Apples to Apple: The Macbook of Eden

by AndyGerenraich

Take a byte: How Eve and your laptop are more relevant than your spiritual leader. Extract the truth from the dust of religious dogma.

Take a Byte

How could a crime involving the consumption of knowledge of good and evil have produced such ignorance amongst the perpetrators? The most severe conflicts are intrinsically a disagreement on which is which. What gives?

The biblical account of original sin or temptation is like virus protection. In fact, if you’re a Mac user, you might find it appropriate that you occasionally install “Apple Software Updates.” If Eve is your 15-inch Macbook Pro, then Satan is the window that slithers onto your screen reading, “Knowledge of Good and Evil: Install Now.”

A manufacturer designs a product with a limited life span, but presumably your Macbook of Eden would be immortal. Imagine a laptop that never failed to load, never crashed, and never suffered damage to her motherboard. Hang on a second… Sorry, I just googled a little.

Eve the Supercomputer

Though the purchase a new computer is required, laptops already possess the power of Eden with a swift upload from an external hard drive. What if God didn’t manufacture an immortal Macbook, but rather provided an immortal warrantee? Instead of keeping a single computer for all eternity, He just replaces a faulty machine at no additional cost. No store visits required: Eve the Macbook constructs her own progeny and you’re all set for the next four years or so.

All right, so a lot of the superficial data like your background and screen savers are lost, but the key elements equipping it with the wondrous potential that makes it a Macbook of Eden are restored in the download. 

Our Hard Drives, The Tree of Life

It may not be Eden, but we do live in the Garden of Earth. As we advance in technology (and blog about it), our lives are literally uploaded onto hard drives. Though it may not have been digital, there was always a system saving our progress. Whether it was oral tradition, scripture or café conversation, the most important information was backed-up. Yet, we’re becoming more afraid or suspicious of the external hard drive—“But I really liked my screen saver!”

Frankly, I include religious dogma in this category; it is equally as trivial as screen savers. We need the Internet, the World Wide Web, and global communication; in that respect, it doesn’t matter what your screen saver is. It doesn’t even really matter what computer you use.

Additionally, isn’t it contradictory for religions to provide a moral code of ethics while condemning Eve’s desire to know good and evil?

"Knowledge of Good and Evil: Install Now"

Know Thy Self: Adam and Eve
A chapter on Adam and Eve from a free e-book of esoteric teachings.

Updated: 02/08/2012, AndyGerenraich
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Ralpapajan on 02/23/2012

Interesting and a good read. TYVM

AndyGerenraich on 02/19/2012

Haha I LOVE your comment AJ!

AJ on 02/19/2012

We have 3 computers in this household, all different brands and none of them an Apple - we are yet to embrace the one true brand. Whatever that may be :)

katiem2 on 02/10/2012

I began with apple and to date nothing compares. This took me by surprise and down a philosophical road, I liked it, a nice surprise :) Oh btw, I'm on a Dell lap top now as I type this. I have a few other brands as well, 4 to be exact... lol

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