The Ease and Beauty of a Backyard Water Garden

by teddletonmr

With a little resourcefulness and creativity, you too can add the vision of your perfect water feature to the beauty of your home. Adding water features can be easy.

Ok you or someone you know has an idea, let’s call it a vision of what the perfect water feature in their garden landscape should be. You are in luck; today it is easier than it ever has been to build a garden fountain, Koi pond, large or small water feature. Best of all, everything you could want or need, is available online. No more of that old school B.S. like dealing with a sales associate that doesn’t know anything about what you need at a so-called garden center. None of that big box stores marketing genius, that intentionally scatters what they want you to buy all over a warehouse the size of a small city. That not only wastes your valuable time & money, wants you to settle for something less than your vision of the perfect backyard water garden.
The best option for today’s homeowner, gardener and landscaper, get all the stuff and inspiration you need from reviews and the trusted online marketplace. That’s right; if you can imagine it, designed in your mind’s eye, using today’s modern technology to get exactly what you want all the while saving your time and money. As you continue reading this article, learn what you need and where is the best place to shop online and get what you need to succeed.

Designing a Backyard Water Garden

Waterfalls, Fountains, Pools, Koi Ponds and Streams are Perfect Water Features

For the most part, I believe you will agree homeowners like you and me have a good idea as to what kind of water features we want. Koi ponds are a popular choice, waterfalls and streams add the soothing sounds of moving water we all enjoy. However, not everyone feels up to the task of building his or her own garden fountain, fishpond, or outdoor waterfall. Many folks rather spend the money to have a landscape contractor do the work and that is ok. That does not mean we do not feel the need to understand exactly what it takes to make our water feature ideas become a reality, we absolutely do. After all, we do want to get the best deal on what we want either way. 

The well respected author Helen Nash, Waterfalls Fountains Pools & Streams is an easy to understand book of one hundred twenty eight pages of useful information. That will help you understand both the design, and building processes. Starting with design ideas and photos that will fuel your creative side, and systematic building instructions that help us to learn exactly what it takes to build and install water features.

Plan Design and Build Your Own Water Feature

Photos of creative design ideas tips and other important stuff on building water features

Things needed to build a Water Garden

Waterfall Box, Submersible Pumps, PVC Pond Liner, and Underwater Lighting

I believe we will all agree the focal point of the best backyard water garden, without a doubt is the sights and sounds of a waterfall. After all, waterfalls are fascinating to watch, delivers the soothing sounds of moving water that serve to relax us after a difficult day.

Building a stunning water feature in your garden is really quite simple. The best and by far the easiest way to incorporate the waterfall of your dreams into your landscape design, using one of the many designs of a pre-manufactured Waterfall box available from trusted online retailers such as amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes. These design elements are available with, or without a water filter option. Simply select and purchase the size and style that best suits your landscape design online and get it delivered to your door.

Next choose the location that is both functional and let us not forget visually pleasing, after all this will be a focal point in the garden. Functionally keep in mind you will need a GFCI electrical outlet to run the all-important water pumps and underwater lighting.

Choose the proper Submersible Clean Water Pump

Water Feature Pumps range in sizes; GPH (gallons per hour), and Head Pressure, or Lift / Height

Ranging in sizes, from small solar powered pumps that work well in a small  birdbath, bubbling fountain, or wishing well, to the largest submersible clean water pump used in the biggest, most stunning water features we can imagine. Selecting the proper size for any design is really quite simple. All we need to do is calculate the water volume contained in the pool, pond, pool and other fountain structures. Let us not forget, how high we need the water to spray into the air, or flow over a waterfall.

Using a little geometry to make the necessary calculations is really quite easy. Simply remember the formula for figuring the volume of a square, rectangle or cylinder.  The Volume is equal to the average length in feet multiplied by width, multiplied by height, or in this case, depth tells us the volume in cubic feet.

This is to say, each cubic foot requires seven point five gallons of water. Subsequently multiplying the cubic feet, by seven point five tells us exactly how much water it takes to fill a particular water garden feature, and how much water we need the pump to move each hour (GPH).

estimating calculator Calculating the volume of a circular shaped pool, pond or water basin, simply use volume = 3.14 (pi) times radius squared multiplied by the depth of the water using a contractor’s material estimating calculator. 

Using the proper GPH and lift rated submersible pump, equal to or just a bit higher than the total volume of water in a water feature, will do a good job of keeping pond water clean, provide optimal oxygen levels necessary for aquatic plants, animals, fish, let us not forget help to control blood sucking mosquitos.

To ensure a fountain and waterfall works properly, take care to measure from the bottom of the pool of water where the pump will actually be sitting, to the height you want the fountain to spray water, or flowing over the edge of the waterfall. This is important stuff to know before you will be able to select a pump with the proper lift rating.

It may be easier to understand when we look at it this way, when a pump supplies 170 gph at one foot of lift. That actually means that particular pump will only raise the water one foot above where the pump is sitting. In the event the fountainhead the design calls for is two feet above the surface of the pond, suffice it to say the water will not have enough pressure to reach the fountain let alone spray water evenly.

Select The best 120 volt or Solar Pump

Large Fish Ponds require 120 volt pumps, Small Fountains Located in areas of full sun, a Solar Powered Pump
Beckett 7114310 Waterfall Pump 3500gphBeckett 7060110 210 GPH Underwater Pu...Instapark® 5 Head Solar Pump Garden F...

The Easiest way to build a Fishpond, Stream and Custom Waterfall

Using a PVC Pond Liner to Build the Custom Water Feature of Your Dreams is Easier than You May Think

koi pond waterfall I believe we can all agree creative types like you and me, find the pre-manufactured water basins resembling a kids wading pool, to be just a bit too cookie cutter to use in our water garden designs. Sure they are easy enough to install, and work well for a small garden fountain however, for a combination of waterfall, stream and fishpond they just will not do. What we need is something more free forming, that makes combining all our favorite design elements flow seamlessly through our landscape design.

With turning Your creative ideas into a stunning water feature as the goal, you can easily build it using the following time and labor saving products, Sunterra PVC pond liner, PVC waterfall liner, and the touch n foam landscape filler  adhesive putting it all together, you will amaze all your friends and family with the end results.

Underwater Lighting Improves Safety and Sets the Mood

LED Underwater Lights Make Adding a Splash of Color to a water feature, accenting Plantings, and Waterfalls All the While Improving Security Safe and Affective

Underwater  LED Lights Low voltage LED lighting is easy to install, there are sets that contain two, or three lamp sets. Both come with everything you will need to install them into your backyard water garden, fountain or fishpond.

Simply set and adjust the light fixtures where they will illuminate the desired design feature, or features whichever the case maybe. Plug the 12 volt converter into a good 120-vac GFCI outlet and that is all there is too the wiring.

Something to think about, there are light kits available with a dusk to dawn type sensor that will turn the lights on and off automatically. Otherwise, you will need to decide whether you want to put the lights on a timer, or turn them on and off manually as needed.

To further enhance your water garden design, The most popular LCD light kits come with several interchangeable filters that make changing the color of the light relatively easy. Set them all the same or mix and match colors to add another dimension to your design. These lights also work well in the landscape beds and garden pathways.

Underwater Lighting, Mistmaker fogger

The most Stunning Water Gardens Feature Underwater Lighting, Waterfalls and Mistmaker Fogger

Design Build and Enjoy Your Own Custom Water Garden Features

With a little resourcefulness and creativity, you too can add the vision of your perfect water feature to the beauty of your home. Adding water features can be easy.

Creating your own vision of the ease and beauty of a backyard water garden is really quite easy. Using the online stores suggested in this article, and customer reviews at, it is relatively easy to find pertinent information we seek.

Water garKoi pond, underwater lighiing, waterfall den designs, waterfall box, pond liners, fountains, underwater LED lighting systems. That not only inspires us, fosters our creativity. For instance, check out the image on the left, created with just such inspiration, a dear friend and homeowner just like you and me. Created this stunning water feature, with not only the willingness to get his and her hands dirty, their personal design ideas in mind, together built their own custom Koi pond, complete with underwater LED lighting, waterfall and repurposed masonry materials.

You can do it as well, happy gardening, Mike`

Allow me to invite you to share your ideas, comments, and helpful links in the comments section belowJ   


Koi Pond Basics

Design and Build Your Own Custom Fish Pond Basics
Koi ponds are ponds used for holding koi, usually as part of a landscape. Koi ponds can be designed specifically to promote health and growth of the Nishikigoi or Japanese Ornamental Carp. The architecture of the koi pond can have a gre...
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Pond Leak Sealer on 07/20/2017

Nice post because I just read that how to save pond with maintaining pond and searched a perfect product Pondpro2000 but in your blog, I just loved to see the food.

teddletonmr on 07/25/2012

@EnelleLamb I hope the information contained in this article helps you design and build your own custom water feature in your front yard.
I learned many years ago not to disapoint a black belt :)
Best of luck enjoy all your landscape projects, Mike

EnelleLamb on 07/24/2012

Some really great info and tips! One of our next projects is a water feature for the front yard ;)

teddletonmr on 06/08/2012

@Angel it has been my experience successful gardening is all about trial and error. Especially when kids are encouraged to join in on the fun and learning, the trick is not let your enthusiasm wane.
Simply allow the kids and your creativity, imagination and thirst for learning inspire you and let the magic happen, you can do it, and remember it is the journey that matters most not the destination. Earning your own green thumb award is easier than you might believe.
Enjoy your children learning to express themselves in the garden, Mike

Angel on 06/08/2012

I really need to get you to make a visit to my home and just pay you to do all of this stuff! I love everything you write about... I just can't do most of it. I kill almost every plant I put in the ground. I am going a little overboard but I really am not that great at gardening... Your articles make it seem so easy..

katiem2 on 06/04/2012

What a great guide to the install and care of water features. I love adding such beautiful water features to my landscaping. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial on water features for backyards.

teddletonmr on 06/01/2012

@Sheri you bring up a good point, protecting our kids and let us not forget our pets from harm, is atop the list of important things we all must keep in mind.
After all the sights, sounds and magical allure of a water feature such as a fishpond, waterfall, stream and fountain captivate not only adults, kids and pets also find them hard to resist.
Your comment reminds me of a problem a good friend of mine was having with her neighbor’s tomcat. That damned cat, was finding it great sport, getting into her fishpond, killing her prized, let us not forget expensive Koi fish.
As for kids, my five-year-old daughter could lay on her belly for hours watching the brightly colored fish in the pond without bothering them. Many times the fear we have of something bad happening. Over shadows the many positive learning experiences, however, I believe we will all agree discretion is the better part of valor.
The truth of the matter, I know of no safety precautions that a child’s imagination, creativity and resourcefulness could not circumvent when he or she have a mind too. Fences make good neighbors as they say, but kids love to climb fences :)
Thanks for looking out for the kidos, Mike

Sheri_Oz on 06/01/2012

I love fishponds. Do you have any ideas for making this kids-falling-in-proof? With our yard accessible to kids, I have held back from making a pond out back.

teddletonmr on 05/31/2012

@Jerrico Usher just let your creative mind design the perfect water garden feature that will work for you.
Green house full of plants, Koi pond full of fish with a waterfall and bubbling stream runing through the landscape, I believe you will agree sounds relaxing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jerrico.

Jerrico_Usher on 05/30/2012

Brilliant! You making me want to skip to my greenhouse articles! I never though about a pool as a pond but it totally could be in the right setting/set up...

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