Unique Christmas Stockings to Personalize With Name

by dustytoes

Personalize Christmas stockings with a name and choose a theme that works in your warm climate.

Hanging Christmas stockings is a holiday tradition for many families. Stockings can be personalized with a name, and also a theme. The stockings on this page have tropical and beach themes. For those who live in a warm climate, and decorate with ocean related items, the stocking can now match the decor!

As a kid, we always hung our Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve which is when our parents took traditional pictures. Back then, stockings were pretty plain and simple. Now a photo can be added, and the child (or adult) can choose a stocking with a design or pattern that shows off his or her likes.

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Stockings With Starfish or Sand Dollars

Favorites from the sea decorate these stockings.
Starfish and Ocean Double-sided stocking
Starfish and Ocean Double-sided stocking
Tropical Ocean Sea Stars Stocking - double sided
Tropical Ocean Sea Stars Stocking - d...

About The Christmas Stockings on This Page

Zazzle's Christmas stockings are offered in a variety of styles.  Some have fabric selections.

Double-sided stockings: Have image and name on both sides so they can hang facing right or left.  This is important if you want a new stocking to face the same way as older stockings.  If you don't care which way they face, save money and choose the single sided style with red on the back.

One side printing is offered on the similar stocking.  The reverse is solid red.  If no image is shown on the back of the stocking in the image preview, only "red backing" can be chosen.  The image on the front will not be placed on the back!

These stockings have three fabric choices which are: brushed poly, faux linen, and fleece.  Choose small (9 x16 inches) or large size (12 x 20 inches).

Premium Stocking: The white stocking with a wide red top.  This style can be customized on one side.  

Something From the Sea - Lovely Shrimp

A stocking with a shrimp pattern may be just perfect for the saltwater fisherman in your life!

Where I live in Florida, fishing is a big sport.  We have inshore rivers and backwater channels to fish, and of course lots of offshore, deep sea fishing.

Shrimp is used for bait as it feeds many types of fish.  Fresh shrimp works really well, but frozen (it thaws quickly) works too.

Going shrimping is also a thing in my area.  Fisherman go out at night when the tide is turning and draws the shrimp from their shallow water estuary out toward the river and then toward the sea.  A light is dropped into the water to attract the shrimp and they are scooped up in big nets.  These shrimp become a tasty (and mostly free) meal for the fishing family.

Fishing Themed Stocking With Shrimp Pattern on Blue

Personalize and use for shrimp lovers and fishermen.
Shrimp in water Christmas stocking for fisherman
Shrimp in water Christmas stocking fo...

Festive Pineapple Christmas Design

This pretty white stocking, with wide red trim at the top, contains a favorite Christmas pineapple design.  Little brown sea stars, and blue tree ornaments, complete this tropical design.

One ornament is hung on the pineapple stem, as if it were a tree!

Use the text template to add a name to one side.  The other side of this stocking will not have a design or text.

Pineapple Christmas stocking
Pineapple Christmas stocking

Flamingo Christmas Stockings

The flamingo has long been a symbol of the fun tropical lifestyle.  Plastic birds can still be found adorning front yards in Florida!

Flamingos get their pink colored feathers from eating shrimp and other crustaceans.  They live in tropical and sub-tropical regions, like Africa, South America and the Caribbean.  In Florida I have seen "pink birds" flying which turned out to be Roseate Spoonbills and not flamingos!

The flamingo is the iconic symbol of wading in water along a sandy beach.  Maybe that is why so many people love the image on home decor year round.

Flamingo Christmas Stocking

A festive pink flamingo wears a holiday wreath and stands on a tropical beach next to a brown sea star.
Pink Flamingo girl's beach themed stocking
Pink Flamingo girl's beach themed sto...

Sea Turtle Christmas Stockings

Everyone loves sea turtles.  Where I live in Florida, the beaches have rules about keeping lights off in homes and businesses when the turtles are hatching.  If the baby turtles see lights inland they may get confused and head toward land instead of the sea where they should go.

Sea turtle nests are usually blocked off with tape so they won't be disturbed.  

When we are boating it is not unusual to see a colorful, huge turtle surface for a moment and then dive back down into the water.

The sea turtle image used in my design was taken from a photograph which I then turned into a graphic design.

Sea Turtle Stockings

This design is perfect for boys, Dads, and sons.
Sea Turtle Personalized stocking
Sea Turtle Personalized stocking

The Sport of Paddleboarding

This stocking is for girls, or women, who SUP (stand up paddle board)

Paddle-boarding is big everywhere, but in tropical regions, like Florida, water sports can be enjoyed year round.  

This inspired me to make a Christmas stocking with an illustration of a girl on a paddleboard taking her dog for a ride.  Alongside the board is a sea turtle swimming in the waves.   Or choose the turtle stocking which features this same loggerhead in a larger size!

Girl Paddleboarder Illustrated Stocking with Name Template

My own artwork of a girl paddling with her dog on a purple board, in tropical blue water, as a turtle swims nearby.
Stand up paddle-boarding stocking for female
Stand up paddle-boarding stocking for...

Christmas Stocking Holders For the Mantel

Find these and others like them at Amazon.
Christmas Mantel Stocking Hanger, 3D ...
Only $19.99
Jetika Christmas Stocking Holders for...
Only $49.97

A Town Called Christmas ... in Florida!

A place where no snow ever falls.

Did you know there is a town in Florida named "Christmas"?  Well there is and it's a small town in a desolate location, but it gets busy (with mail that is) around holiday time.

I live in Florida but have never been to Christmas.  There really is nothing there to see of importance and gets it's popularity from name only.  At least that is my opinion.

Read more at Weird U.S. - Weird Florida.

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AngelaJohnson on 09/28/2018

Traditional red stockings with white trim at the top, but with our names spelled out in glitter-glue.

dustytoes on 09/25/2018

I don't have numbers on which type of fabric sells best, but I think most people choose the cheaper "brushed poly". The paddleboard design is brand new so no sales yet, but hopefully soon. The buying season is just beginning. Thank you!

DerdriuMarriner on 09/25/2018

dustytoes, Thank you for the practical information and the product lines. Which of the three fabrics attracts the most orders? How is the paddleboard design doing? It looks particularly inviting.

dustytoes on 09/25/2018

Stockings are worth making at Zazzle because I do sell them.

blackspanielgallery on 09/25/2018

Zazzle is a fun place to create such things, and can still earn something.

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