Anti Valentines Day Gifts

by Natasha

If your friend is single or recently heart broken, you can cheer him/her up with these Anti-Valentines day gifts. You can even buy one for yourself.

Valentine's Day is good for people in relationships or married couples but many people who are single or recently separated from their ex might feel isolated on this day.  But they need not be, they can too enjoy this day with their single friends, either by throwing an anti-valentines day party or going out for a zombie movie.

But no matter how you decide to celebrate (Anti) Valentines day, make sure you buy some Anti Valentines day gifts for your friends to make this day more special.  Listed below are some of the popular choices in Anti Valentines day gifts.

T-shirts are undoubtedly the most popular of Anti Valentines day gift, mainly because that the moment you wear it everyone knows you are Anti Valentine.  Zazzle is the best resource if you are looking for Anti-Valentines day t-shirts.  The two featured above(I hate Valentines day and I Poop on Valentines day) are selling like hot cakes for this year.  Alternatively you can click on any of the above product which will directly take you to Zazzle where you can see all your available options. 

Show the world how proud you are on being single and how being single does not stop you from having fun on Valentine's day with this S.A.D (Single Awareness Day) T-shirt or Just ask for your chocolates.  As you can see above both the t-shirts are beautifully designed and you will be tempted to wear even if you are not anti-valentine.  The two featured above are the favorites for this year.

If you are planning to host an Anti-valentines day party or you want a memorable gift for your anti valentines day friends, then these coffee mugs would be the best.  They are reasonable priced plus you have loads of choices to choose from.  Like S.A.D. mug, Valentine Shlamintine mug and Keep out of my heart mug.  

These mugs are very beautiful and are a perfect souvenir.  So if you keep a Anto valentines day party, you can give this mug to them as a return gift.

Now carry your Anti Valentines day spirit everywhere you go.  These Anti valentines day bag are not only beautifully designed but they are strong and reliable as well.  They can hold all the stuff you want and is made of 100% cotton.  

These Anti Valentines day bags comes in numerous designs, the three featured above are the best selling bags for this year.  Though you can always see the full collection by visiting Zazzle via any of the link above.

More Gift Ideas

There are many more gifts you can consider for (Anti) Valentines day.  Some of them are:

  • Anti Valentines day Buttons
  • Anti Valentines Day Cards
  • Anti Valentines Day Magnets
  • Anti Valentines Day Key chains
  • Anti Valentines Day Posters

In the end, I would just like to say that Valentine or Anti-valentine, this day is all about spending time with your friends, family and your loved ones and have fun.  So make sure you make the most of this day.  Enjoy.

Updated: 02/01/2012, Natasha
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Victoria-Tienda bebe on 02/10/2012

Hahahaha love the gifts ideas!!Nice ones. "I poop on valentines day" hahahaha
I think this year i'm going to buy t.shirts for me and my single friends...and we are going to enjoy and celebrate this day together, we don't need nobody else.

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