Antique Carved Gold Mirrors

by Digby_Adams

Create and elegant and sophisticated space with an antique carved gold mirror.

An antique carved gold mirror is the perfect home accent for the space above your fireplace mantle. The warm glow of the fire perfectly warms the gold carved frame. If you prefer place it in your foyer to welcome your guests. The glass reflection with enlarge any space and the impressive carved gold frame will give it a sense of importance. Feed an extravagant mood by placing an antique gold carved mirror in your private bath, to cradle your mood with opulence.

Ornate Gold Carved Antique Mirrors

Opulent Home Decor for Every Budget

I love traditional Italian style that is filled with angels and organic details such as flowers and leaves. The carved wood Italian frame to the right measures six feet in height and would be perfect in an entry way or other vertical space. It's also genuine 14K Gold so the price tag is way beyond many of us. But sometimes I hang out at art galleries and museums and find inspiration for my own home. Then I start looking for something that I can afford that is true to the inspiration.

First of all I just love the soft glow of gold on wood. It warms up every home decor and it makes everything else look better. I also love mirrors in my rooms, because they make the space look bigger. If you position your mirrors and decor carefully, they look like framed pictures. I often place a big vase of flowers or beautiful Japanese Meiji vase opposite a large mirror.

But beyond the overall gold and mirrored reflection, I love ornate style. That's one of the reasons that I love antiques so much! There was a time when artisans made mirrors and chandeliers that were filled with design elements - the more the better. Angels and cherubs were flying everywhere. They always were surrounded by large and exuberant flowers and vines. Just when you think that there couldn't be a way to add any more to a design, there's a geometric border to add even more interest.

Hand-carved antique mirrors have a depth to them that machine-made newer mirrors don't have. Sometimes you can actually see the knife strokes. I always picture the artisan working away when I look at these details.

Gold Carved Wood Italian Mirror
Gold Carved Wood Italian Mirror

Italian Gold Carved Mirrors

Home Decor on Ebay

Vintage Gold Carved Mirrors

Gorgeous Home Accessories
Antique Gold Mirrors Look Great Everywhere!
Antique Gold Mirrors Look Great Every...

Antique Gold Mirrors for Everyroom

Light-filled Home Decor

Take a look to the right and you'll see what I mean when I say that a mirror can act like a picture frame for your prized antiques. See how the mirror reflects the image of the grandfather clock, painting and piano. You could even watch someone play by staring in the mirror. Oh, I love to visit someone's home at the holidays, when they have someone playing Christmas carols on the piano and people can sing along!

You'll find antique gold mirrors in all shapes and sizes. I'd love to have a wall with several on it - placed to create a beautiful pattern. Don't worry about finding matching gold frames. You just have to pick out pieces that you can coordinate. When you shop for antique home accessories, it's almost impossible to find matching sets. Don't worry, you'll learn to trust your instincts. If you like the way items look grouped together, there's a good chance that others will as well.

Although I do love gold gilt hand-carved frames with lots of angels. So I could see placing the angel mirror frames throughout my home. I think the floral frames are perfect in rooms where I like to feature my plants. If you find antique or unusual planters and vases, they really do complement the antique carved mirror frames. I actually visited an ultra-modern home with lots of granite and concrete. The homeowners used ornate wood carved elements to soften the interior design. It was very effective. So you can mix design philosophies as well.

Antique Gold Carved Mirrors

Beautiful Mirrors for Your Home

I do love to shop on ebay for items such as antique gold wood-carved mirrors. I find that the selection there is better than I find in most antique shops or galleries. You can use a seller's Positive Feedback rating and comments to judge how they've treated other buyers. If I have any questions about one of the antiques for sale, I just email the seller. You can also tell a lot by the way they answer. You can also see where an item is shipping from. If I see that an antique is being sold in New England, sometimes I ask if I can pick it up, to save on shipping. I've never had any seller say not to that.

Antique and Vintage Gold Wood-Carved Mirrors

Updated: 12/21/2014, Digby_Adams
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Sheri_Oz on 10/12/2012

These are really spectacular examples. I have an old farmhouse arched window that I bought in Canada over 30 years ago that I put mirrors into and it looks rustic. Yours look elegant.

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