Foam Play Mat: For Soft (And Safe) Floor Play

by belinda342

Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time playing on the floor. Foam play mats are a great way to make that time even more pleasant...and safe.

Let's face it. The first few years of a child's life are spent on the floor. It's simply a fact of life. A foam play mat can make their floor-time safer and much, much softer.

Babies crawl before they walk. If you have hardwood flooring, or even tile, think about how hard that floor must seem to their little hands and knees. If you have trouble imagining it, get down on all fours and see for yourself. Life is hard down there. Literally.

But it doesn't have to be. These fun mats can help.

And when Baby starts taking those first few precious steps, don't you want those inevitable falls to be cushioned? Once again, these mats can help...

26-Piece Wood-Grain Foam Play Mat

Safe Play Space For Babies and Toddlers

Our homes have a lot of hard surfaces.  This is especially true of our floors--the prime play space for small children.  Even in regular quiet play, kids fall down and bump soft little heads.

That's why it is so important to give them a cushioned play area.  Those little bumps are much easier on them.  

Rainbow Foam Play MatAnother big issue with children is keeping their play ground sanitary.  With carpet or an ordinary rug, this can be difficult, if not down right impossible.  Spills happen.  So do burp ups and accidental potty issues.  Mothers know to expect these things and plan ahead accordingly.

Well, these mats are great for that prior planning!  The sturdy foam is very easy to wipe down and keep clean.  No need to do an emergency load of laundry.  (Just be certain that your cleaner of choice is safe for baby.)

The play mats featured here on this page all consist of interlocking foam tiles.  The individual pieces are 12" x 12", and around 1/2" thick.  So a 36 tile set would cover an area 6 foot by 6 foot.  A pretty good sized area for a crawling baby.

You'll need to check to see if they come with extra pieces to "finish" the outside edges.  Some do, and others don't.  The edging isn't necessary, and some might even like the puzzle edging more than a straight one.

Image Credit: eWonderWorld Rainbow (6 Colors) foam Wonder Mats

Alphabet and Numbers Play Mat
Alphabet and Numbers Play Mat

A Learning Toy

Great for Alphabet, Numbers, and Colors!

Children learn differently than adults do.  While we learn by reading or listening...for the very young these options aren't open.  They don't understand words yet.  But that doesn't mean you can't start to introduce things to them.

Things like colors, letters, and numbers.  Several of these wonderful play mats incorporate learning opportunities right along with play time.  While your child plays, they will be surrounded by them.  Eventually they will start to understand what they are...with your help of course. 

United States, China, Japan, Canada, or Mexico...

Babies Are Babies

For Childhood and Beyond

And as these mats come apart like a giant jigsaw puzzle, older kids can actually use them to build partitions, gates, boxes, or tents.  Their usage actually grows right along with your child.

As durable as these are, they will last long after their childhood.  At that time, these foam play mats will function well as a cushioned garage floor, or for a fatigue mat for people who have to stand a lot.

You can also use these fun and colorful tiles as an exercise mat.  Yoga anyone?

Updated: 10/12/2012, belinda342
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PeggyHazelwood on 05/25/2013

These mats are such a good idea! My sister uses some in her basement for our nephew when he comes to play.

katiem2 on 10/17/2012

These types of mats are priceless when it comes to the daily routine of toddlers and preschoolers. We used ours in the family play room for many many years. Great article. :)K

belinda342 on 10/14/2012

Pkmcr: Yes, I love finding old friends in new places! Wizzley is a great site to expand onto.
2uesday: Wow, I was so concentrated on protecting the baby/child, I never thought about protecting the floor. Great point, thank you!

pkmcr on 10/14/2012

Good to see you creating pages here and fun ones like this too :-)

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