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Music & Song For The Baby: Baby Tunes, Baby Music and More Baby Songs

Music plays a large part in our society, and in life in general. Music that is upbeat and has a lively tempo stops us from feeling down, while soft, slow music helps us to sleep. The same is true for babies.

Most parents can recollect singing to their babies soft lullabies in order to help them sleep.

Some people consider that music has the ability to make babies smarter, such as by playing for them classical music. However, there is currently no scientific evidence one way or the other.

Baby Tunes & Music For Baby
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Song For a Baby

Playing music from a young age helps children to become accustomed to it, and to develop an interest and an ear for music. To do this, it is good to try multiple types of music, particularly those that have different beats and tempo. However, avoid genres such as heavy rock and rap, as the chaotic nature of the music can confuse brain development. It is suggested that music is not continuously played for your child; else they begin to consider it a normal background noise. Instead, it should be played on occasions where the child and parent are able to spend time together listening to it. Music to help babies sleep is often beneficial; although it is important not to leave a tape of music running for the baby to fall asleep to. If this is done, it is likely that the child will wake up again once the music stops due to the sudden change in environmental noise.

Music & Songs for Baby

One series of music that has been developed specifically for the development of babies brains is known as Lovely Baby. The creators of the CDs suggest that music developed for adults is too complex and fast for babies to absorb in a beneficial manner. Instead, it is better to expose your baby to music that is specifically designed for early childhood development. Baby tunes are important from this perspective, as it has been shown that babies respond positively to such music.

The baby song that is present on these CDs also contains other sounds such as nature, toy and baby sounds. This is designed to promote interaction from your baby, helping them to perceive what they are hearing and to respond with their own sounds.

Lovely Baby Music: Lovely Baby CD no. 1: Baby Songs
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Another type of baby song that is popular is the Baby Einstein series, one CD of which is Lullaby Classics. This series is based off the idea that babies are innately curious, and that music is one of a range of things that can help introduce babies to the world around them. The Baby Einstein CDs draw inspiration from classical music, such as Beethoven and Mozart, to create baby tunes for a number of occasions including sleep, relaxation and playtime.

Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics

Baby Einstein Songs
Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics

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Disney also produces a music series for babies, known as Disney Babies- these are a combination of well-known songs, such as Hickory Dickory Dock and I’m a Little Tea Pot, as well as lesser known songs. These are designed to be simple and easy for babies to grasp, even if they do not know the meaning of the music.

Disney Babies Playtime

Songs for a Baby

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Disney Baby Lullaby: Favorite Sleepytime Songs for Baby and You

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bhthanks on 02/26/2012

Thanks, David. Babies do love music!

DavidPaulWagner on 02/19/2012

Excellent advice on the various types of music which help babies and young children respond to music. Thank you!

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