Barbie Backpacks and Lunchboxes

by fitzcharming

Go back to school in style this year with gear from America's favorite doll. And while you're shopping enjoy some Barbie trivia and fun facts along the way.

Barbie is now over 50 years old but she's still a favorite with little girls - and big girls too. The market for Barbie dolls and accessories is alive and well. And girls are still asking for Barbie backpacks and lunch boxes for back to school.

I've chosen a few popular ones and gathered a little Barbie trivia to entertain you while you shop conveniently online. And while you're shopping on the web grab some pencils and binders and other school accessories too. Saves a trip later on.

If your kids love Barbie Dolls and want cool backpacks and lunch boxes you'll find the latest and greatest here. There are dozens of choices available on Amazon and one that's right for every little girl. Read on for perfect Barbie school gear for the back to school.

Barbie Backpacks In The Cutest Styles Colors and Graphics

Barbie back to school gear comes in huge assortment of styles and graphics. Everything from denim to to pink ruffles. Once your daughter has chosen a style she likes there are a few things to consider in design and durability.  It goes without saying you want a backpack that will last.  But it should also be comfortable for her to wear. Make sure it's a good size for her frame.  Take a tape measure and decide how many inches in length and width will work well.  It's a good idea to find a backpack with padded straps to soften the weight on her shoulders.  And generally a well known name will hold up better than cheap off brands. 

Did You Know....

Barbie Fun Facts and Trivia
  • The first Barbie doll sold in 1959 for $3.
  • Barbie has been represented in 45 different nationalities.
  • There are U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Barbie dolls.  Each costume was approved by the Pentagon before being manufactured.
  • Barbies first career was a teenage fashion model. Over the years Barbie has had more than 108 careers.
  • The Mattel Company admits they don't have a record of every Barbie type they've ever sold.
  • Barbies full name is "Barbie Millicent Roberts." She lives in  Willows, Wisconsin and went to Willows High School.
  • Kens name is Ken Carson.  He also lives in Willows and went to the same high school as Barbie.

The First Barbie Doll In Her Black and White Striped Swimsuit

The First Barbie Doll
The First Barbie Doll

1959 First Barbie Commercial

A Sampling of Barbies Family

Not The Entire List - Just A Few

Their names and the first year they were made:

Barbie's sisters and brother:

  • Skipper - 1964
  • Tutti - 1966
  • Todd - 1990
  • Stacie - 1992
  • Kelly - 1995
  • Krissy - 1999
  • Chelsea - 2010

Barbie's cousins:

  • Francie - 1966
  • Jazzie - 1988

A Few Of Barbies Friends

Do You Remember Them?

Barbie's friends:

  • Midge - 1963
  • Stacey - 1968
  • Christine - 1968
  • Jamie - 1970
  • Steffie - 1972
  • Miko - 1986
  • Whitney - 1987
  • Tereas - 1988
  • Kira -  1990
  • Becky - 1997
  • Nikki - 2006

Barbie's boyfriends:

  • Ken - 1961
  • Blaine - 2004

Shopping on eBay is Fun - You Can Find Discount Barbie Back to School Gear If You Watch the Auctions


More Interesting Barbie Trivia

  • Barbie loves animals.  She has at least 43 pets including 21 dogs, 12 horses, 3 ponies, 6 cats, a parrot, a chimpanzee, a panda, a lion cub, a giraffe and a zebra.
  • Barbie has been dressed by over 70 fashion designers including Givenchy, Versace, Dolce & Gabana, Vera Wang, Bob Mackie, and Gucci.
  • Barbie has more than a billion pair of shoes and gets over 100 new outfits in her wardrobe every year.
  • More than 775 million Barbie dolls and friends have been sold since 1959.  They could form a ring around the earth at least 7 times.
  • Barbie and Ken briefly broke up on Valentines day in 2004 after dating for 43 years. She went out with an Australian guy named Blaine for a while before she and Ken got back together.
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fitzcharming on 06/22/2013

I know it's hard to believe Barbie has endured all these years. Thanks for visiting kimbesa.

kimbesa on 06/21/2013

Ah yes....I remember that black and white suit. If only I still have my Skipper doll.

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