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Difference games also known as spot the differences games are actually puzzle games. In them two versions of the same pictures are given and the player has to spot the differences.


Difference Games also known as Spot The Difference or Photo Hunt games are actually puzzle games. In them two versions of the same pictures are given. These are placed side by side in order to judge them properly and quite comfortably. You then have to spot the difference between the two images. It is so much fun and recreation to play such difference games. Normally, the picture placed on the left side is original one and the other is changed to create some difference. But such difference is very minute which need your full concentration. In some games, the game providers can even give you some hints which are quite helpful. 

How to Play Difference Games

When you find the difference in the two pictures, you can either note them or you can encircle them or online by simple clicking them. You can find them in the newspaper, different games books, television as well as in your cell phone.  Such difference games are also easily available on the internet.  Playing online is more enjoyable thing. Anyone can enjoy playing these games especially the girls.

Tips and Tricks

Trick in the game is to first see the image you are considering being original. Fix your eyes fully onto that image and then cross your eyes to the other alternate image. You can easily find out the difference between the two pictures. Some of the online difference games are as follow.

A tale of super natural ISIS

It is quite amazing game in which a young lady discovers things about her self.  She finds that she possesses a quality of speaking with the dead ones. You have to find out the difference on the images they show.  


Again this game presents two pictures and you need to search the differences and achieve levels. You get scores for each correct difference. 

7 Deadly Trees

There are debauchery living on the trees, you need to search them and spot the differences.

eDepth Angel

In this game you have to search for the difference in web comic.

Juathuur: Gatecrash

This game is about a woman and you have to search for difference in pictures.

The Pumpkin House

You will be provided the pumpkin house in two different version and you have to spot the difference. On finding wrong differences your score 5 will be deduced.

Similarly various different genres have been available online. These are very much easy to play. Such games can increase your mind prospect and you become able to look beyond the scope. These are especially beneficial for the girls.

Updated: 11/11/2011, girlgames
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Cromborman on 12/03/2011

These games are relly great as they improve our observation skills. My favorite game is called Child of a Witch 2. Thanks for sharing these ones too. I will definitely check them out.

Jimmy Sorensen on 09/27/2011

I love such games. I always find magazines and newspapers to play this games and now I play it online. Thanks for sharing the article. :)

barbarab on 09/03/2011

our kids loved these games,especially if we would play too!!

sheilamarie on 09/02/2011

I always loved these games in Highlights for Children magazine.

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