Being a Messenger of Hawk is an Honor

by RubyHelenRose

Hawks teach you to live one day at a time, being a messenger Soaring over your heads in the blueness of the sky. We love to study hawks and take pictures of them.

Hawk is a Spirit Messenger, teaching us how to communicate by listening.
A true guardian, helping us open our hearts to find harmony in all things.
Observing Hawk reminds us to look up, seeing the far vision that connects us to
Great Mystery, so to speak.
It is all about learning to listen to our intuition well enough to act on what we perceive.

Hawks Will Soon Return to Family Nests

Both parents raise the young from the two or three eggs laid in spring. With up to a fourteen year life span, it is exciting to see them return to the same nest. That is comforting to know, their joint commitment to their family values.
A Nest  Built High in the Tree Are Easy to See in Trees Without Leaves
A Nest Built High in the Tree Are Ea...
Ruby Helen Rose

Hawks In Flight

Look at them glide, are they hunting for food or enjoying the windy ride?
An Osprey, a working raptor, above the public shoreline, Milbrae near SFO DSC_0739
An Osprey, a working raptor, above th...
Turkey Buzzard gliding down
Turkey Buzzard gliding down
Osprey gliding around
Osprey gliding around
Black Kite
Black Kite

Exploring Hawk Powers of Adaptability

They are perceptive, alert, a spectator from the skies.

"Allow the message to be intuitively and clearly understood, without emotion coloring its true meaning.  .  All gifts are equal in the eyes of Great Spirit.  Remember."   HAWK

Hawk asks us to trust what we see, what we are thinking we believe.

When Hawk swoops into our awareness we are being asked to become silent, listen with our intuition.   What would Hawk do  in some life situation we are trying to figure out? 

Faith is walking through the cloudy pictures of what it's going to be, what friends will help, trusting the leads being given.  Dreams make sense, eventually.  Writing them down helps.  Everything is kept safe.   These are all thoughts Hawk messages help us sort out.   When we see one, stop, what were we just thinking about?  Study the habits of hawks to find out.


A couple of things I found out about them, remind us to see things from other points of view.

Hawks are seen as guardians of the animals world, being born of the pieces of dragon and phoenix bursting together in flames.  Did you know they spend over half of their day in their chosen observation spot, looking, waiting, listening.

Even hawks have to pay attention and learn the lessons of defending oneself.  If not a rabbit, defending itself, can drag a hawk whose claws are hooked into their bodies, into their homes and kick them to death.


These are some of the teachings we have come to believe from observing Hawk's way in our life.



Hawk Views Far and Wide Perched on such a Tree

Perched on High, Looking out to Sea.
Hawk Observation Tree
Hawk Observation Tree
Ruby Helen Rose

Hawks In Flight

We have always wanted to fly. They are beautiful to watch in flight. In one dive they can touch their mates, such acrobats, dropping several feet and twirling about twisting their tails, masters of the dance.

Hawk Dream
Hawk observing its plight, flying until night.

Hawks and other animals of prey are protected here, go see.

Hawks In Nature

Hawk people are fearless, and open, giving hope to new ideas waiting to burst forth like the sun

Hawk people love the sky, like the bird, soaring in circles to new ideas they want to share like a lightning flash.

Native American Earth Astrology says Hawk is the Clan for people born in 21 March - 19 April,

22 July - 21 August., and 23 November - 21 December.


Hawk people in the spring have fiery emotions.  Hawk is associated with Phoenix, a mythical firebird, a trail blazer, intuitive flashes, changing as quick and loud as thunder.

 Their energy levels burst in spring with the 1st full moon of the spring equinox. Ready, set, go, is their motto.  Lighting the fires under new activity as the sun warms their soul.

It is one of the most rapid times of growth  and change for all of Earth's children. 

 With their high energy levels they go from one project to another philosophy, which comes in sudden flashes.  Then they need to look to those people in the summer and winter of their clan.

Without them to provide the needed insights for making decisions, they burn themselves out.


Some of the studies I am learning from are Earth Medicine, by Kenneth Meadows, Dancing with the Wheel, by Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan, The Animal-Speak  Workbook, by Ted Andrews   

I think that is a lot of the reason I took on the learning of these native ways, they give me hope and I'll never be able to say I know it all again because as I continue around the medicine wheel I continue to change and go deeper in my experiences and understanding of their ancient ways I love.

Meditations on Hawk Medicine

Nature Speaks To Us All of the Time

Preparing ourselves to listen.  There is still such a thing as stewards of the earth.  Way back in our brains, we remember.


From a Shamans way of thinking, nature holds the keys to life's lessons and answers.  Everything we need to know, everything we need to trust, solving the problems of our greatest dreams and aspirations.  Nature is a part of us, we are a part of nature.  

It is good for us to remember that starving ourselves doesn't come only from lack of food.

We must keep our spirit strong.  Listening and learning from nature helps us to do that.







Sitting quietly lighting the sweet grass in the bowl by my side, Hawk Medicine has been coming up in my reading. 

Create the vision of your dreams.

I keep saying, I don't know what that is.

What do we do when we ask ourselves questions like that?

When I see a Hawk he reminds me to learn of his ways to solve the day to day puzzle pieces of my universal dreams.  Harmony in all things a rainbow of peace, global, easy to say, hard to do.



Hawk Territory, Searching The Fields

Flying Oh So High
Are You Scouting for Food, Curious Hawk?
Are You Scouting for Food, Curious Hawk?
Ruby Helen Rose
Updated: 03/01/2013, RubyHelenRose
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katiem2 on 04/02/2013

I'm in awe of hawks. I often see marvelous hawks in the area where I live. The first time I saw one I formed the habit of watching for them being quick to spot them and enjoy the moment feeling it's always an honor to witness such a magnificent bird. I've often felt hawks are my guardian angels watching over me as they come into my life on a regular basis here in Ohio. :)K Great article

RubyHelenRose on 02/24/2013

Thanks for the comments frugalrvers and tolovaj, I am glad you like the pictures and story of hawk. Totems are fun to study, animals teach us many things.

Guest on 02/23/2013

What a beautiful article! I so believe nature holds the keys to life lessons and answers. I've felt it since I was a little girl and even more so today. I've also had the bear as my totem since I was young. Look forward to reading more of your work!

Tolovaj on 02/23/2013

Hawks are magnificent creatures. We can see them sometimes and when a hawk glides over the sky, pigeons start acting differently. It is obvious they a afraid, but it seems some kind of respect is present too. Beautiful photos!

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