Window Shade: Awnings or Shutters?

by RobertKeith

Choose the best window shading solution for your home with this overview of shutters, awnings and the key advantages of each.

The key question - one all too easily overlooked - is "why do I most need window shading?" Are you most concerned about sun protection? Insulation? Safety? Security? Aesthetic appearance? If you can comfortably reach an answer, you're already most of your way to a decision.

Once you've taken your time to consider this, the following guide will quickly and easily help you choose by outlining the biggest practical advantages of each form.


Which would you prefer to use?
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Choose Awnings If...

  • It suits your home or business.  While an obvious point, it always warrants a mention: some properties are simply better suited to a certain traditional, casual, scaled back or (with the appropriate striped pattern) Mediterranean look.

  • You want a great night's sleep.  Awnings are brilliant at keeping the sun out a bedroom, often allowing darkness well into the morning. 
Outdoor Awnings
  • You value protection from heat.  Since awnings are significantly far away from the window, they effectively prevent most of the sun's heat from even reaching your window, making for great comfort and feasibly saving money on temperature control.

  • You own a timber floor or exposed wooden furniture.  Direct sunlight can warp many hardwoods or change their colour.  Awnings will prevent this while still allowing for pleasant natural light.

Choose Shutters If...

  • Security is your concern.  External shutters are tough, According to Plantation Shutters Brisbane, sturdy timber or aluminium shutters can often ward off intruders, eliminating an easy entry/escape point.  

    They also offer more permanent and comfortable privacy, making them ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and other private sanctuaries.
Timber Blinds
  • You live in a noisy area.  If you have to deal with the commotion of continuous activity and traffic outside (or simply have neighbours with terrible taste in music), the physical barrier of shutters can go a long way in blocking out unwanted sound.
  • You live in an area with chaotic weather.  Good shutters should be sturdy enough to board up the house against hurricanes, cyclones and other unpredictable natural events.
  • You prefer more hands-on control. If you're picky when it comes to air flow ventilation and glare protection, simply adjust the angle as you see fit. (This does, however, require more manual effort.)
  • You simply prefer the look.  That said, if this is purely an aesthetic decision, you also have the option of internal blinds or shutters, which offer less sturdy protection, but more options when it comes to appearance.
Updated: 11/26/2012, RobertKeith
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Rose on 01/20/2014

Awnings allow you to get light into the room without the heat, so they are my choice

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