beaten, as well as for the devastation constructions. Extra reward points are granted for the rest of the birds which has not been used.

Gameplay Preview

You can see here how the game looks like and to hear the nice soundtrack.

Angry Birds Is Funny

Funny GraphicsThe angry birds games include graphics that are meant graphics to amuse the player. The reason is that it includes various colors and characters drawn in a funny cartoonish style. For example, the background of game gets the picture of the wilderness. Furthermore, each different level includes a distinctive appearance that continues to discover far more. The players enjoy experiencing shifting in one level to a new one; it can be perfect to see that there are extra points won during the level play or when it's ending. The increasingly difficulty of the levels will offer more satisfaction to the players as they advance into the game. Sounds and music play a very important role in the fun game economy. 

The Peace Treaty

A historic moment for birds and pigs everywhere.
Updated: 08/12/2011, girlgames
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Jo_Murphy on 01/13/2014

Great run down on the game

Darcie on 08/22/2011

This angry birds game looks like a lot of fun!

mivvy on 08/15/2011

They are lovely and look so angry. I did not know about this game, seems to be nice.

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