Animal Slippers for Women

by Marie

Fancy slipping your tired feet into some fun, fuzzy or plush Animal Slippers at the end of a long day? Animal Slippers for Women will help warm your cold feet and give you a smile.

Plush or Fuzzy Animal Slippers for Women like these cute Lady Bug Slippers are a colorful and fun way to keep your feet warm and cozy this winter! These snuggly, fuzzy slippers are cute, novelty footwear.

My favorites are animal slippers because these have a whole lot of personality. They make great gifts too because you can gift someone their favorite animal to pop on their feet.

Cosy, Comfy and Fun Feet

The bright red Lady Bug slippers are super cute for tootsies and they would be great for Christmas or Valentine's day when red's the color to be in! Try matching them with pajamas with red and white heart pajamas or little ladybug pajamas and some bright red nail polish on your toe nails. If yellow is your thing, how about these sweet bumble bee fuzzy slippers? Perfect for busy bees and to have some sunshine cheer in the middle of winter. Yellow fuzzy slippers are a great choice for Easter and springtime. I love the idea of matching slippers to the time of year!

Fuzzy Insect Slippers Bees and LadyBugs

Barnyard Farm Animals

Love barnyard or farm animals? There is a whole range of plush, fuzzy farm animal slippers which will have you quacking, moo-ing, oinking, baa-ing and bleating in delight. My daughter's favorite joke is: 'Is that duck silly? No, he's quackers!' She loves ducks because we have lots living nearby and they are wonderfully tame creatures. She'd love these fuzzy duck slippers - shame they're in a adult size. I love the duck's bill on these and the way it makes up the front of the slipper.

The sweet pale pink pig slippers are more my thing because I love pink pigs. These remind me of 'Babe' the pig who wanted to be a sheepdog. Love that story because it helps to highlight just how smart pigs really are. For someone who loves pink, these would be even sweeter slippers. Are you moo-ved by the cow slippers? These come in a soft cream shade with some chocolate brown. I like the fact that these guys have big smiles on their faces.

Put some spring into your step with some Jolly Mah Sheep Slippers - not shown. These look as fluffy as white cotton wool clouds on a bright sunny day and will keep your feet baaa-utifully warm and cosy. The fuzzy sheep slippers truly look like the best thing for taking care of cold thing.

Warm Feet = Happy Feet

My Mom would adore these froggie slippers. Know anyone who loves frogs, Kermit the Frog or the color green even. These would be a fun and practical, novelty gift. The frog slippers have been rated with the highest reviews by thrilled customers. One customer bought her fuzzy frog slippers after seeing Snooki wearing them on Jersey Shore. So could be a great gift for Snooki fans too!

Are you a bit wild at heart? Can you be fierce and fast like a tiger? Some bright orange, white and black fuzzy tiger slippers may be just the thing for safari or jungle lovers. Many fuzzy slippers enclose your feet completely, which is great as it keeps you snug but the downside is that they take longer to get on and off. The tiger slippers just slip-on to your feet, so are perfect if you like to constantly put your slippers on and off.

I'm not sure what the long pink bootie slippers are meant to be. A pig? Look more like a pink, fluffy yeti monster to me! I'll call 'em the cute pink monster slippers. These ones will keep the bottom of your legs cozy, you can tuck in your PJ bottoms and ensure there are no annoying cold spots. For the maximum warming effect, these are the ones to beat!

Neutral Color Slippers

Getting some fun, fuzzy slippers doesn't mean you have to go for bright colors and wacky themes - here's some soft, neutral shades which are equally as fun but don't draw quite so much attention to themselves. These are more for closet party animals!

First up is the caramel bear slipper. Oh my he is so cute and cuddly - if only bears really were this huggable in real life. I love this guy's face and his big, soft brown nose. Is he hunting for honey like Pooh bear? I'm thinking how cool these bear slippers would look in a home that's been decked out with lots of cream and off-white shades.

What about Mr. Hedgehog? Check out his pointy nose which he uses to hunt for his food. Apparently hedghogs sniff constantly and they can even smell food which has been hidden underground. And I can promise that this hedgehog is totally smooth.

Ooh La La! A perfect pink French Poodle. Just slip your little pinkies into these deliciously sweet pet poodle slippers for a bit of added sophistication.

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 02/05/2012

Ha, yes I bet the grandkids would love that! My daughter loves it when I wear funny things. Thanks Brenda.

BrendaReeves on 02/04/2012

What fun slippers. My grandkids would get a kick out of grandma wearing a pair of those. I've got to Wizz them.

Marie on 02/04/2012

Thank you, Katie :)

katiem2 on 02/03/2012

Awesome and so fun and comfy. LOVE IT!

Marie on 12/17/2011

The ducks are my daughter's favorite seeing as we have a lot that live nearby. Thanks for stopping by, Sheila.

sheilamarie on 12/16/2011

These slippers are really fun! I love them all, but I think the ducks are my favorite.

Marie on 12/16/2011

Yes you do need to be careful in novelty slippers - especially if they are very large and clunky. They're more for fun and snugness aren't they. Thanks for visiting, Ethel :)

ethelsmith on 12/15/2011

Great fun. I had some dog ones a while ago but they were not very safe. I used to trip in them. They were cozy though

Marie on 12/13/2011

Yes, they're fun and cosy! Thanks for your visit.

Holistic_Health on 12/13/2011

They look cute and comfortable.

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