Beginner Guitars For Girls

by brlamc

These beginner guitars for girls are specifically designed for the smaller hands of young girls. Girls can enjoy the guitar at any age.

Guitars For Young Girls

The guitar is often though of as a "mans" instrument but there are many popular girl guitar players such as Taylor Swift that are bringing new populariy to the instrument. One probelm young girls face is that their fingers are generally smaller and they need a guitar that is suited towards them. There are guitars on the market that are well suited to younger girls that will help them live their dreams of becoming a guitar player and showing the "men" how its done.Some of my best guitar students have been girls so it's not just an instrument for a man. Companies such as Daisy Rock are designing fun guitars so girls and young women can enjoy the guitar but have an instrument that's specifically suited towards them.

Daisy Rock Debutante Rock Candy Princess Atomic Pink Electric Guitar Pack

Any young girl would be thrilled to receive this pink electric guitar. It features the Daisy Rock thin and narrow neck so it’s easier for your girls to play chords on the guitar and it won’t cramp their hand or cause strain due to having to reach for notes. This guitar is also lighter than regular electric guitars the guitar is easier to carry and more comfortable to play. This package includes a gig bag, a guitar strap, a tuner, picks and other accessories to go along with it. Save additional money with a 10 watt amplifier that is also included and is suitable for any beginner. The amplifier is also a pink color so it matches the guitar. The instrument has humbucking pickups and chrome hardware. Note that the accessories with the guitar won’t be the greatest quality and it’s better to buy a new tuner and amplifier to go with the guitar. 

Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

This 3/4 scale acoustic guitar is great quality and made by taylor guitars one of the leaders in acoustic guitar instruments. You'll find that many of the acoustic guitars you can buy for young girls aren't made very well. This is important because it makes it harder for the student to learn on the instrument. You don't want a guitar that you can't tune or that has strings so high off the fret board that the player can't fret them properly. This is the quality you don't get with many "budget" acoustic guitars. With the Baby Taylor you get a find crafted instrument that is suitable for young girls. The guitar has a full voice and tone and while it's around $300.00 you get what you paid for and that's an amazing guitar for any young girl. Taylor even has a model signed by Taylor Swift too.

Daisy Rock WildWood Acoustic Short Scale Guitar, Purple Daze

For those with less to spend this $179.00 Daisy Rock is a suitable choice. The guitar has the slim and narrow neck that make the Daisy guitars so easy to play for girls plus it has a fun purple color. The guitar lightweight for easy carrying to guitar lessons and it's comfortable to play. The guitar includes a gig bag and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. This guitar would make an excellent first acoustic guitar for a young girl. The guitar is setup and ready to play right out of the box. Be sure that you get a nice carrying case for the guitar so it isn't damaged. A hard shell case is best for a guitar.

Quality Matters

As a guitar teacher I know just how important the quality of  good guitar is to the development of a student. You don't need to spend hundred of dollars but $150.00-$300 dollars is reasonable for a beginner guitar. Far too many parents buy guitars that are just too difficult to play, tune, and use for a young student. This guitar packages you can buy in a department store are not worth the money. A good guitar will last and if your child decides she doesn't want to play anymore you can at least sell the guitar and get some money back on your investment.

A good guitar will:

  • Allow the student to play chords easier
  • Reduce finger fatigue
  • Sound better
  • Offer incentive to the student to play more
  • Allow for faster development of skills
  • Provide value for the money (Guitar can be sold if no longer wanted)

In my teaching practice I have seen vast improvement in student's guitar playing skills after replacing a poor quality guitar with one that is easier to play due to better craftsmanship. The quality of your guitar can make a difference. The student still has to practice but a nice guitar can make that practice time so much more enjoyable for the student.

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Updated: 01/23/2012, brlamc
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brlamc on 01/23/2012

LOL! good story. Glad you enjoyed the article.

Jimmie on 01/23/2012

I think the guitar is so cool! I had a college roommate who sang and played in the room. Loved that! She even played a song at my wedding. I wanted my 12 year old daughter to take up guitar, but she chose clarinet instead. I told her, "Sprite, when you are sitting around the campfire and someone wants to sing a song, no one will ask you to pull out your clarinet and play!" She just rolls her eyes.

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