Conspiracy theories, cults and religions are very similar

by BardofEly

Conspiracy theories, cults and religions are all very similar because they present information that cannot be confirmed and ask you to believe it.

Disinformation and lies
Religions, cults, conspiracy theories, ufology, alternative history and politics even, all share one thing because all of them mix common sense and fact with lies and disinformation. All of them hook you in some way but then ask you to accept various untruths or very dubious material on face value with no evidence. All of them are looking to convert you to a belief system!
Disinformation works by mixing false information with truthful facts and observations. It seeks to get you to accept untruths and lies as truth. Unfortunately if you go looking for the truth you are bound to run into, and very likely get led astray, by this manipulated reality. Not only the mainstream world but the alternative society and counter-culture are full of it!
There are so many untrue statements being made by so many people it is very hard to know what to believe. Bob Dylan sings in Not Dark Yet : "I've been down on the bottom of a world full of lies, I ain't looking for nothing in anyone's eyes..."

Not Dark Yet - Bob Dylan

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Belief systems and thought control

A major religion like Christianity presents good ethical codes for living such as those found in the Ten Commandments. We are all going to probably agree that killing and thieving are not right and so will think that being commanded "Thou shalt not " kill or steal makes good sense. That is all well and good but other parts of the scriptures ask us to believe incredible stories such as that of Noah and his Ark.

It is obvious that there was no possible way that Noah and his family and a pair of every animal on the planet could have lived cooped up in a boat for 40 days and 40 nights. However, believers in the truth of the Bible accept that this fantastic story is the truth and if questioned will say it is "the word of God."

There is little or no historical evidence for many of the main characters in the Bible too so why should we believe in their reality? The answer again is because it is God's word. The book attempts to scare us with threats and dire warnings. The Old Testament is full of statements about what God regarded as an "abomination" and often handed out the death penalty for.

Believers in this religion are encouraged to convert others to their belief which in reality is a mental control system but an incredibly successful one! It is how a meme gets spread. It is information (not necessarily true) that others are told to pass along and often there is a supposed reward or punishment for doing so or failing to. In the case of the Bible we are led to believe we may go to Heaven or get punished by going to Hell.


More mind control

Founders of modern cults mix in logical common sense with very bizarre material we are asked to accept as the truth. In Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard gives a perfectly logical piece of information like "outflow equals inflow" when explaining how to get results from promoting something, and no one can argue with that because it is obvious and can be tested and proven.

L Ron Hubbard and Thomas Moulton

Scientology founder Hubbard

Implant Stations

On Venus and Mars

He can also talk about implant stations on Mars and Venus and interplanetary civilisations such as Helatrobus and Marcab Confederacy, the latter of which he claimed used to rule Earth but now uses it as a prison planet. These are examples of 'Advanced' material and 'Space Opera' in Scientology teachings. With information like this we can only trust what he saying is the truth, not believe him or adopt a sceptical viewpoint. Scientologists choose to believe. Hubbard actually covers himself by saying only to believe what he says "if it is true for you."

Hare Krishna

A Hindu-based sect

The Hare Krishna Temple devotees shun alcohol and drugs, and that makes a lot of sense for health reasons but at the same time they will not eat garlic or onions or mushrooms because they say these foods cause modes of "ignorance" and "passion." Eating plenty of sweet desert foods is OK though even though it is full of white sugar. I once questioned a devotee about this and he told me their spiritual master His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada liked to eat sweet food. So basically that made it all right to eat sugary foods!

Flying Saucers

Alien craft?
Alien craft?


UFOs and aliens

Ufology, the study of unidentified flying objects, starts off with the fact that all around the world for very many years there have been sightings of lights in the sky and of objects that are thought to be spacecraft. The problem is that all photographic evidence for these sightings is usually very debatable.

Not only that but there are no sightings or meetings with aliens that can be verified and are accepted by mainstream science despite thousands of reports by people who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrial visitors and to have seen landed craft.

Crashed Saucers


Ufology feeds easily into the area of conspiracy theory because it is claimed that governments are deliberately covering up the truth about aliens and their craft which have been called flying saucers. All sorts of bizarre claims are made that explain that the craft are from other dimensions, that they can travel through time and space, that they are manufactured on Earth as part of the secret military technology devised by the Nazis and/or back engineered from crashed saucers like the one in the famous Roswell incident. It has been suggested that the craft come from inside this planet and that the Earth is hollow. Whether these claims are true or not it is impossible to say. It is a matter of belief and faith if we accept them.

There are many that claim that alien races have contacted governments here and that secret deals have been made. Many ufologists and conspiracy theorists believe that there are many races of alien beings visiting this planet and that of these a lot of them are in touch with our governments and are known about.


Channeled messages

Then there are all the alien contactees who are people who claim to have been in touch with aliens at various points in their lives, sometimes after being abducted and often by telepathic contact. There is usually very little evidence that can be shown so we are asked to accept whatever a contactee says as the truth on their word alone. There is a tremendous amount of material that is said to have been 'channeled' from ET or alien beings that communicate by telepathy. Much of this material gets passed along as 'truths.' Notable contactees include Billy Meier and Alex Collier, both of who talk about ET civilisations, interplanetary wars, colonisation of planets etc.

Author and researcher Jacques Vallée suggested in his books Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers (1969) and Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults (1979) that perhaps these alien beings were not as it was being claimed anyway even if they did exist. Vallée put forward the idea that they were not so much from other planets but were from other dimensions and that they could not be trusted.

Conspiracy theory

The Hidden Hand

Conspiracy theories and ufology work hand in hand so to speak. Both have the belief that there is a sinister and secretive organisation in control of the Earth. It is referred to as the "Secret Government", the "Shadow Government", the "Hidden Hand" and the "Cabal". It is believed that aliens are at the top of it all and all secret societies and all religions and cults are controlled by those at the top of a pyramid of power. Because it is secretive the public gets denied access to what is really going on.

Chemtrail Hoax: I looked up and saw the Truth - Chemtrails NOT!

Chemtrails or Contrails?

The Reptilians

Alien lizards

Often material that has come from alien abductees and contactees ends up as part of some conspiracy theory and passed along as fact. David Icke is a leading conspiracy theorist and author. Two of his most bizarre claims are that the world is run by shape-shifting alien Reptilians who can appear as humans. These lizard beings are also known as the Draco. The idea is that these aliens hybridised with humans many thousands of years ago and that purest of the bloodlines are maintained in the elite families of Earth. All the royalty and main banking families are are said to be of this nature. US presidents and British prime ministers are said to be pre-selected for their positions because they are from bloodline Reptilian extraction.

Did Icke have direct experience of this strange theory? No, but he got told about it by several different people including author Stewart Swerdlow. They both could have read about the Alpha Draconis Reptilians in the works of Alex Collier. In Collier's work too is the idea that the Moon is actually hollow and was brought here as an immense spacecraft. It is used as a secret headquarters for the Reptilians. Icke is now circulating the idea that the Moon is hollow.

These fantastic theories become accept as beliefs of many people who study the works of an author like David Icke. The YouTube website has hundreds of videos posted about Reptilians and showing famous people said to be shape-shifters.


Geoengineering and weather modification

Chemtrails is another conspiracy theory that has spawned hundreds of videos on YouTube and a growing army of believers who have the belief that the contrails we see across the skies are actually composed of aluminium/aluminum, barium and other pathogens and are part of a secret plan to cull the world's populations as well as being used for weather modification and military purposes. The scientific evidence for this theory is severely lacking but all manner of patents and military documents are held up as evidence, as are reports of aluminium in water and soil samples, which actually could be expected seeing as in the form of aluminium silicate it is clay, one of the most widely distributed substances on the planet. That the authorities and mainstream news is very quiet about the existence of chemtrails is said to be proof of how covert the operation actually is.

Neil Young: Let's Impeach The President

From Living With War


Presidents and Prime Ministers - our world leaders

Very many people no longer trust politicians and this has led to a serious decline in the number voting in elections. This is not surprising though because leading politicians make public statements which are subsequently found to be false. A prime example being when then UK PM Tony Blair was saying that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and that was given as a reason to make war on the nation.

Politicians often make promises when standing for election and then when they get in fail to keep them. The public are tired of hearing political lies.

Singer-songwriter Neil Young made a powerful statement in his song Let's Impeach the President taken from his album Living With War. Here Young was addressing the subject of President Bush's lies about Iraq and its WMDs.

The people of the US and the UK both had their political leaders going on about how Iraq had WMDs and that was justification for invading the country. Bush and Blair were subsequently seen to be lying and British peace campaigner the now late Brian Haw began to call Tony Blair "BLiar."

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And finally

This has just been a short look into the areas in which deception and disinformation affect us all. There are so many lies being told in the world today.

I am sure you too have had to deal with people who have caused problems in your own lives because of their lies and underhand ways.

I personally feel that all this dishonesty is one of the main reasons the world is in such a terrible mess. We have to be constantly asking what is the truth? I will leave you to decide on yours!

Copyright © 2012 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

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BardofEly on 10/06/2013

As I have grown older I have found that I don't feel the same motivation I once had to be looking for the truth seeing as the world is so full of lies and half-truths with making money being the main goal behind most stuff we are presented with or the control of minds or both! I have also discovered that I don't know very much at all for certain and can admit that and it amazes me to see so many people who are so sure about so many aspects of life. Many followers of religions, cults, conspiracy theories etc will tell you what they believe is the truth but often it is only what they have been told and have accepted. That does not make it true. Personally I don't feel any need for studying any doctrines, pursuing any religious pathways or accepting any dogma. I believe in God/Goddess as the source of all life and creation and I see that all around me and it is amazing. It is nature. I feel that there is no need for searching for the truth or listening to any truth as given by a book or speaker/preacher. Getting on with our lives as best we can is all that is needed and this is what all the other animals do and nothing more. In the words of the Bible with regard to everything else: "all is vanity."

frankbeswick on 10/05/2013

Your journey has been long and complex, BardofEly, and you have had much to disillusion you. My opinion is that everyone must find out the truth for themselves, but do so by listening with an open and critical mind to various religious traditions. I have studied all the major religions of the world and read both the Bible and Koran, along with other Scriptures in part, and I have come to realize that truth is always beyond the horizon. As we move towards this Omega point, it enlightens us but recedes, drawing us ever onwards.

BardofEly on 10/05/2013

In that case we have reached an understanding! In my own case I have been through a lot of truth-seeking in religions, cults and other systems for example - former Scientologist, studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses for a year, former Gurdjieff work member, former Friend of Lord Krishna (Hare Krishnas), former conspiracy theorist, past experiencer of I come from the current viewpoint of having sought and found that much of what is presented as fact is not true.

frankbeswick on 10/05/2013

Thanks. I am as critical as you are of people who just believe what their priests/ministers say. I am even more critical of ministers who demand that people agree with what they are told.

BardofEly on 10/05/2013

OK, I can mainly agree with you now. As you know though there are those who say every word of it is the truth and the word of God!

frankbeswick on 10/05/2013

Christian scripture is composed of two anthologies. The Old Testament contains a variety of literary types, ranging from myth, through some accurate history to wisdom literature and prophecy. It is the way in which certain people formulated their religious experiences. I don't always take it literally, but I reflect on it and use it for inspiration.

The New Testament I treat similarly. It is primarily the record of the experiences of people who knew Jesus and reflected on their experiences. It is not totally accurate history, but not totally inaccurate, so it must be read critically but with an open mind.

BardofEly on 10/05/2013

Well there you have explained your reaction. You are a believer. Believers in religions, cults the New Age, ufology and conspiracy theories often react like this. It is not just a matter of what 'leaders' say but what books say. Religious people often believe that what they regard as scriptures are the truth. Do you believe in scriptures and if so why?

frankbeswick on 10/05/2013

I reject your claims of brainwashing, as they are unjust and inaccurate. There are several billion religious people in the world and they have come to their beliefs in a variety of ways.I might also note that the technique of brainwashing was popular with the communists, who were non-religious.

If you think that religious people always believe what their leaders tell them, I suggest that you get to know more of them. Some do believe what they are told, but many can be quite critical. An axiom of philosophy is that all universal statements are falsifiable by one counter example. I am religious and no one can say that I just believe what the pope and priests tell me. There is your counter example.

BardofEly on 10/05/2013

Why is it too much when religion satisfies the same point I am making that all of the subjects listed here are mind control systems which is also what a cult is? The beliefs in UFOs, conspiracy theories etc are all believed as fervently as religions. There is little provable evidence provided but believers accept what they are told/brainwashed with!

frankbeswick on 10/05/2013

You are trying to do too much with this article. Religion is a giant subject that fills whole libraries, so to lump it with other subjects, like UFOS, which also are studies in themselves, does too much

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