The Bereavement Lamp | A Gift of Light, Remembrance and Love

by CountrySunshine

Keep the memory of your lost loved one alive with a bereavement lamp. The perfect sympathy gift to light your home, and your spirit.

In the corner of my living room sits an old, dusty lamp. It’s base is chipped; and the shade, dingy and creased. My lamp is always lit, as a beacon of sorts.

A reminder? A memorial? A path to home?

It is a bereavement lamp, of sorts. It has been shining for over 15 years, and will keep shining for as long as I can keep it going. It is a reminder to me of love known and lost, and the knowledge that one day, we’ll be back together again.

What is a Bereavement Lamp?

In some cultures it is a tradition to give those who have suffered a loss, a gift of sorts.  Some people plant trees, others create memorial gardens, and some might gift an angel figurine, a poem, or candles.  You might also purchase a brick, or dedicate a building.  It is quite a personal decision on what to give someone who is grieving.

One of the latest gift ideas is that of a bereavement lamp, otherwise known as a condolence, memory or remembrance light.  The idea behind these lamps is that the receiver is receiving the “gift of light”.   It shines in loving memory of your loved one.

Have you ever given a bereavement or sympathy gift?


A Man's Best Friend

Lucy was a red heeler, who worshiped my husband to no end. They went everywhere together; they were inseparable, except for when he was at work.

One day, on my husband’s return from work, he found Lucy had been hit by a car. Her eyes were literally hanging out of her head! He pushed them back in, bundled her up, and took her into the shed. He knew he should put her out of her misery, but couldn’t.

Lucy | My husband's red heeler
Lucy | My husband's red heeler
Country Sunshine

He sat with her for three days, and she recovered! She never regained her sight, but learned how to get around without her eyes. She still went everywhere with him, and lived another 3 years. He was devastated when she finally passed away.

The Dog Bereavement Lamp

My husband received his bereavement light in memory of Lucy. The base of the lamp is a dog, although not the same breed as Lucy. He immediately put it on the end table, and kept it lit for the next 6 years.

He believed that when Lucy made it to dog heaven, her eyesight was restored. Lucy would be able to see the light, know where home was, and know that she was always loved. And most importantly, never forgotten.

Dog Bereavement Lamp
Dog Bereavement Lamp
Country Sunshine
My Husband
My Husband
Country Sunshine

In Loving Memory

My husband passed away on June 15, 2010, just 7 weeks after learning he had stage 4 cancer. It was a devastating time for me. I lost the love of my life, and way too early! He was only 58 years old!

One of the things that keeps his memory alive is his dog lamp. Although it was originally a memory light for Lucy, I now look on it as a gift of light for both of them. It reminds me of my husband, his love for Lucy, and also our love for each other. It keeps out the darkness and the shadows, and I know that as long as it shines, he will be forever in my heart.

To read more about our love story, read my article "A Tribute To My Husband"

Show Your Love

Love is important, and showing it to those you care about, even more.  If you know someone who has lost a loved one, let them know you care.  Give them a gift; whether it be a gift of light, such as a bereavement lamp, or a simple hug, it will truly be treasured and remembered.

There are a number of gifts you can give to someone who is grieving.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Comfort Candles In Memory | Tea Light Candle and Stand

Like the bereavement lamp, a beautiful candle is another way to give the gift of light. It has an inspirational message, and is pretty enough to display in your living room.  It comes with a candle stand and gift box.

Those We Love | Stepping Stone

If you have a memorial garden, or even a place in your flowerbed, add this stepping stone in remembrance.  It pays tribute and honors the life of your loved one, and is a perfect gift to express your sympathy of a life lost.


Stairway to Heaven | Ash Holder

An extremely personal memorial, this sterling silver pendant has a chamber to be filled with dried flowers, a lock of hair, or other small memento of your loved one.  On the front is an enameled version of the stairs to heaven, surrounded with clouds.  It comes with a sympathy card, and funnel for filling the chamber.  A beautiful and loving gift for someone who wants to keep their loved one close to their heart. 

Memorial / Tribute Websites

Another way to extend your sympathy or honor a loved one is by creating a memorial website.  It is not necessary for you to be the next-of-kin in order to do so.  It can be created for a family member, friend or co-worker. 

One of the best sites I've come across is  It is a tribute site where you can add photos, videos and music for free.  It is easy to use, offers many features, and can be linked to charities.  Plus, they will stay online for eternityI have created two:  the first for my late husband, and another for my Mother, who passed away on Oct 31, 2013.  

Have you ever given or received a bereavement gift?

Up until I came across the lamp, I'd only known about sending flowers or cards as sympathy gifts.  The idea of a light was unusual, yet it makes so much sense.  A gift of light and of love.

Do you have any ideas for bereavement or sympathy gifts?  What was the best one you ever received?

Updated: 09/20/2015, CountrySunshine
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candy47 on 05/07/2017

I never thought of giving a bereavement gift. I've sent flowers and plants, but nothing more. This is a lovely idea.

CountrySunshine on 01/19/2015

I was unaware of the lamps myself until my husband received his. It makes so much sense to me, that I don't understand why I hadn't heard of them before. Thank you for your kind comment!

Digby_Adams on 01/19/2015

This is such a sweet and interesting article. I'm sorry you have two such sad losses. I have never heard of a bereavement lamp.

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