Beach Christmas Wrapping Paper on a Roll

by dustytoes

Wrapping options that keep in mind the uniqueness of tropical Christmas celebrations.

Wrap Christmas gifts in beach themed, quality wrapping paper. Customize paper gift bags with holiday greetings of your choice.

The unique designs on this page are best sellers in my Zazzle Holiday Store, where I create the types of holiday designs for those who live in a warm climate.

We celebrate the holiday season with the windows open and warm breezes flowing throughout the house. Maybe we will take a trip to the beach after eating Christmas dinner.

Often typical snow and winter scenes won't work for us, and I've kept that in mind. Starfish, sand dollars and tropical colors are incorporated onto heavy-duty, quality wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, tissue paper and stickers for all your holiday gift-wrapping needs.

Aqua Blue Christmas Paper

A big pattern of sea life in aqua blue on white.
Tropical Sea Life Aqua Blue Paper
Tropical Sea Life Aqua Blue Paper
Dark Blue Sea Life Christmas Paper
Dark Blue Sea Life Christmas Paper

White Sea Stars Christmas Wrapping Paper

Zazzle's rolls come in custom lengths. Look for sales on the product page.

Because the starfish, or sea star, is such a well known beach creature, many of my tropical Christmas designs contain them.  With options of brown or white, they work well with tropical blues and greens as well as neutral themes.

A favorite design image contains starfish with tree ornaments.  Brown starfish with turquoise blue ornaments and white starfish with silver tree ornaments are used to provide customers with a variety of paper designs for their needs.

Starfish and Holly Christmas Wrapping Collection

This collection features white sea stars and green holly on a variety of colors. Also choose 3-sheet sets.
White Starfish Christmas Wrapping Paper
White Starfish Christmas Wrapping Paper

About the Wrapping Paper

The wrapping paper at Zazzle is made of quality paper made of either glossy paper, matte, or linen.  Another options is the 46 lb weight Tyvek.  Read Zazzle's paper description beneath each choice.

Rolls are 30 inches wide and can be purchased in various lengths from 6 feet to 60 feet!  Anything longer than 15 feet will ship in separate rolls.

Want an idea of how much paper will be needed to wrap your gifts?  Zazzle also mentions that in the description of each paper.

For instance, a six foot long roll will wrap 3 shirt-size boxes and the fifteen foot roll wraps 9 shirt boxes.

Designs can include text and / or photo templates for personalization.

Beach Wreath Design

Sand dollars and sea stars and holly pattern.

This wrapping paper design is made up of realistic sand dollars and starfish.  The images are arranged in circles to imitate a wreath.  Add some green holly sprigs and it makes a pretty design to use to wrap gifts in a beach theme.

White Sand Dollars and Brown Sea Stars

Choose a favorite background color.
Beach Wreath Christmas Paper Roll
Beach Wreath Christmas Paper Roll
Small Beach Wreath Pattern Wrapping Paper
Small Beach Wreath Pattern Wrapping P...

Flamingo Christmas Wrapping Paper

Flamingos for Christmas, in designs for couples, families or singles.  

Pink birds wear festive wreaths and are surrounded by custom lines of text, which reads, "Flamingo kisses and warm Christmas wishes".  This is the image on the light pink paper below.

Or choose the red gift wrap with starfish Christmas trees encircled by flamingos.  Dots of white sand dollars add to the tropical design.

The light blue paper below has black and white flamingos and contains a greeting "from both of us".  All text can easily be changed using the templates.  This paper could be used for any occasion by adding a "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" message.

Flamingo Christmas Wrapping Paper

Pink paper with standing flamingos and tiny blue starfish
Flamingo Christmas wrapping paper
Flamingo Christmas wrapping paper

Decorate The Paper With Photos of Yourself

Upload photos to the templates and the pattern will cover the paper.

The Zazzle site is known for its ability to offer customers the option to personalize items.  Photo templates are one of the most popular ways to customize items.  Imagine giving a gift with your favorite pictures covering the paper!

Choose light green paper with starfish and framed photo templates.  Or, the pink paper that also has text to customize.  See more colors available on the product page.

Double Photo Template Personalized Christmas Wrapping Paper

Fun photo paper ideas to wrap gifts.
Double Photo Template Gift Wrap
Double Photo Template Gift Wrap
Pink Christmas Photo Template Wrapping Paper
Pink Christmas Photo Template Wrappin...
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dustytoes on 10/25/2018

Derdriu, I don't think the stickers would work for wrapping, but they are simple to use as "to and from" labels. Scotch tape would be cheaper and go a long way. Many people like to use the bags as they are easy to reuse.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/25/2018

dustytoes, Thank you for the product ideas and lines. Are the stickers viable alternatives to tape? In particular, I like the bags since it can be quite a challenge to tape presents up so that the paper stays together but also survives openings since some recipients like to keep or recycle the wraps.

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