Aurora Master Ocean Wave Light Projector by Abco Tech: Dreamscapes via Ambient Nightlight

by DerdriuMarriner

Abco Tech's ambient nightlight transforms any room into a visual wonderland, amplified by a paradise of sounds via built-in mini speaker or iPod MP3 plug-in.

Abco Tech's Aurora Master lives up to the creative company's promise of "smart tech gear that you'll love!"

The nightlight projects ocean waved-themed patterns onto the ceiling in a cascade of colors, transitioning from blue to green to red to multicolor. Nightlights may be used in any room, from the basement up to the attic. They lighten the darkness and impart so much more.

As with candlelight, nightlights similarly enhance moods by creating ambient atmosphere and softening the contours of a room. Light streaming upward from the nightlight enchants as the opposite of moonlight, sunlight, and starlight, all of which stream downward. Light from the nightlight ricocheting downward from the ceiling dances in shimmering displays, reminiscent of moonlight, starlight, and airy waterfalls.

Abco Tech's Aurora Master creates visual wonderlands that encourage relaxing baths, quietly enjoyable moments, and restful sleep.


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nightlight magic

guitars and nightlights; Olympia, north central Thurston County, west central Washington
guitars and nightlights; Olympia, north central Thurston County, west central Washington

Aurora Master Ocean Wave Light Projector: instant Aurora Borealis via Abco Tech's LED nightlight


Nightlights gentle the darkness with soft lighting that imparts a soothing atmosphere in addition to providing illumination.

  • Their popularity further derives from the range of styles for their casings, from elegant to humorous to rustic.

Nightlights also welcome a variety of settings in a home, shedding light not only in living and sleeping areas but also in the basement or in the attic.

  • Turning on a nightlight no longer solely signifies bedtime.
  • Relaxation magic ensues from a calm bath in a bathroom bathed with gentle lighting.
  • Get-togethers, planned or spontaneous, for casual or formal events, become more special with mood lighting.


Abco Tech's Aurora Master elegantly projects shimmering colors in soothing ocean wave patterns.

  • The spectacular effect is reminiscent of the light show staged so elegantly by nature in the earth's mesmerizing auroras.

Aurora Master also encourages ambient sounds by way of a built-in mini speaker as well as a plug-in for iPod MP3.

  • The harmony of light and sound dazzles and soothes.
  • The calmness of the ensuing relaxed state imparts well-being, emotionally, mentally, physically.

A wonderful feature of Abco Tech's exquisite nightlight is its automatic shutdown after one hour.

  • Especially for those wishing for the immediacy of sleep, the prospect of auto shutdown removes anxiety about turning off equipment.
  • Auto shutdown also serves as an indicator of time for those, for example, seeking to unwind in an hour-long bath or hot-tub session without such unraveling distractions as alarms.


Understandably, Aurora Master has garnered excellent ranking and reviews via online retail giant, Amazon:

  • 4.3 out of 5 stars from 812 customer reviews, of which 5 stars were awarded by almost 545 (= 67 percent) customers;
  • bestseller ranking of #1 in Amazon's Department for Picture Lights & Mini Accent Spotlights.


Abco Tech's Aurora Master is an excellent product that qualifies as a perfect gift:

  • for yourself because practical pamperings improve self-image;
  • for your family because mood nightlights promote relaxation and restfulness;
  • for your friends because it is always fun to share the good finds in life.


Aurora Master Sold by Abco Tech ~ Multicolor Ocean Wave Light Projector

12 LED lights (blue, green, multicolor, red). Auto shutdown after 1 hour. Built-in mini speaker + iPod MP3 plug-in
Abco Tech products



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nightlight magic
guitars and nightlights; Olympia, north central Thurston County, west central Washington: Wonderlane, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr @


the end which is also the beginning
the end which is also the beginning

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DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
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