Angry Birds School Supplies

by Marie

Give your kids school equipment which they'll adore with Angry Birds School Supplies. From backpacks to lunch bags, pencil cases and pens, get some cool Angry Birds kit for school.

If you know a child who loves Angry Birds, why not gift them some super cool Angry Birds School Supplies like this fun Red Bird School Backpack which is soft and makes a plush pet too.

There are lots of school supplies with an Angry Birds theme that you can buy. Many of them like pens and pencils are very inexpensive. Kids like to fit-in and feel popular so they want to sway towards current trends in games, music and movies. Let's take a look and see what school stuff would be ideal to get.

Angry Birds at School

An Angry Birds Pencil Case is a great idea if you just need a stocking stuffer or an inexpensive gift. This makes an easy present for your own or someone else's child - and I love the fact that you can then personalize it even further by filling the pencil case with new pens, pencils, pencil toppers, erasers, small rulers and sharpeners.

There are even a selection of Angry Bird pens further down the page which would work well with the cases as a neat little gift.

I think the Angry Birds Pencil Case selection is super cute and will help to get kids interested in getting their pens out and getting on with their school work! They will definitely be the envy of their friends with such cool cases.

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Small School Supplies

Small but essential pieces of school kit - the pens and pencils! These make perfect little stocking stuffers, gifts for party bag favors or accessories to go along with a new Angry Birds pencil case.

To younger kids, it's the pens and pencils which they seem to Ooh and Aah over. Little kids love to show off any unusual pencils, pens and erasers that they have. My little girl loves to be given new pens and pencils which she will swap with her friends at school. Pencils and pens are great little items to swap with each other or to pass on as small gifts.

I love, love, love those slingshot design ball-pointed pens which really capture the essence of the Angry Bird games - which are all about flinging those birds! How fun. They are in blue ink and you get 4 in a pack which is ideal if you need to split them up and give them out for small party favors, stocking stuffers or little Christmas gifts and birthday pressies to other school children.

The 5 piece Angry Birds pen and pencil set is also neat and contains 1 Pen, 1 Mechanical Pencil, 1 Eraser, 1 Ruler and 1 Pack of Pencil Leads. This is also great as a little stocking stuffer. You can normally get those sets in different colors, so make sure to look out for that on the product page.

Fun Slingshot Angry Birds Pens make great stocking stuffers
Fun Slingshot Angry Birds Pens make great stocking stuffers
Image is from Amazon and Shown on this Page

Angry Birds School Bags

If you're going all-out on an Angry Birds School Supplies theme, you can get hold of a whole host of the bird bags - small plush backpacks, larger backpacks, messenger bags and even large tote bags which are better for shopping than school.

Younger children tend to like the little backpacks because it's easy for them to carry on their way to school. My young daughter, who's coming up to age 5, even manages to carry her backpack without complaint on our long walk to school every morning.

The small, plush Angry Bird Backpacks are so cute for little kids who can't carry large bags very well themselves. My little girl uses her backpack to carry her plastic lunch box. Her school issue her with a large book bag which holds a large, regular sized cardboard folder for homework and her reading books.

Slightly older kids will probably think that Messenger bags are better and cooler-looking. These have an adjustable shoulder strap so the bag can be slung across the body. I see lots of older kids age 8 plus who wear messenger style bags on their bikes.

Whatever Angry Birds bag you get, do check out the product dimensions to see if it will carry what you want it to.

The great thing about shopping with Amazon is how good they are at accepting returns (you may have to pay a nominal postage fee if the item being returned is not faulty) if you receive something and it isn't quite right. That way you can see for yourself if the bag is suitable before making your mind up. I've bought loads of shoes for my daughter this way.

Angry Birds for Lunch?

Here in the UK, I get away with packing my daughter's plastic lunch box into a normal little backpack. We don't get extremes of weather here and it's rarely hot so her lunch doesn't need to be kept cool!

You might need an insulated lunch tote bag which will help to keep the packed lunch cool and fresh. You can also pop in a plastic ice block to help keep the lunch cool.

Angry Birds Lunch Bag

Angry Birds Insulated Lunch Bag
$14.99  $5.49
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Marie on 12/03/2011

I like to make niches of at least 5-10 articles on a theme because I find they work better for me. There are lots of ways to tackle a subject and I get many ideas just by browsing on Amazon.

Jimmie on 12/03/2011

Just when I think you've exhausted every possible slant to Angry Birds, you come up with another one. And another one!

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