Small Avanti Ovens

by Sam

Small Avanti Ovens come in many different varieties: microwave, convection, with top burner, rotisserie and toaster, as you see, Avanti has a small Oven for every taste and need!

Avanti is a great brand that has several series of toaster and other mini ovens of different types. They offer an excellent feature – price relation and a model of toaster oven and mini grill that fits – nearly - every need. The only one I couldn't find was one that combines a microwave with a true grill. Small ovens are great for people with limited kitchen space or for those that don't want to heat up their 'big' oven just to make themselves a 'Toast Hawaii'. Let's look at the different types available:


Pretty straight forward, you would think, a microwave is a microwave in the end. So what makes Avanti microwaves standing out from the rest? First of all the price, you can pick one up for well under $80. Next the features, microwaves can be used for so much more than just making popcorn ;-) There are models for every need available, starting with a very basic model with manual dials and an easy to understand setup to the latest state of the art model with a digital touchpad. A simpler model can be ideal for older people or for the less technically minded that simply look for a microwave in order to re-heat food quickly – and to prepare popcorn. Compared to this, the Avanti flagship microwave looks like Starship Enterprise – stainless steel, mirror door, one touch cooking menus and speed defrost included, 'Beam me up, Scotty!' Next type on the list would be the line of

Mini Convection Ovens

Convection is a posh name for fan assisted, the heat is so distributed more evenly and faster. Basically the classical mini or toaster oven, a smaller version of the larger convection oven you have already in your kitchen. Also here you have different Avanti models available. The convection oven is the group name for mini and toaster ovens that can have the following additional features:


Meaning the oven has a build in mechanism, often a kind of metal skewer, that allows to roast poultry, skewers, sausages and other food that benefits from being roasted whilst rotated evenly. The combination of fan assisted heating and rotating of the food makes for superior results, especially in the preparation of meat. Apart from the rotisserie function, the ovens can be also used the traditional way. A true case of a Jack of all (Kitchen) Trades.

Top Burners

Burners on the top of a convection oven, with or without rotisserie function, are ideal to keep one dish warm whilst you are preparing the next one. Also great for preparing soups and cooking or boiling food in general. Perhaps the most complete mini kitchen available by Avanti.

Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are great for making – toasts (now there is a surprise!), bagels, pizzas and generally small dishes that require more baking than cooking, such as lasagna or cookies. They are typically open at the front or, at least, have a door that is transparent but doesn't close always well. They are made for a certain type of dishes, hence the name, but less apt in cooking soup for example.

More about small ovens

Tips and reviews to help you choose the best toaster oven for your needs - and budget ;-)
Updated: 07/05/2012, Sam
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