Australia's Got Talent 2011

by ronpass

Australia's Got Talent is a reality show that showcases Australian talent of any age and genre. The quality of talent unearthed in 2011 is simply mind-blowing

The Finals of Australia's Got Talent 2011

A superb array of talent across multiple performance genres

I watched the first of the series of finals of Australia's Got Talent and was overwhelmed with the quality of the talent on display.   The breadth and depth of talent is hard to believe unless you watch the performances. 

The breadth is reflected in the range of acts - a singer songwriter (Dan Conway), adagio duo (Majestic), 17 year old female vocalist (Bree De Rome), tenor (Danny De Vito), illusionist (Cosentino), impressionist and stand-up comedian (Ben Price), acrobatic comedy dance troupe (Instant Bun), 14 year old vocalist (Jack Vidgen) and impromptu musician (Chooka Parker).

The depth is illustrated by the fact that world class tap dancer, 10 year old Ky Baldwin, did not make the finals cut.  

The three judges were moved to tears, elation and disbelief as they were confronted with performances that were simply astounding.  Two of the judges, Dannii Minogue and Brian McFadden are top recording artists in their own right. 


My Favourite Performer on Australia's Got Talent - Bree De Rome

17 year old female vocalist

Bree is a 17 year old singer, the youngest vocalist at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.  This institute would suggest that Bree is a high brow, classical singer.

However, the reality is that Bree sings 60's songs with a disarming sincerity, unique interpretation and a wonderful, lilting voice.

She has had the AGT audience mesmerized since her first audition where she performed one of her own compositions.  Both the audience and judges have been in tears, gasped and got excited by her unique talent.

The quiet, unassuming Bree has an uncanny ability to take you into her world as she sings with heartfelt emotion and expression.

Bree De Rome - Australia's Got Talent Finalist

Bree sings Burt Bacharach's song, "Anyone Who Had a Heart"

Chooka Parker - another Mozart?

A unique, improptu musician

Chooka Parker, a sheep farmer, has held the AGT audience spell-bound by his ability with the electronic piano.  In his down-to-earth manner, he saunters up to the instrument with his cowboy's hat on and composes music on the spot.  The pace, inflections, simplicity and integrity of what he produces has to be seen to be believed. 

He has no music training, no mobile phone and no TV - he lives simply on the farm with the animals.  Brian McFadden described him as a "prodigy" and a "freak".

One of the other judges, Dannii Minogue, suggested that Chooka might have been born as a reincarnation of Mozart.

The compositions are so unique yet subtle and absorbing, that it is difficult to comprehend the extent of the talent behind these impromptu creations.

Chooka Parker - Impromptu Creations on the Electronic Piano

Jack Vidgen - 14 Year Old Vocalist

Jack's versatility and moving renditions wow the AGT audience

Jack Vidgen wowed the audience when he sang "I Have Nothing" on audition.  He continues to win hearts and minds with his powerful voice and meaningful expression.

Jack Vidgen sings "I Have Nothing"

A top contestant in Australia's Got Talent

Instant Bun - Acrobatic Dance Troupe

Talented acrobatic dancers from around Australia

Instant Bun is a dance troupe with acrobatic skills that defy belief.  What is even more amazing is that the members of the dance troupe come from different cities around Australia.

They have built their dance routines via Skype and only get together a day or two before each performance.  The results are simply stunning.

In the finals, they decided to "up the ante" by incorporating comedy into their act.  They stand a very good chance of winning AGT if they can maintain their creativity and their level of performance.

Instant Bun - Acrobatic Comedy Dance troupe

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nightbear on 07/13/2011

Isn't it wonderful that most of the countries in the world have this talent showcasing show. I thoroughly enjoy America's got Talent. Glad you shared Australia with us too. Such talented people. Wow.

petunia on 07/13/2011

I totally enjoyed each video. What amazing talents! Especially Jack Vidgen. wow!
Wouldn't it be fantastic to have the top 5 from each country in one show?

chefkeem on 07/12/2011

I just experienced the most entertaining 20 minutes I've had in a long time. Thanks for introducing us to these amazing talents, Ron.

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