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A book that is all about authoring your own books that make you rich.

Author and grow rich book review of a great book that shows you how to create your own book in a short space of time than you ever imagined, but this book does require you to focus on the task at hand and throw out all distractions.

Author And Grow Rich Book Review

Grow Your Income After Reading This Book

Authoring has become a lot easier on the Internet now, and there are any opportunities to get a collection of ideas, also called articles published online for free, plus there are ways and special methods on how to write good quality material that could be an online book which is called an ebook and so with the following book by Glen Dietzel Author & Grow Rich - How to write a money making book in only 12 hours you are given the right framework and action oriented tips and writing techniques to make a possible book all by yourself.

As with anything on the world wide web, this book leads into a deep understanding with a view to purchase the mentoring program that guarantees a new york publisher to create a real physical book from your efforts through following this system.

There are 10 chapters in the book and they cover a wide variety of good content:

Chapter One - How to create the mindset of a writer

This chapter examines the fundamentals of why you want to become a writer and actually write a book, examining key issues such as your current skills and preparing your mind for the journey ahead.

Chapter Two - How to turn your book into a smart missile that will reach targeted prospects

This chapter is all about who your are writing for and how it will reach the people you intend to create the valuable content for, this sets things up fo a greater focus on the readers who you want to purchase your book.

Chapter Three - Efficient writing and cutting down your writing time

This is a great chapter on writing tips and how to cut down on the time taken to write content, it starts off with the foundations of writing and some of the secrets of getting more out of your writing.

Chapter Four - Beat Your Competition and really write for what your readers really want to read

A closer study of filling your book with the kinds of content that they really need and want, how to really write closely according to the desires of your target market.

Chapter Five - Writing quality chapter titles to keep your readers interest

Another useful chapter about writing chapter titles that boost your readers to read more, it's the classic knock on effect of readers wanting more of your content.

Chapter Six - Examining the 12 hour writing experience

Tips to help you overcome the daunting prospect of a 12 hour non stop writing process, I like this chapter as the opening first page brings up an exercise that challenges you to write non stop for 5 minutes without editing or even thinking too hard and I was surprised at how good I did with this little challenge, I did close to 350 words and I just explained about what I hope to achieve.

Chapter Seven - Writing warm up for your mind

More about the methods to warm your brain up for the entrepreneurial authoring journey ahead, simple thought provoking lists and exercises to start writing and never stop.

Chapter Eight - Making you book look like a real book

Discover the order and the additional pages you can add to your physical or digital book that will help greatly in making your book a success.

Chapter Nine - Which publishing platform to choose?

This chapter examines the 5 main publishing platforms and so it is up to you what platforms you utilize to sell your book.

the platforms covered are:

  • Epublishing (Ebooks & Digital Report Based Books)
  • Print on demand - Which will be an actual physical print book.
  • Vanity publishing - Which is just another term for self publishing.
  • Traditional publishing - Were you find a publisher and get your book published.
  • Entrepreneurial publishing - Which is a combination of all the above.

Chapter Ten - Earning abot the system and following through after reading the book

This is the authors chance to offer you a freebie, although you have to register and place a deposit that is not taken out unless you don't take the webinar and systems content seriously or you miss parts of it then you will be charged, this is intended as a useful lead into the world of writing as a business for you.

As yet I have not took up the offer of this freebie, as I thought the book itself gave quite a lot of good quality content that I can chew over anyway and improve my writing and make me write more efficiently.

This book is a good book, with a quite a few helpful free resources within the book and throughout the book you will see testimonials from some of the Internets most respected Internet marketers and online business entrepreneurs like Joel Comm, Marnie Pehrson, Sherry Watson, Wes Waddel and many others.

The instant credibility of writing your own book is something any entrepreneur should think about and there are writers who have not just one book to their name but several and that's a good thing to aim for.

Author And Get Rich Book

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2023

The last sentence to the first paragraph under the first subheading, Author And Grow Rich Book Review Grow Your Income After Reading This Book, considers book-writing within 12 hours.

Might those 12 hours be consecutive, with -- ;-D -- or without --;-{ -- breaks?

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