Artificial Rock Ideas

by caniwi

Using artificial rock garden accents to dramatically enhance the look of your garden

Great Idea for a Dramatic Gate Sign

Custom made artificial rock sign that are one of a kind.

A really attractive and unique way to make your property stand out in the neighborhood is with the use of an artificial rock sign that is distinctly "yours" and custom made just for you.

These can be purchased in a couple of ways, and the difference is pretty obvious. Each has it;s own merits, but one clearly stands out as the superior style.

Mass Produced

Molded Fiberglass and Cement

These are the type you'd typically find in a Big Box store, and are mass produced, usually very lightweight, and easy on the pocket book. They're sometimes fairly attractive to the eye from a distance, and quite realistic, but on closer inspection it's pretty easy to figure out these were off an assembly line and are far from unique.

Most will be fairly basic in design, and of a fairly similar shape. Being mass produced, it's difficult for them to be "personalized", such as with an owner's name or a house number. 

Custom Built

Hand Carved and One of a Kind

Not so easy on the wallet, but a classic case of "you get what you paid for", custom built and hand carved artificial rock entrance signs are becoming very popular with those that want their place to stand out in the crowd. 

No matter if you're living on a rural property, or residing in the suburbs, these gate signs can be built exactly to your specifications, and literally transform your yard's appearance.

Imagine a large artificial rock sentinel at the beginning of your driveway, complete with your name engraved and maybe your house number.

Being hand carved, all manner of engravings are possible, just like these "fossil bones" on this rock pictured here. It's only limited by your imagination. 

Hand Carved and Beautiful

Personalize as you wish
Hand Carved and Beautiful
Hand Carved and Beautiful

Hand Carved Driftwood

The Possibilities are Endless
Hand Carved Driftwood
Hand Carved Driftwood

Drive Way Lights

Complement your rocks!
Collections Etc Solar Driveway Marker Lights - Set of 2

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Built to Last

Solid & Lasting

Hand carved artificial rock garden accents are usually created by a craftsman who takes obvious pride in their work.

Beginning with a rebar & wire mesh frame, shaped to the basic size of the desired rock, these frames are plastered with layers of a concrete substance, then coloured with different pigments to bring out the desired colour. A good craftsman can emulate all types of rock, from marble to sandstone.

As the layers dry, they're hand carved to achieve just the desired look. At this time including names or a house number is done as well.

Being hollow, but with a solid rebar & metal frame, these rocks are certainly heavier than the mass produced models, and will withstand whatever wind and rain mother nature can throw at them.

Solar Panels and Timers

For attractive night lighting
Solar Lit Driveway Rock
Solar Lit Driveway Rock

A Great Gift Idea

For that special person in your life

What better gift could you give a garden lover than something as unique and distinctive as one of these hand crafted artificial rock driveway signs, so much better than the mass produced rocks from the garden center.

Updated: 04/08/2012, caniwi
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katiem2 on 02/26/2012

I love rocks and adore the ones I see in landscapes around the city. I often wonder how they get such big rocks in places you've mentioned here. Now I know and understand I too can enjoy such life like rocks. Awesome piece. Thanks

BrendaReeves on 02/11/2012

Great article. I went to buy an artificial rock last year and couldn't believe the price.

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