Antworks Space Age Ant Habitat: One of the Coolest Ant Farms Out There

by lostinasia

This modern, futuristic ant farm goes beyond the run of the mill ant habitats. Ants burrow through nutritional gel that is lit from below with an LED light. Educational and cool.

Why Buy an Ant Farm?

Ants are commonly considered a pest, but they can be fascinating pets to have. Ants are pretty amazing, as they are super industrious, excellent team workers, and have great communication skills. In addition they can lift things that are many times their body weight. These incredible insects are great for kids to study and an ant farm is a fun and interesting way to learn about one of the most populous species on the face of the earth.

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Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue
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What is Antworks?

Antworks is a company that makes innovative and unique ant farms and ant habitats that look like art and are educational for kids, teenagers and adults alike. Their products are inspired by a 2003 NASA Space experiment that was meant to study animals in space. One of the aspects of the experiment monitored how ants made tunnels and behaved in microgravity environments, and it is from this study that the Antworks Space Age Ant Habitat was born. The company now makes a range of ant farms and habitats that use the non-toxic, nutritious gel as well as replacement materials.

The Antworks Space Age Ant Habitat

This ant farm is educational and cool to watch. Ants eat and tunnel their way through nutritional gel, which can be lit from below to create a fascinating ant farm. The ant farm also comes with a magnifying glass for up close and personal views of the ants at work. In addition, the ant farms an attractive addition to any room as they look like modern art sculptures. And the best thing is no food or water is required as the gel is actually nutritious and edible for ants. Fun for kids and adults alike.

What is Included With the Antworks Space Age Ant Habitat

This kit is perfect for beginner ant farm colonists as it comes with everything you need to start a thriving ant colony. The kit comes with the clear case and nutritious gel as well as a tunnel starting tool, an LED light up base that changes colors, a magnifying glass, A/C adapter and a booklet that gives educational information about ants and ant behavior. The only thing that is not included is the actual ants, although there is a form that you can fill out to order ants through the mail.

Probably the coolest thing about this ant farm is the LED lighting system. The system lights up in various colors or it can be stopped on your favorite color to illuminate the ant colony in whatever hue you like. There is also an off switch so you can put the ants to sleep or save on electricity when you are not there.

Once the ant farm is set up and ready to go, you can add the ants to the non-toxic gel and away they go. No feeding or watering necessary, as the gel provides everything the ants need to maintain a healthy colony. Watch the fascinating creatures as they tunnel their way through the gel making amazing patterns and paths that look almost like a post-modern painting. Great fun and highly educational for everyone in the family.

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Cool Time Lapse Illuminated Antworks Ant Farm Video

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Rose on 11/27/2013

It looks unusual and fascinating. I'd be too scared about the artwork breaking and letting the ants out though.

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